Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CNY2007: Impromptu Damai Beach Trip

Right after the birthday celebration, few hours following the next morning, my college friends and I rode on much loved Rusa fitting everyone all the way to Damai Beach Resort. As hectic as everyone could be celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY), with very restricted time available due to limited CNY holidays, somehow we all still found time together to further celebrate Frederick’s birthday, and had a blast of a lifetime at one of the most frequented venue for holidays in Kuching: Damai Beach. It was rather a very last minute decision, with very little planning involved before hand. Nevertheless, everything turned out great, and this brief yet memorable trip will be looked back again and again in years to come.


When we arrived at the beach, the sky was rather clear, with soft clouds, hence the blue, blue waters of the ocean that was rarely seen on Damai Beach. Most of the time the waters would appear just plain white and undramatic.

So what was the first thing we did? Besides crawling ourselves all over the beach, there was only one thing that came in mind.


Well, when you cam-whore a lot, you have got to be more CREATIVE sometimes. Right? Don’t get the wrong idea though. The key word: creative.

Much to our dismay, the weather changed rapidly, and soon enough, halway through the cam-whoring session rain fell down forcing us back to a shed nearby. While we were waiting for the weather to clear out, incidentally we found Jong Kai and Xin Zhe making their way to one of the nearby challet !! Those were also friends we have met during our college days, and I have not seen them for quite some time. They have both graduated from UK and working already. How fast time has passed, I could have never kept proper track. It was totally coincidental meeting them, and it was great catching up with them.

J.Kai and Xin Zhe

And a photo of everyone under the shed.

Once the weather was sunny again, we quickly walked to the tennis court for a short stroking session. Yeah baby, how can we not stroke balls at such eventful gathering? Under superbly hot sun, with beautiful background sceneries, mountains, and sounds of waves thundering not too far away, stroking balls was just never quite the same. We did not stroke the balls too rigorously though, just for plain fun. No one got hurt. It was all fun.

Developing appetite and hunger, we had Kolok Mee, which we have bought (take away/tah pow) prior driving all the way down to the beach. Well, who says we can’t cam-whore while eating?

After finishing off our meal, we climbed up the hill to the Hilltop Swimming Pool. When we reached the place, it was already packed with many people !! Of course, it did not take us long to grow fins and dive in splashing waters around. After stroking balls running around chasing and puffing and sweating, dipping my huge heavy ass into the waters was just simply heavenly. Oooooohhhhhhh…

Fred suddenly jumping out of water

The Three Guys and a Fake Waterfall

Wendy and Chun Chow

Robin, with that blurry look.

I was so tired from sleep deprivation and non-stop visiting through the previous 4 days, hence the quirkily odd face.

Before we knew it, it was already near sunset time, and I believe everyone has been rather tired and worn out, but feeling happy and joyful at the same time. We had to leave before sunset, since many of us had plans for the night, and needed to get back soon. Too bad for the short holiday, or else staying over the night would have been very, very fun. It was certainly very, very soothing and relaxing with dipping my huge heavy ass in the pool that I did not feel like dragging it off the waters that soon. People say, all good thing will come to an end, and we made our way back to the awaiting Rusa.

On the way back, more pictures were taken.

Down the Hill

The sky was already growing dark and gloomy, signifying an anticipated rain in the evening.

Look at what the wind did to my hair.

Of course, I was looking to the gloomy troubled sky. But I was smiling.

This time around, the Beach Resort was rather packed with people. I guess this could just be their peak season and the best time for families to spend some time together, away from the hectic city. You could not go wrong at the seaside.

There was this group of guys running around happily chasing each other. Only a few thoughts raced through my mind observing them. 1) All-boys school, either St Thomas, or St Joseph. 2) Ghey.

As random and as unpredictable the activities we had going down to the beach could be, I gotta admit, I had an awesome time myself. Having fun together with friends, good friends, and spending time at such nice place, no matter how brief, would greatly be treasured. While I was chatting with Frederick the other night, he expressed his desire to be able to turn back the time, and return to the day he just arrived in Kuching before the CNY celebration starts. With doing that, we could all relive those wonderful moments again. Reality check, nope, all those great times have passed us by, and what remains are the photographs, memories, and the smile on our faces whenever we thought of the times we were all together.

Side Note: Hmmmm, all this mini-entries are not in chronological order. The beach trip took place on the 5th day of CNY.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CNY2007: College Friends Visiting

Since 4 years ago, there has been a new tradition for me and my college friends, that has not been broken for 5 years already: CNY Visiting on the 3rd Day. There have been conflicts and issue with me and my old Thomian friends, which I could not quite understand why they would still blatantly choose 3rd day for visiting every year, knowing well that I could not make it, and many others as well !! Never mind about that, this year around, things are rather different, because Shoo Herng, who has been away in the UK for few years, and skipping CNY twice, has finally returned, and joined our tradition in 3rd Day CNY visiting.

The following pictures are taken as we move from one house to the other. We have all taken so many pictures, trying our best to capture the magic and beauty of the moment with our cameras. I shall only select a few of my favourites for this entry.

Shoo Herng and Frederick

Frederick and Khee Hwa

Chun Chow and Wendy

Visiting with friends are certainly more fun and rewarding than visiting relatives and family. We know each other well, and we have plenty to talk and share with. For those we have not seen in a while, conversations can stretch on forever !! Catching up on the lost times has always been very fulfilling. To me, visiting is not so much of the food, or ang pows, but rather the joy of moving from one place to another in a large group of friends, and that we all do it in the common spirit of togetherness and friendship. I have always enjoyed CNY visiting with friends. I can only hope the rest of the gang would feel the same way too.

The hightight of the visiting would be Wei Thien’s House.

Why? Because heavier meals are served there.

Chinese Buns

And Belacan Bee Hoon !!!

That settled our lunch for the day, as we continued visiting right after that.

The following is the list of the houses we visited from the first to the last:

Shoo Herng
Wei Thien
Khee Hwa
Chun Chow
Mr Tnay
Chik Kia

Group Photo Taken at Chik Kia’s Place

We visited a total of 8 houses, which was actually rather an auspicious number. Through the visiting, I have observed that the people nowadays have changed the style of serving the popularly boring gassy drinks to non-fizzy drinks, such as green tea. I guess drinking too much gassy drinks for the entire day of visiting to so many houses would just bloat the stomach uncomfortably. Not to mention the undesirable sugar content. As for the finger food and snacks served, everything seemed the same.

After the last house, we went home, freshened ourselves up, and continued on a different activity through the remaining night. We gathered at Fred’s uncle’s place, and there was a joyous round of gambling and drinking session.

And of course, cam-whoring session.

A final group photo before everyone went home.

Goodness, you can evidently see the tired eyes and worn out faces in that picture, particularly mine !!

I believe all that were in the gang visiting had a great time, despite the fact that my biological battery was almost completely drained off from all those activities. Nevertheless, we could only do this once a year, and we certainly have done it the best that we could. Added on the the Fred’s surprise birthday (click) the following day, and the imprompru Damai trip which was planned last minute the day after, I would say the time I spent with my college friends have been very fruitful and unforgettable. This CNY 2007 was definitely a blast.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bloggers Meet @ Oregano

It was a much anticipated event of the week, and the highlight that most of us Kuching Bloggers looked forward to. We were expecting a turn-up of roughly 20-30 people for this particular meet, and the number of people who made it was in the range of prediction: 26 people (bloggers + a few non-bloggers). Personally, I was kind of hoping the number of people to reach over 30, or maybe 40, and that would have made the event seemingly somewhat more significant and outstanding. Nevertheless, 20-30 was what we planned for, and should we have more people coming in we would have problems having enough seats for everyone. As important as the number can be for a gathering of any sorts, comfort must be ensured and prioritized for everyone.


The meet was at Oregano, Travillion, the place any Kuching folks should know or at least heard of it before. We had reservations made on the outside of the café, having the outdoor feel for the bloggers meet, creating a much soothing and inviting atmosphere, especially at night. and thank God it did not RAIN There was also another drawback for the choice of venue, since it was outdoor, it was really dark, and photography (aka camwhoring) must be made with flash. Nonetheless, there were not that many places in Kuching that can house more than 20-30 people all at once, outweighing the disadvantages, Oregano appears to be the most appropriate.

Kuching Bloggers In Blur Motion

How was the meet? There was an interesting mixture of fresh new faces as well as old familiar ones who have repeatedly appeared in previous bloggers meets. When I arrived at the venue ok ok, I was late, kekekekeke I was a little disappointed when I noticed the arrangement of the table, which was lined up in a singular line, combined into a long, long table. Undoubtedly, people who sat at one end have little if no contact at all with those sitting at the other end. Communication was rather difficult, not to mention moving around could be quite annoying since many have comfortably settled in their seats. This was totally unexpected in a way, and I have to admit I did not talk to everyone present at the meet. Nevertheless, I tried my best to reach out and get to know the people there, particularly the new faces that I have not met before. I do hope that no one felt singled out or feeling awkward in any sense. This was a social meet, hence you will have to socialize!!

Here are the photos, photos and more photos. Names are listed from left to right. The photos are not arranged in particular order, and for the blog links, please refer to the end of this entry. I am lazy to link everyone again and again

Front: Alex, Francis, Jee. Back: Ivan, Mike, Robin

Front: Victor, Swee, Angel, Anna. Back: Adrea, The Cute Little Girl

Front: Kenneth, Irene, Luxferi, Andrea. Back: Jimmy, Grace, Georgette, Mike.

Front: Ivan, Mike, AiLeen, Aaron. Back: Frankie, Francis

Fariah, Robin, Ivan, Mike

Front: Angel and Anna. Back: Andrea and The Cute Little Girl

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I always love to meet new people, and even better, getting to know those that I have known even better. I have met people from all walks of like through this and previous bloggers meet: teachers, radio DJ, kayaker, newspaper reporter, graphics designer, IT experts, engineers, and many, many more. Having a peep into each and everyone’s lives, and how they feel and think about their lives, is certainly priceless. We not only learn from our own journey, but also by watching and observing the journeys of others. There is much to share from my own part, and there is even much more to be gained from the others who are willing to share their experience and knowledge. Of course, the network that has been established, and the uncountable numbers of laughter and smiles just added to the joy and meaning of meeting many other bloggers in Kuching.

HIGHLIGHT of the Meet

The Cute Little Girl

Don't play play, at such tender age she blogs better than most of us. She rated the looks of male bloggers ruthlessly. All guys present sought her rating. I got rated 5/10. GGgeeerrraaamm nya...


Hey, what was he doing here??? I thought he belonged to the KL blogosphere?? Kidding dude, after all, he is a Kuching bloke, which I just found out.


Poor ducky, got seriously molested this time, by, well, the hands of almost everyone!!

And Ah Ben

Who made a HUGE entrance, at 11.30pm, when everyone has LEFT. Well, almost everyone. What a true Kuching guy he is.

In many ways, I believe this meet was a success, though it could have been better, especially the participation part from all bloggers who were present. After all, we are all Kuching folks, and somehow, somewhere we are all connected to each other in this interesting growing community. There is always room for improvement. For the organizers, you guys have done a great job, and totally deserve the credits. Organizing a huge public event is never an easy thing, and this has been quite a success. For those bloggers who came to the meet, and those who could not make it but supported us anyway, I sincerely give you all my gratitude. You know what? You guys RAWK !!

List of Bloggers Present (in no particular order, organizers in bold)

The Cute Little Girl

Side Note: Please correct me if there is any mistakes in the names and blog links. I have yet to receive the full list, as soon as I have them, I shall update the missing links.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY2007: Happy BIrthday Frederick

My mini blog entries on my Chinese New Year 2007 celebrations will not be posted in chronological order, but rather as personally selective as I would see fit. The first of the many mini series will be the surprise birthday party we made for a very much loved and wonderful friend, Frederick, whom I have known during my college days back in Inti College Sarawak.


I have blogged heaps about Fred and placed many of his "odd" pictures on my previous entries, hence, for those readers who constantly follow this place, he is not longer a stranger. Fred is one of the closest friends to me in my college circle of friends. He has always been there when I needed him, always ever-ready for any action/activities. Very kind and helpful, one rare kind of his species I must say. He remains cheerful all the time, and he is the one in the gang to crack up jokes and provide infectious laughters. Those were the college days, as we went separate ways moving on with our lives, he is one friend that I deeply missed.

Thank goodness for CNY friends from everywhere got back together and we had our own little gathering, catching up with the lost times. Fred's good friend from high school, Igno suggested a surprise party for Fred's upcoming birthday, and he invited us, fred's college friends to be part of that special celebration. How can we resist !! Of course ideas like throwing him into the river or dumping his face into the cake were part of the considerations. However, due to much time constraint since everyone's holidays are rather short during CNY, the party was kept rather simple, but very, very meaningful.

The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Song

The Birthday Boy Cutting the Cake

The Birthday Boy and his Pressie

Halfway through taking pictures that night, my camera decided to act wonky on me. At first, the screen suddenly appeared to be extemely dark, which I thought would be the LCD display problem, but unfortunately, all my subsequent shots turned out very, very dark. I turned the camera off and on for a few times before everything went back to normal again. This happened twice throughout the party, consequently losing a lot of precious shots which would have been more meaningful. Nevertheless, I am thankful that my camera has not given up on me yet, and now it is cheerfully fit again for normal shooting. Is it time for me to look for a new digicam?

Birthday Boy and Friends

Back to the party that night, there were two circle of friends, high school friends and college friends. Being as tired and weary as I already was, and considering the need for the college circle of friends to have an impromptu Damai trip the following morning, the college friends decided to leave Fred and his high school friends. After all, it would be very very difficult for Fred to entertain all of us at once !! We met up the following morning, and had a blast going down to the beach to continue on our celebration. That, shall be another entry for another day.

To Fred, a good friend, and a person I really admire, respect and look up to, I sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday !! May you find your ways to your deepest wishes and discover much happiness and love along the way.

Side note: Some pictures stolen from Chun Chow.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Celebrating with Fire and Passion

Side Note: I have been rather occupied with life and its beauty lately, hence, my lack of constant visits and usual commenting on my casual blogs/reads. I shall get back to your blogs and reply emails as soon as I have more time on my hands. Wait, can I actually have more than 24 hours in one day?

I was telling my friend, Chun Chow, that I was not really looking forward for the CNY this time around. I have had plenty reasons of my own and I felt that when you are weighed down with so much to go through, there could not be a proper mood for a celebration. So much has happened lately, the balance was tipped heavier on the unfavorable side of things. However, much to my surprise and delight, I was proven, very very wrong for my quick assumptions and pessimistic anticipation.

After 5 days of celebrating Chinese New Year 2007, the year of PIG, I can gladly declare that this CNY has become one of the greatest celebrations I have had, mostly with my friends both from high school and college happening in just mere few days. There was a series of events, continuously leading one to another and to the best times anyone could ever wish for a beautiful CNY celebration. I have had less than 3 hours sleep since the first day of CNY, for a consecutive four freaking days, and as much as a walking zombie as I am right now, I can still smile myself as I type this, though the smile showing of my face visibly radiates the aura of my extreme physical exhaustion. In other words, my biological battery has almost been depleted.

There are so many things to share, and blog about, and like many of my previous major celebration/event blog entries, I shall break this whole CNY 2007 celebration into at least three or four sub-entries, dealing with mainly different group of friends and activities. I know this will feel lengthy and become tiresome for some time, but heck, the spirit of CNY lasts till the 15th night, and I shall do my best to cover only the best parts of the celebration into the separate individual mini-entries that will be lined up soon enough before the 15th night.

So what makes this CNY 2007 so special for me? Here is a sneak preview (aiyer, starts to sound like a movie teaser/trailer) for the curious minds:

Perfect weather

And I was looking to the sky.

Return of Shoo Herng

The Sexy Gorgeous Looking guy, a good friend who has been to UK and missed several years of CNY.

Impromptu Damai Day Trip

A get-away time with friends.

HEYYYYY !!!! STOP staring at Shoo Herng, and switch ur attention back to ME !!


My visiting session with old school friends once again after three freaking years.


With everyone returning from everywhere around the world, the original group was complete, and this means no one missed out on the celebration this time !

A surprise Birthday

For a special, much loved friend.

All the events just somehow added to each other and superimposed to something rather satisfying to the soul in the end. I will blog in more details in the coming entries soon.

And of course, I am deeply looking forward for something that will happen this Saturday night, something HUGE

Kuching Bloggers Meet 2007 @ Oregano

My CNY celebration has been wonderful; hence, I have a feeling that this Bloggers Meet will be a HUGE and beautiful one. I will definitely be there, and I am sure this will be added to the reasons why my CNY 2007 rocks so much.

Therefore you sexy Kuching Bloggers, make sure you find your way to the meet this Saturday!!

See you guys there.