Saturday, July 29, 2006

Late Night Coffee

I seriously do not understand why coffee is served at late nights, and why people would drink coffee at such ungodly hour. Caffeine is not helping any bit in sleep, yet it is the next best thing in liquid consumption after alcohol that would popularly be opted. Is there any kick in coffee? For me, I personally love coffee in any form, from the kopitiam's Kopi Peng to Latte or Flat White from Starbucks or Dome.

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Well, imagine the day to be Friday, the last day of work/uni, being overly weary and stressed continuously for days and everything just does not seem to go to the right directions. A cup of coffee for late night is just the right solution to wind back and chill with the arousing aroma and soothing texture tingling the senses. With the right company of friends, coffee provides more than just the warmth for cold winter nights.

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Unfortunately in Perth, most local cafes would close down as early as before midnight. Talking about night life in Perth, it is truly sad. Nevertheless, there are places that open for 24 hours, places that serve good coffee with the suitable environment just for basically every occasion or just hanging out. One of them, the one that people would frequent, is Oriel, in Subiaco.

Right after the OCF public meet, me and some fellow OCF-ers went to Oriel for a drink.

The beauties...

Ruthie and Joy

Image Hosted by

Beatrice and Judy

Image Hosted by

And the .. errrmm.. beasts??


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

Joshua, and yours truly, simply ROBIN

Image Hosted by

I had my usual order, Latte. Nothing fancy, just plain coffee with milk, and I would chuck in plentiful amount of sugar. I do not know why, but lately I have been crazy about sweet stuff. The sweeter the better.

Image Hosted by

It is weird though, many people there are actually from Currie Hall, the residential college I once lived in back in my very first few semesters in Perth. During my time there I have made many new friends with people coming from different parts of the world, and some have become really good friends. I have left that place for good for a long time, and I have come to realise that my older connections in the hall are slowly but surely dying out. People come and go, that's an acceptable fact of life. It is interesting to find myself still mingling around with different sets of people, but still, from Currie Hall, though I no longer stay there.

Hot coffee for cold weather. People around you to "talk cock" with.

I'd say, Friday night well spent !!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot Iced Lemon Tea

On a quick lunch I had with some fellow OCF-ers, I noticed something on the tables. Something, I find very appealing and unique at the same time.

Remember table-top advertising (click) that I noticed when I was back in Kuching? It was starting to plague Kuching at that time, but hell, those table-top advertising thing is ALL over Perth nowadays. The following are the ones that caught my attention..

Image Hosted by

You gotta admit, there is serious creativity shit going on the advertisements..

Wanna know why those will never work in Malaysia?

Take a look at the photo below, and note the translation that follows:

Image Hosted by

Hey Kawan,

Tengoklah di sekeliling anda...
Cari Si Awek yang paling cun di dalam kopitiam ini...
Belilah sebotol "Lipton Ice Tea"...

Bergeraklah mendekati Si Awek itu, bagi dia minuman itu dan berkata...


Yang lain, terserahlah kepada anda...

Dan ingat,
Berlagak secara semula jadi...

Alright, I admit my Malay Language is a little rusty... but heck, I know I made my point right there.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogging with Purpose

People blog for all sorts of reasons.

Some blog for pure traffic and fame. I detest them.

Some are just attention seeking, pouring out every single exaggerated complains and whining about little fuss there and here... they disgust me...

Some blog to fill up the cyber space with so much junk and crap that might have caused detrimental effect parallel to environmental issues caused by pollutions... what a waste of bandwidth...

My blog, however, is very personal in nature, touching many events and elements of my simple and ordinary life..

There are people who blog for entirely different reasons. People who use what they have and make the best out of that into something beautiful, something beneficial. Those bloggers blog for the purpose of charity, helping out in any way that they can in blogging to do some good in this evil-corrupted world called Earth.

Those bloggers are blogging with a purpose. I simply admire those bloggers.

Who are those bloggers??

Cynical-idealist, Yvonne Foong, John Ling, Chen Pelf Nyok and Jessica Choo

They are participating in the Blogathon 2006, coming up this 29th July. What is Blogathon you ask? I wont bore you with the details, but it is an event with participating bloggers dedicating their effort and time into blogging for the sake of making this world a better place to live in. For more details, please hop to their sites. So folks, do support in whatever way you can, make a pledge, donate to various charity bodies that those bloggers have chosen, do make time to read the entries on the Blogathon day, you too can make a difference.

Am I taking part in the Blogathon? Of course not. Why not??

Well, are there anyone who truly reads what I write? Yeah, that answers the previous question alright.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Broadway Pizza

Oh Chun Chow, you are gonna love me so much for this.

Just 30 minutes walk away from the doorstep of my house, just 10 minutes walk away from the School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering in UWA, in the sub-urb of Nedlands, not too far from Matilda Bay, there is this really really cool place serving pizzas that would kick Domino's or Pizza Hut's asses, called Broadway Pizza. My first pizza experience in Perth was from Broadway, and I have kept my preference to Broadway ever since.

The place provide delivery services of course with additional surcharge, but heck, people as poor and miserable as me would not mind walking all the way in the dark and cold winter nights just to get what is necessary to quench the ever-lasting mid-night hunger. Broadway is the only one and unique place in my sub-urb area that opens till late, 2am on weekdays and 1am on Sundays. Since my stomach only would start to torture me for food after midnight, and all the nearby food places are already closed by then, with my very limited stock of junk food at home, Broadway is the way to go.

And here are my favourite flavours from Broadway...

My super all time favourite Meat Lovers:


And... Broadway Special..

Image Hosted by

When I first tested the Broadway Pizzas, I could not believe how different and significantly better they taste in comparison than the pizzas made in Malaysia, well, typically from Pizza Hut. No, it is not the generous amount of cheese, also not the more and extra chunky toppings on the pizzas. After reviewing the menu where it tells the ingredients used for the toppings for separate flavours, something stood out prominently. Something missing from all the pizzas served in Malaysia...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Yeah, you figured that right, pork. No offense for Muslims, as for whatever religious reasons out there, whatever right and wrong there may be, and whatever sins anyone could ever proclaim, pork just tastes so blardy good and they just go so perfectly well with the pizzas. So those of you who think Pig is evil and you will go straight down to hell if you so ever touch their pinkish skin, there is always the other option: Vegetarian.

On the whole, the pizzas are usually very well and quickly prepared, with the right thickness of the crusts and appropriate combinations of toppings with the matching sauces and huge amount of Cheese. I would not say that the pizzas are authentic like those you would find in Italian restaurants, though pretty much westernized and perhaps adjusted to suit the local preferences, I tell you their pizzas are one of its kind and truly wonderful. Sometimes the pizzas may be over-ly oily and seems unhealthy to my liking, but screw that, I only have one life to live, and to be able to enjoy Broadway Pizza is truly something I should be thankful for.

So Chun Chow, you hungry already?? Muahahhahahahaha

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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Gay Factor

Recently this humble blog of mine has earned a decent review from, done by one of the admin staff: Merv Kwok. This blog has been running for approximately 3/4 of a year, and signs of readership has slowly but steadily gone up ever since. I have changed my template/skin not too long ago switching from the default layout design offered by Blogger, to something more customized to suit my personal taste and allow some originality of this site. Creativity has never been my best trait, not in the contents of my entries, not in my graphic design skills. For most of the times, I have been striving to achieve simplicity.

This blog has always been a "personal" blog, blogging on personal events that happen around my life, the people I meet, the things I see, the food I eat, the places I go to, etc etc... however I find it rather interesting when the review mentioned that my blog does have strong elements suggesting the "mainstream" blogging style. I believe what I have always tried to do was to keep my entries as conversational as possible, keeping an open audience in mind. I have emphasized again and again to my fellow friends and bloggers that this blog has always been a peaceful blog, not associated with whatever issues or dramas of the Blogosphere, and shall remain uniquely Robin no matter what happens.

More into the deeper details of the review, it mentioned the overall satisfaction with the general outline and layout of this blog design, with the right selection of colors to the arrangement of the individual elements. Having this as a feedback brings a great relief, since I do actually like this template design very much in comparison to the previous one. I like the clean white background and slight hint of orange a little there and here, and I strongly believe that the header suits the entire theme of the blog: Just a boy, just an ordinary boy, but he was looking to the sky. I am just a normal person, but I have always been looking forward to live an extra-ordinary life. I have always been wanting to be part of something special, something much bigger than what I am in now.

All in all, I was awarded three out of five... errr.. cigarettes

I guess the review has been very straightforward and honest, and I generally agree with basically everything that was pointed out, except for one tiny detail. The comment was referring to the following photo, which is the same photo I am currently using as my profile photo on my sidebar....

The part of the review mentioned:

"Picture on the sidebar has to go. It’s not cool or even dumb. It’s just limbo. It’s a bit like it’s floating in limbo"

Alright, there is actually a whole long story to that odd-looking picture on the sidebar that seems to be "just limbo". But before I actually go into the details of the story, allow me to highlight some of the rather unusual and unsuspecting comments that I received from various people right after I posted the picture up.

Some questioned my sexual orientation.....
Ivan: Confirm, Robin is "ghey"....

Some expressed their near heart attack experience.....
fh20: That picture almost scared the daylight out of me.. what happened???

Some was surprised by my talent...
Jon Ling: Goodness gracious, Robin is a stripper !!!

Some even threatened to ditch my blog...
Jason: Take that picture down or I wont come to your blog again....

Some questioned the identity of the person posing for the picture
Shaz: Hey.. That picture on your sidebar looks totally different from your other pictures, you sure thats you??

And some.. even complimented my looks...
Hot Chick: Oh My GAWD !! Robin you are so so HOOOTT !! *drool*

Alright, obviously I made the last one up, but hey, how I wish that could happen...

It was in one of those nights in the final few weeks before my thesis submission that I have probably have not much sleep at all for consecutive days, staying awake as much as I could to rush my overly behind schedule thesis. Back then, I was super stressed out, and frustrated over the pressure of such enormous workload that probably would have damaged half of my brain cells already. It was during that 5am in one of those mornings that I have actually hit a saturation point, and could not go on anymore. I almost freaked out.

What I usually do when I am panicking?? I would do something that is totally not related to the thing that brings me panic attack. The nearest thing I could thing of was my baby camera. At the ungodly hour of 5am in the morning, what can I actually photograph?? Of course, nothing but myself. Hence I created some "interesting" shots of my self-portraits, equipped with the tripod I had, and picked the "most interesting" looking picture out of the bunch. I said to myself, I am half crazy now, if I do not do something soon, most of those interesting photos will be deleted once I gained my sanity back. I must do something to actually show the world what kind of stress I was in. And so in that very morning also, the photo was uploaded. I still could not believe I did it, but to tell you the honest truth, I think I was not completely myself when I did that. Speaking of confessing a temporary insanity..

I am still irked off when I see myself in that picture. However, that picture shows more than just the crazy side of me that has been very well suppressed all this while. I was in such an extreme stress and pressure that I could actually break down. University stress can be more serious that people would give an estimation for, and when a student does not get any sleep at all worrying about the same thing (thesis) all over again and again 24/7, ugly things can happen. That picture may not be who I am, but it clearly indicated of what I have become traveling this engineering path which by now I have come to conclude that I was never meant to walk with.

Therefore, that picture shall remain there for a very, very long time. It shall serve as a reminder of the horrible pain I suffered and what I am capable of when I partially lose my mind. At least I did not turn amok and say "meow" to everyone around me. Oh wait, I already did that, and people are actually starting to get scared of that. But thats not the point, I have been able to control myself well enough up to this point of life, and I know that I will continue to do so. I have survived, and I shall not be struck down easily.

So you see, the picture actually fits the blog perfectly, though people would not get the whole idea and story behind it. After all this is a personal blog, like I mentioned earlier.

Oh ya, by the way, I managed to get a "D" for my Thesis. However, I still think it is not worth losing my sanity over it.

Side note: I am still perfectly sane. For those of you who think that D is a horrible grade, you can find 10 pins of needles, mix it with a glass of drink, and gulp it down your throat as fast as possible. It is a Blardy Distinction if you still do not get it by now.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

University Orientations

I have been all around Perth for the past few days running several different errands and meeting people. The most interesting happenings would have been my visit to ECU info day yesterday (Thursday) and the visit to Curtin University Stall Day this morning. This is the time for the new students intake and university orientation for the freshies have been progressing extensively everywhere. I just tagged along some friends setting up the stalls and supporting the team in promoting Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) to the freshies. I guess it has always been fun for me to work with people, especially so when I get to meet new people !!!

However, awkward things tend to happen wherever I go to. I do not know how or why, maybe it was just me. You see, I am a graduate student from another university, UWA situated relatively far away from ECU and Curtin. Being not familiar with the people, surroundings and the system in foreign universities has made my presence there somewhat, rather comical and interesting to say the least. Nothing much happened in ECU actually, most of the "interesting" events happened in Curtin, and I shall describe my out-of-place conversations...

Situation 1: Right before the freshies come in at the setting of the stalls and exhibition, I took a brief walk around and over the places to explore this new environment I was in. I was new to the place, and I guess people just could not help but notice, and sadly prey on that fact.

ChickA: Heeeeellllooooooo !!!!
Robin: Errr.. hi..
ChickA: Where are you from???
Robin: Malaysia...
ChickA: Ohh Malaysia !! Hi I am **** from Singapore !! Nice to meet you here...
Robin: Yes nice to meet you too...
ChickA: I am actually representing my student club ***** and we are going to have this really really really cool activity coming up this weekend at **** and we are going to do this really really cool thing blah blah blah
Robin: Errr.. ok...
ChickA: So are you interested to join our club?? Our club is soooo coool and we do soo many cooool things...
Robin: Wow, sounds aweome.. Yes, I am VERY interested, but I am not from this uni, I'm from UWA..

ChickA: !!!!!!!!! (must be thinking what a waste of time to chat with this alien)

Situation 2: Soon after that I met another person trying to sell me "her" products...

ChickB: Hey my club **** is going to have this river cruise thingy coming up next week, it is going to be awesome !! You should sign up and come along...
Robin: Err... actually I have been to the river cruise before.. from your club **** also...
ChickB: Really, how come I never see you before? Which river cruise? We have it every semester..
Robin: You do not recognise me? I remember you... I went in mid 2004, around 2 years ago... you were the one doing that cute little dance on stage singing with three weird guys at you back...
ChickB: Ohh ya ya ya !!!! Sorrryyy.. so many people lar, I could not possibly remember everyone...
Robin: !!!!!!!!

(Celaka indeed, what a good way to promote your cruise, so if I go now you will just forget me again next semester isit?)

As I thought the conversation was going to end...

ChickB: Anyway, would you like to come to this river cruise again??
Robin: I've been there... no thanks
ChickB: It was fun right...
Robin: Honestly, NO.. not really...
ChickB: !!!!!! (must be thinking what a jerk I was for openly expressing my disastifaction on one of their activities)

Hah !! What an open and honest way to end a pointless conversation...

Situation 3: This time, I am equipped with a weapon... not being too vulnerable anymore...

ChickC: Hey hey, have you heard of our club, **** we are really cool club with very cool people doing very very cool things... you should check us out !!!

Then she handed me one of those odd looking flyers...
Goodness you should see the grin on her face, it stretches all the way up to her ears, scary...
And so I widened my own grin and I handed her.. MY own flyer....

Robin: Hi hi, ohh great club you have there... actually OCF is also a very very cool club, in fact we are doing very interesting activities as well, and we are really really cool people also. So, if I join your club, will you join mine?
ChickC: Whoahhh !!! Sounds like a good deal, but.. you fill in your name and contact details here FIRST..
Robin: You see.. I can't do that...
ChickC: Why not?
Robin: Coz I am from UWA... not Curtin
ChickC: !!!!!!
Robin: So will you join OCF??
ChickC: GGGGGGRRRRR !!!!! (must be thinking what a cheap trick I was using)

Ahahahhahaha... now I can counter attack with my very own weapon !!! Yay...

Despite all those out-of-the-world conversations with the locals in the respective universities, and the fact that I look more like a green little man than a human myself, I did have a wonderful time and enjoyed myself tremendously. hot chicks were everywhere !! I must say it was tiring and energy-draining at the same time, but time was well spent. Meeting people and talking to people have always been what I wanted to do.

Leaving those awkward conversations out of course, everything was really good.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Home, I miss dearly

Late last night when I was satisfied pawning people in DotA on Bored Aussies gaming network, I find myself a little too tired to even read blogs or do other heavy surfing other than light msn chats with some friends, but still wide awake to be lying on my soft comfy bed. Like I mentioned in my previous entry I have been unexpectedly busy with everything happening around me, and have not actually had a decent time to sit down, not think of anything stressful and pressurizing and reflect on my life so far. As I sat there, I accidentally clicked on a few photographs that I have collected during my time back in Kuching, my home town last year, but never had enough time to blog about them, and as I go through them.....

The Cat that greets drivers to the ever busy streets of Padungan at the heart of Kuching...

The only few standing tall buildings showcasing the growth of Civil and Structural Engineering (my line of career) works in this land...

The Sarawak River that has always been on so brown and chocolaty in color with unidentified objects floating majesticly along it...

I know and can tell you this much is true.


I miss the cats begging and scrapping for food as you dine your oh so delicious and lowly-priced food all over the city...

I miss Open Air and Green Hill Gubak Mees..

I miss Kolok Mee too..

I miss playing snooker at Watana....

And even more, I deeply miss my friends.. true to the heart people..

Above all, I miss my family.

Mum, and Dad. I hope they are doing fine, I feel so badly in need to be back and just see them for a while, even just for a while, to make sure everything is ok. I feel strongly the urge to be just leave all the chaos and issues I am facing here behind and find my way back home, to where I truly belong. I yearn to feel the warmth and comfort I can only ever receive from a true loving family. I just miss home badly I guess. I want to go back, now.

Even my dreams are filled of images and faces of Kuching, and my day dreams are of me playing tennis with my school mates, playing snooker with my college mates, and doing the never-ending night yum-cha sessions. There are so much that Kuching can offer me that I cannot find even here in Perth. I do not know what triggered all those desperately-wanting-to-go-home feeling, but as I have time to sit down quietly and not thinking of anything serious, I have somehow become homesick. I know I have been away for too long, and I can hear Kuching calling me back.

Sadly, miserably as this can be, it is not time to go back yet. There are still things left undone. Mission unaccomplished. I am set out to achieve certain goals, and I am not even halfway through that yet. Until then, please wait for me patiently, Kuching. I shall return one day..

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Of Gatherings and Celebrations

I have been very busy, in and out of the house for over the weeks. I know this is ironic, but it is true that the past weeks have been the busiest weeks of my life, despite the fact that I am having my sweet long holidays now and I have already finished my university education. Weird? But this is a different kind of busy, I have been doing things that I have wanted to do for a long time, things that are worry and stress free. being occupied doing something that puts smiles on peoples' faces can be so rewarding that you would feel your time has been worth spending and you actually accomplished something, like Superman saving the world from total destruction or something. I guess being around with people, hanging out, doing things that have nothing to do with school or whatsoever will always be enjoyable, no?

There have been so many things happening around lately... the list below is just to highlight the ones worth nothing:

OCF Camp, 4 days 3 nights,
Dinner at Concha's with Sarah, Diaz and gang,
Mike's visit to Perth from Brisbane for one week
Bloggers Meet at the Riverside
The huge sale at the Convention Center
Swan Bell Tower visit with Cynthia and Tze Tze
My Aunt visiting from Melbourne
I could go on and on.. arrrghhh...

Not to mention in the midst of those happenings there have been constant lunch meets, appointments with my colleagues, farewell dinners, and all sorts of other celebrations.

The most recent one happened at Glenna's House on last Friday night..

When you have a Pot Luck dinner with everyone preparing their best dishes and bring all of them together in one table combining all those tempting and oh saliva inducing aromas..... (actually there were more food, no photographed, since I did not want to look like a weirdo snapping every single thing around me...)

When you have the best of friends coming from all over the places to enjoy the ever so delicious food prepared just for that special occasion and sharing much joy and laughter in the fellowship together at once particular place..

It is very obvious that it was a very special night indeed for everyone, and especially more for those who celebrate their birthdays....

Happy Birthday Kelvin and Glenna !!!

Everyone had fun, everyone had a great share of laughter and everyone was filled with not only awesome food, but also the joy found in the celebration of life !! Right after dinner everyone sat down in a circle and played the game "Articulate". I have never played that game before, and I believe it was the first time for many that night as well. I was told it was something like Pictionary, which I have never played in my life also, talking about a deprived childhood.. Hmmmpphh !!!

The game requires working in teams, with one of the team members being a describer and the rest of the team guessing the subject or object that the describer is trying to... well.. err.. describe. The game seems rather complicated to me, I shall not bore you all with the details.. instead I shall highlight the best sizzle that sparked never-ending chain of laughter throughout the night...

Describer A: This one is easy.. ok.. the item is used to correct eye-sight...
Team Mate: (confidently) I know I know, Mascara !!

I laughed so hard that I believe I have digested the food I ate backwards and my spectacles almost fell off.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Drive Slowly When Birds Cross the Road

You see, Perth is such a lovely place with lovely people everywhere, and even the rules are made for the people to behave nicely not only to each other, but to the surrounding environments and their inhabitants as well. People here practice such kind and loving traits that you would think that stepping a cat on its tail may be a terrible sin.

You see, I truly believe that Perth is famous for the birds roaming around freely on the land, everywhere !! They not only dominated the sky, swimming in the waters, but they have chosen to WALK the low lands as well. They practically storm the outdoor dining areas waiting patiently for the people to finish their food and leave their table, then they charge in and attack the left over food. Humans here are so kind that they have somehow lost their fear and would not really be scared and run away when there is people walking nearby, unless you carry a knife with you or a huge riffle gun and totally dressed up like a terrorist or a serial killer. When they see you in other ordinary days they would come for you scrapping for food. I am not sure how true is the fact that white bread can be poisonous to the birds here with the yeast content and all, but what the heck, food is food right?

Bottom line, people here respect the birds. People think that birds must not be killed. For Pete's sake there are even road signs warning you not to kill the birds !!

Nabeh, cars also have to slow down for birds. What on earth are they doing on the roads? They have wings have they not? Shheeeesssshh

Oh ya, by the way, if you happen to see this poor miserable cute little bird crossing the road...

Hint: Robin is a bird after all....

Do stop and ask if this bird needs a ride or something. When you are at it, do ask if the bird is hungry and a free Large Combo Value Meal from KFC or McDonalds will do this bird really good.

Rest assured that your generosity will greatly be awarded by the bird.

Side note: If you are smart enough, you would know most of the above are fiction only. If you are dumb not smart enough to see that.. well.. so find a bird, pull the brains out, deep fry it to golden crispy brown, and serve it with sweet chilli or tomato ketchup.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clouded Pawn in Perth

About a week ago, one of my friends I knew from back in high school came to Perth from Brisbane for the NLC Conference (God knows what that is, do not question me). He is none other than Ah Mike, or more well known as the author for the brother blog, Clouded Pawn (click). We both started blogging at almost similar time, and we both come from the city of cats.

Since his visit to Perth was more of work and not for holidays, he has very little time set apart from the conference with activities that began at unGodly hour of 9am in the morning, stretching all the way to pass midnight, for every single day he was here in Perth. However, with the extremely restricted time provided, we tried our best to bring Ah Mike and Cynthia, a colleague from Brisbane around this calm and peaceful city of Perth as much as we could.

While Mike was in Perth.. he was at...

Fremantle, sampling the WA BEST Fish and Chips at Cicerello's

Mike had Grilled Fish:

Cynthia has the Special Traditional Fish and Chips served with fresh garden salad

And I had Spicy Crumbed Fish, served with Coleslaw and Chips

Little Creatures, also in Fremantle, the place that brews the BEST beers in WA... We each had a glass of Pale Ale and another glass of Bright...

Matilda Bay, situated just by the university, the perfect place for bbq and picnic with blue waters and green green grass.. Cynthia claimed that she saw with her very eyes some dolphins swimming in the river !! How lucky she was, for I have only encountered the dolphin sightings twice in my entire two years here in Perth !!

Harbour Town Shopping Mall, the place to get the BEST bargains and largest variety of choices for shopping.

Mill Point, South Perth, over-viewing the BEST landscape of Perth City from across the majestic Swan River...

And not to miss out, Broadway Pizza !! No one can leave Perth without trying this, though I wont say its the best available here. Look carefully at the picture, and spot all the four different flavours, Hawaian Chicken, Meat Lovers, Broadway Special, and Seafood Special, all in one Large Pizza !!

There were also other good places that have been covered by the tour provided by the conference itself and the people there, such as the universities around Perth, some well-known restaurants and famous clubs to party. Unfortunately there are a few must-visit places that Ah Mike and Cynthia have missed, the King's Park and the Cottesloe Beach just to name a few. Heck, with the very very limited free time in hand, I think we did pretty well and covered most of the great places.

I sincerely hoped that Ah Mike and Cynthia enjoyed themselves through their very brief visit to Perth. If only more time was available, things would have been more interesting, and we could have covered more places. But hey, will sure bring you to those places if you do come again to Perth !!

Mike and Cynthia, I truly hoped you guys enjoyed your time here in Perth !!!

Side Note: By request from Clouded Pawn, thus all the photos of him shall have the eyes being crossed out. For what reasons?? Art, maybe?

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