Sunday, January 27, 2008

Perth Night Sky On Fire

Happy Australian National Day to all you wacky and cool Aussies out there. Since I am now here smacked in the middle of the celebration craze, I decided to tag along some friends into the heart of the Perth city and park my ass there waiting for the one event most looked forward to - SKYWORKS. It has been a tradition since God Know when that half or more of Perth population would flock the river fronts on both sides to witness this once a year magnificent display of fireworks.


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I kept insisting on going to Mill Point to shoot both river view and the city skyline as the backdrop for the Firework Display. A friend told me all roads leading there were blocked completely. Another friend told me that the place would be overly jammed and I would not find my spot among those who went hours before the fireworks start to catch auspicious spots. Nevertheless, I knew the position from over the river will definitely be better, provided the reflection of the sparks of light under the water, and if I could just get the right city night scene as the backdrop of my shots, it would be pretty much turn out to be AWESOME.

If I want to make something happen, I will fucking make sure it happens.


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And so I walked for more than 20 minutes (fast paced walk mind you) over the bridge to South, crossing the river, and made myself a comfortable spot at Mill Point overlooking Perth City. Yeap, I blardy made it happen, regardless road blocks and all those discouragements.

Everything was almost perfect, I had my tripod set up, and waited.

Unfortunately, I was a little bit off from the ideal position of having the fireworks directly in front of the city, and having the Perth as a backdrop. If I have walked another 10 minutes along the river front, my position would have been as I have planned. Oh well, this is a lession for me, must always plan ahead, and be informed correctly of where the fireworks exact shootout location would be at. My error in estimation costed me dearly in the photo compositions.

Nevertheless I did what I could, and I hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Feel free to comment. Now the possibilities would be endless if I actually own a DSLR.


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Armed with a tripod, all I did was setting the camera into long shutter shooting mode and tried to capture as many shots as I could. My timing on the firework display was still very bad, and this was one of my few experiences of shooting fireworks. I am generally satisfied with the results though, I know there are plenty of areas I should have paid more attention to, especially with overall setting fiddling and timing on releasing the shutter. I have missed plenty of awesome scenes, and I kept reminding myself I was just using a budget camera, which should not have been a viable excuse.


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I have problem of getting the pictures overexposed, resulting in many "damaged" and unusable shots which could have turned out really good. Oh well.... I particularly love this firework display over the Swan River, there was so much variety, so many different arrangements, and of course, there was the sense of grandness in the overall performance. The crowd being there shouting and cheering just added up to the superbly lively and warm atmosphere. my pictures do not do much justice in telling you how good the whole thing was actually. Somehow, I do think seeing fireworks can heal your soul, in certain unexplainable ways. Just like going to the beach and just watch and listen to the waves crashing to the shore.


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Fireworks do signify many elements of the Australian National Day celebration. The multi colour display demonstrates the many variety of races and ethnics living together, and the brightness shows the warmth and harmony of the community. And of course, the display was so spectacularly awesome, that I do not think anyone could possibly hate it for any reason at all. You just have to love it.

And it lasted for 35 freaking minutes.


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Man, after playing so much with my camera now I do understand why some people would invest so much on getting a DSLR. There is just too many limitations on a compact camera, so many things it just simply cannot do. BUt the thought of spending so much money just to get something to push my hobby to another level, makes me shudder. I never wanted to treat photography that seriously, it was supposed to be fun. It seems to have become a pssion somehow, but the question that is gonna bake my noodle is: Am I willing to fork out that much cash just for the sake of a hobby (that I am truly passionate about) and having fun with it? A very subjective question I must say.


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Gosh, I can't wait for the coming National Day already, and wishing the next Skyworks will be much grander and last longer. Yeah, I kept my promise from my previous entry stating that I would not post an entry on Japanese food this time. I did enjoy myself splendidly being there at the Skyworks, photographing, and most importantly, witnessing live as the whole blank dark sky lit up into artistic work of magic. Now if only I have extra one day holiday after Monday to catch up on my much needed rest....

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Alright, I am officially addicted to Japanese Food.

On my way back from work today under the scorching sun the only thing I coul think of was some sushi. And then I walked pass Jaws Kaiten Sushi, and saw the sushis in display...

On discount...



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Alright alright I know everyone is so sick of seeing Japanese Food here. I promise the next entry will be Japanese food free...

Monday, January 21, 2008


My life has taken an unexpected turn, and everything seems so happening lately. I have not had much time for myself, hence explaining such sporadic updates on this beloved blog. Believe me, if I could, I would write as much and as often as I like, but such beautiful life must not be set aside, and I am savouring every single bit of it. More proper entries coming up soon, when everything starts to slow down.

A good friend returned from his trip to China and Malaysia.

And we celebrated the return with a feast at Wagamama, Subiaco.


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Oh goodness gracious what a satisfying meal that was. Truly appropriate for the celebration mood.

Nevertheless, I do feel that the pricing for the servings (quantity and quality wise) was a touch too high.

Yeah baby, the Japanese Food Craze continues.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


As simple and as ordinary as I have always struggled to be, my life has been nothing but complicated.

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Of all the complications and much dramas going around, somehow, the darkness that surrounds it is starting to fade away.

I can see the streaks of light cutting in.

There is hope.

And I am holding on to this hope. Desperately.

Things will be bright and my life will shine again.

I promise myself this.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Zen Japanese Feast

Thanks to Stephen, and his cool friends, now I am starting to get myself craving for more Japanese food. Gosh...

After an afternoon of stroking balls with the guys....

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Off we went for dinner in quite a hidden location at Subiaco, a sub-urb not too far away from where I live currently.

By far, Zen is ranked as one of the top Japanese Restaurants here in Perth.


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I ordered myself a course set meal, and an additional plate of Beef Tataki which was highly recommended.


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This was ordered by Tu (yes, Tu is a name, how cool is that? Darn Stephen why all your friends are having such cool names?) and goooossssshhh... if I have had free flow of cash, I would have ordered one (or more) myself. Maybe my next trip to Zen, maybe.


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These are typical sushis, but my oh my even simple sushis like these taste rather different and outstanding in Zen.

Another Appetizer: BEEF TATAKI

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On usual terms, I know I do not describe much on the food that I usually blog about, and I seldom complain or comment on the food unless there is something truly out of the ordinary... but i gotta say this..

Beef Tataki from Zen has got to be one of the best things I have put into my mouth ever since I got to Perth years ago. Yes, it is THAT good... it is seriously illegal and wrong for something to taste sooooo heavenly !!!

The beef slices were cooked on the outer part, with the middle left almost raw. And the sauce, oh do not get me to start describing about the sauce. This is not exactly helping to quench my craving for Japanese food, it actually made me want it even more.

Main Dish 1: TEMPURA MIX

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Deep fried vegetables in special flour coating, dipped in the special Tempura sauce, its just simple delicious. Man, if all vegetables taste so nice maybe I wont hate them so much. I believe kids would love vegies too if mums cook them this way.


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I think it has been a while since there was soooooo much food being laid out in front of me. All good food mind you !!!


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I would have preferred having salmon being served raw, but it was not an option in the Course Set menu. Nevertheless, after pushing in so much food, I still manage to stuff in those two rather large pieces of fish. The meat was very tender and juicy, and not overly overwhelmed by the seasoning. Fresh salmon would taste great, cooked, or uncooked.


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Of course, the main dishes were served with Miso Soup and a bowl of rice.

After having all that, the last item on the course set was..


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If you have known me 2-3 years back, I was not exactly very keen of Japanese food, heck there was even this ridiculous rumour going around a few circles of my friends in Perth that says Robin does not eat sushi. Now I wonder who started that treacherous rumour in the first place, maybe whoever did it had himself confused of what I originally said, which strongly indicated that I was not that superbly crazy over Japanese food. I am not crazy about it does not mean I do not eat it !!

Fast forward few years later, which is NOW, things changed obviously.

I am an official fan of Japanese Food now.

Goodness... Beef Tataki... *drools uncontrollably*

Friday, January 11, 2008

Japanese Food Craze Begins...

Somehow, thanks to a dear friend...

I am beginning to get myself really obsessed with Japanese food.

Shockoda Bento

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Fish Katsu, Tempura, Sashimi (raw tuna + salmon) and Teriyaki Chicken served with rice and an array of sauces and salad.

Perfect meal after a round of stroking balls with the guys.

Fuji Station

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Gonna go back there one of these days...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blog Plug: Robin Turns One Year Older

Side Note: This entry is ripped off taken directly from Sandra, a great friend and of course, the coffee buddy of mine in Perth. Thanks Sandra for the lovely Korean BBQ lunch, thanks for the birthday dedication on your blog, and most importantly, thanks for being the best coffee buddy ever !!

About a week and a half ago, Robin had his birthday. Because of work i couldnt join them for their dim sum trip so we met a few days after. It was just after Boxing Day - the 40 degrees hit, so were both desperate to find somewhere cool with air-conditioning. And so we went to Arirang, Hay Street.

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Note that all pictures in this post was taken by Robin.

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A decent place. Gotta love the warm earthy red they use for the place.

Arirang is well known for its Korean BBQ but they do have quite an extensive list of non-BBQ dishes. But BBQ it is for us. We had the Banquet set which was AUD28.50 per person.

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Started off with an entree of 2, Honey Chicken and Mandu (dumplings).

And then, the fun part!

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Getting all ready to do some BBQing.

We were served rice, miso soup, namul, kimchi, dipping sauces and lettuce leaves. We were supposed to wrap them all up in lettuce leaves but neither one of us did. Lol.

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The meat combination platter had Duk Bulgogi (lean chicken fillets), Bulgogi (lean beef slices), Deaji Bulgogi (pork belly slices). As lean as it may sound, they were really tender and well marinated.

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Instead of using lard or butter like in some places, Arirang uses a slice of onion to rub all over the charcoal grill before grilling. It worked well though.

Definitely a place to return someday. Food definitely tastes better when you cook it over charcoal

Anyways, as if we weren’t already soooo full from the lil banquet, we then headed over to Gloria Jeans in Borders.

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My true coffee buddy indeed.

What a better way to end a little food excursion on a hot hot day? Cookies and Cream Frappe. Yummo.

Happy Birthday again Robin!!

[ORIGINAL ENTRY - Click here]

Monday, January 07, 2008


I have a new resolution for this 2008 year. I know its very late to state any resolutions at this time, but I just need to keep firm to myself and be clear of this, always:

Try try try not to screw up in life so much.

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Then, maybe life will be less miserable.

Side note: More entries coming soon, mega food update.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Best of simply ROBIN 2007

I know its kind of late now that its the second day of 2008, nevertheless, here I am, blogging, and wishing you all beautiful people out there, Happy New Year 2008. May you all have a blessed and joyful year.

I know I have promised the much anticipated an entry summarizing my ups and downs for the whole past year of 2007, highlighting the best of me, my thoughts, the people I have newly met and the events I have covered on this humble and simple blog. I have been undesiredly lazy lately, and I will not make any excuses for not updating this blog as often as I used to. If you guys care enough, please give me a smack on my perfectly formed *** slap on the back of my head to get me moving.

Better late than never, I presume.

This entry is particularly composed to outline the several well not that few actually entries that I feel do hold some special meanings to me, and for those of you lazy readers out there who only tune in to this beautiful blog for like once a month or less, then you must have missed out a heck lot of my life. Not that there is anything that huge in this ordinary life of mine, but if you do wish to catch up and not miss anything, this entry is written just for you. or else go and read the whole freaking archives for the past year


Met up with Merv Kwok. One of the wackiest and coolest blogger out there. His jokes can poke holes in Kenny Sia's coconuts. No kidding.

Met up with Sandra. Another wonderful Kuching blogger. She came to Perth, and we become coffee buddies.

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Invited by Georgette Tan for an episode of massive food sampling at Bombastic Cafe. Oh.My.Gawd.... I have never had sooooo much food served in front of me at once.


Co-organized a bloggers meet in Kuching.

Responded to Cynical-Idealist on her visciously sharp blog-discussion: Good Guys Vs Bad Guys, and garnered unexpectedly overwhelming response everywhere !!

I outlined my own rules for What is condidered as a good blog?

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A Chinese New Year Celebration trip to Damai Beach with a group of faithful College friends.


Visited Kuala Lumpur briefly, thanks to Chun Chow and Wendy who helped me out heaps.

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Met up with a group of KL bloggers that I have been wanting to meet, Chloe, Chengsim (Banana Speaks) Infectioner and Skyler.

My First visit to Malacca !! Bid farewell to a few friends including Frederick, Moses and Kim Hang.

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While I was in Malacca, I accidentally bumped into JASONMUMBLES !!! OMG OMG...

Sadly, with a heavy heart, I left my much loved home country Malaysia, and flew to Perth, Western Australia.


Perth MOTORSHOW 2007, heaps of latest car in the market on show to the public.

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Created an FAQ section for my blog, thought it would be useful for first time readers.

Revealed my tiny bedroom for the first time.


Life took a miserable plunge. I thought I would never come back alive.


Went to a concert with some friends, Care For Indonesia 2, where Sheila on 7 was one of the main performers.


Finally, after much dramas and traumas, my journey as an engineer began.

Perth Wine and Food Festival. Sampled 8 different kind of wine/beer on the same day.

Perth AUTOSALON 2007, where all the modified "ah beng" cars were on display.

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HOT HOT HOT chicks from the AUTOSALON.

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A visit to AQWA (aquarium of Western Australia), saw sea lions, sting rays and sharks (yes, real sharks) for the first time in my life.

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Perth Boat Show, experiencing a truly Australian lifestyle on waters.

UWA Expo, an open day at the university.


Saw Shannon Noll performing live in a meet the fans session at Centro Galeria.

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Merdeka Festival in Perth. Man am I patriotic or what?

I bought a NEW CAMERA !!! Woo Hooooo

Kings Park Festival, where flowers live for one month only.

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Perth Fashion Festival, where fashion parades are shown publicly for free.

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And the highlight of the year..

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My own.. GRADUATION CEREMONY !!! I am, finally, a certified graduate in Civil Engineering.


Perth Royal Show, the only remarkable session was the musical fireworks.

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Hari Raya in Perth !!

Another highlight of this year..

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SEXPO. Check out the entries here and here for more delicious pictures.


The mug, that bears hidden meanings.


Perth Christmas Pagaent, one of the largest street parade and most happening in the world.

WAI CON 2007, an anime convention with a lot of wackos dressed themselves up as anime/manga characters, and the main event was the cosplaying competition.

Whoah, was that a long list, no?

I must say, my 2007 has been one hell of a ride. There were rough spikes all over, and I fell down more than once, and for a while back then I thought I fell so deep I could not be able to get up again.

My faith has been put to test, and same goes for friendships and my almost non-existent (but it is still kind of alive, I assure you) love life.

All I can say is, I am truly grateful I survived this 2007, and hope for the best for the coming 2008.