Monday, November 28, 2005


Telstra is an Australian privatized national telecommunication service provider company. All core land-lined telephones in Perth now are wired with Telstra. Moreover, Telstra also provides other services like Internet connection, cellular phone services and IDD calls. From what I remembered in Perth, Telstra offers the most costly service in everything in comparison to other competitors. Coming from Kuching, being super economically calculative, I instinctively would go for other more valuable and cheaper options than Telstra. I used Optus prepaid for my mobile phone, and my housemates and I opted for WestNet Broadband connection instead of the severely overpriced Telstra during the stay in Perth. We, from Kuching would go for anything cheap-cheap-cheap. Money matters.

Of course, paying more for Telstra would mean obtaining better service and higher quality end product. Back in my days in the residential college, Currie Hall, all the phones are wired and exclusively locked with one service provider only: Telstra thus we had to purchase separate Telstra calling cards to make an external call. As troublesome as it may be, Telstra calling card was a must-have item back in those days. When I moved out of the hall, I stopped using Telstra calling cards since our main phone line at home is directly linked to Telstra and we could make phone calls directly, similar to any Telekom Malaysia house phone service.

Those are the Telstra Calling cards i used back in college days, bloody expensive i tell you..

When I came back from Perth, I have been going around Kuching, and I tell you, there are times I still think I might be back in Perth. Seriously….

I honestly believed that was Tel-STRA until I rubbed my eyes and stared at it another time…


Man, I know Tel-STRA from Australia was successful and has gone international and all…. But Tel-STAR in Kuching is just simply amazing….. So much for copyright protection.. Hmmphhh !!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

PC Fair 2005, Kuching

Today my dear friend Jak Yew woke me up and off we went to the PC Fair at Taman Kereta near Ting Pek King Building. I have been there last Friday with Chun Chow and Wendy, but predictably there will be more discounts and greater bargains since today is the last day of the PC Fair in comparison with my last visit. However, i am a little dissappointed after my two visits. Here are my reasons:

1) The PC Fair is not as grand as it used to be.
I remembered the first PC Fair ever held in Kuching, which was back in 2004 at the Kuching Civic Center multi-purpose hall. The number of stalls participating back then easily doubled if not trippled the number of current participating stalls.

2) Familiar Saberkas Faces.
In Kuching, the place to look and hunt for pc stuff and accessories would definitely be Saberkas. Kuching Saberkas is parallel to KL Low Yat Plaza, though not similar in general other proportions. Therefore, the main participants in the PC Fair would be those people from Saberkas, easily identified popular shops like PC-Image, Compumart, Sri-Sarjana and Pro-Com. The sales promoter faces so so familiar one... see them all in Saberkas also sien liaw, now see them in PC Fair... Wah lau !!! Not to my surprise, the items sold are identical and the prices tagged did not difer much from those observed at the parent shops at Saberkas. This detrimentally defects the element of surprise in the PC Fair environment, and people would just go to Saberkas for purchase instead.

3) Less Variety
Honestly, the items showcased in the PC Fair this time are so stereotyped. There are not many new and fresh items on sale. Most of the products displayed are on-going products which can be easily spotted elsewhere, and nothing unique and attractive is introduced in the PC Fair. Dissappointingly many products, including half of the speakers displayed at the pictures shown below are already spotted at the previous PC Fair which was one year ago.

4) Limited walking pathway
Knowing well and predicting that Kuching people are vultures and would stampede on whatever cheap bargains would very well over-crowd such a place, the PC Fair should have been held at larger and more spacious venue to avoid over-congestion. Face it, the showroom allocated at Taman Kereta is just not sufficient to accomodate those God-knows-come from-where Kuching people. The entire layout of the PC fair can easily be divided into 3 seperate lanes, with shops on boths sides of the lanes.

Gosh, it is difficult even to walk around, and trying to scoop around for the products of interest is difficult, when you cant even breathe properly.

We did not stay long at the stuffy over-crowded PC Fair. Jak Yew and I walked out without buying anything. Well.. there is nothing i could purchase in my financially handicapped status anyway. We treated ourselves with something more satisfying in the end..

Yes, Song Kheng Hai is famous for serving great food all under one roof. There are times we had to wait for a table, but luckily that was not the case this afternoon.

I had my delicious ABC Special.... hmmmm...

Yum.. for those of you not in Kuching for PC Fair and the good food.. well.. CRY YOUR HEART OUT !!! Muahahhaaaaaaa !!!!! I certainly hope the next coming PC Fair would be a better one....

Friday, November 25, 2005

Love in a BOX

I have had this interesting impression in my mind going on for some time now on how changed Kuching would be since i have been away for a while. Much to my dissappointment, many things stay the same. For the past few days, I have been wandering around, and like usual, there are always interesting "things" to see.

There is this on-going annual charity event, Love in A Box, organised by SEDC allowing the public to drop gifts in boxes, supposingly collected for the needies to brighten their commercialised sorrowful childhood. I wonder if those needy children are ever going to find anything at all... in those boxes...

Yeah, I have been around the usual places like Tun Jugah, Sarawak Plaza, Crowne Riverside Majestic and also Hopoh shopping centre. Those are the places we Kuching people hang around and look-out for sexy babes window shop.
Well, Hopoh is well known for the Lea Center retail store selling good and reasonably priced branded shoes anyway... Look what i found there...

Wah lau eh..... Ah Ma shoes spotted right in the crowd of funky designed sport shoes... And Ah Ma shoes got ADIDAS brand logo embedded on it some more !!! Wah liew !!! Ah Ma nowadays also want to wear ADIDAS !!! Chiak lat ahh !!

This Ah Ma - designed ADIDAS shoes cost RM279 ah !!! Dun play play ok !! Ah Ma ADIDAS is as good as any ADIDAS or NIKE shoes out there....
Therefore, I was seriously considering buying a pair for my dear Grandmother. Looking into my wallet..

Forget the kind thoughts of getting RM279 shoes for Grandma. I am a financially handicapped young boy. Sad.. sad...

After all, life is unfair.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Design my WEALTH

One thing i do while i am back home in Kuching, read local newspaper !!! My all time favourite has got to be The Borneo Post. Why?

The Borneo Post: 23/11/2005.. now can someone please design MY wealth??

They bring hope. Yes, for a poor financially broken boy like me, i learn from the Borneo Post that wealth can be "designed".
How cool is that?? Heh??

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Time passed by. Life slipped by. A world is left behind. Following my feet, I found my way home. Goodbye Perth, for now.

Thanks a lot, Chun Chow and Wendy for the red carpet reception at the airport and bringing me around Kuching. You both are truly awesome.

Part of me wanted to be home. I just feel I need to be home, and my presence is needed somehow. I would feel more secure and belonged in Kuching. However, part of me wants to stay in Perth. When the time of going home actually comes, I wanted to stay a little longer. Maybe I am not ready to leave the world I have built behind just yet. I have this unsettling feeling of unfinished quest all the while on my journey back to Kuching. There was a hint of regret.

Nevertheless, I was glad to be home. After all, it is my HOME.

Side note: I may not update this blog often for the time being until I get an Internet connection at home.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Birds of Perth

There are many facinating things i discovered while i am in Perth. The sky is bluer, the leaves are greener, and the boobs are bigger. Birds particularly attracted my attention. They can fly, far before any man can. They have touched the clouds, and travelled across the ocean, long before we first did. Hence, i have taken much of my precious time to photograph and identify the wild, care-free roaming birds sighted frequently around Perth. With my very limited biological knowledge and background, i shall identify those birds by their colours. The following are my favourite five birds found in Perth.

Birds of PURITY

Bird colour: white
Location found: University (UWA) coumpound.
Sighting frequency: rare
Decsription: I personally like this one. They come in pairs, and it is very easy to spot them, for their bright white colors contrasting the background. Sometimes, they land on the ground level. They appear calm in nature, and extremely quiet. Their movements are fluid and graceful.

Birds of the OCEAN

Bird colours: White with a hint of gray and black, orange (beak and claws)
Location found: Rivers (Mathilda Bay), beaches (Cottesloe, Scarborough)
Sighting frequency: Extremely common
Descripton: This bird is made popular by the disney movie Finding Nemo, unusually brainless, senseless and careless sea gulls that flocks with others of the same kind by the water side and hunts small fishes. No, Nemo did not travel all the way to Perth, neither did Marlin. They travelled as far as Sydney only, as what the story told. Those sea gulls are very noisy, and they can be a nuisance when there is food present.

Birds of NATURE

Bird colours: Green, blue, yellow, and a hint of grey and black.
Location found: Places with thick bushes and tall trees (Kings Park)
Sighting Frequency: Normal
Description: I like the voice of these birds. They sing beautiful tunes, sweet, light and relaxing. Not sounding annoying and noisy at all, and the distinctive chirping can be easily identified. They commonly rest high up on the trees, and similar to the Birds of Purity, they are often spotted flying in pairs. Their green and blue primary body colours remind me of the environment.

Birds of LOVE

Bird colours: Pink, red, white, grey and a hint of black and white
Location found: Huge open lawn, and low lying trees. University compound.
Sighting frequency: Common
Description: I would have never thought a bird would be pink. Not even in my dreams. This type is the most unique so far, not only are they commonly found, but they are also very tame and friendly !! They land on open lawns, and are not scared away easily by nearing walking by human beings. Very often, these pink birds are spotted in pairs, and this sparks the theme in mind: love and passion.

The Ultimate: Birds of ALL COLOURS

Bird colours: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, with hints of grey and black.
Location found: Trees near beaches and rivers.
Sighting frequency: Common
Description: This bird is truly a wonder. Why did God paint it with so many colours? Unlike the sea gulls, they do not come down to the ground, and they stay clear off human beings. They rest high up on the trees, making photographing this bird the most challenging task so far. They come in HUNDREDS, possibly thousands in Cotteloe Beach, WA. They are loud, noisy, and very active. They move a lot, and often flying from trees to trees.

Of course, there are many types of other birds available here locally, especially in the deep jungles of King's Park which i would not have the time and resources to record. Heck, the fact that some of those truly interesting birds namely Birds of Love and Birds of All Colours are commonly sighted is really a feast to the eyes, creating a totally refreshing and intriguing sense of atmosphere for leisure walk around the parks in Perth. One can just stand still, with head up staring at the magnificent birds, identifying the colours and their respective unique definitions.

Well, after all, i am a bird.


Bird Colours: Flesh tone-normal, hair color-dark brown
Location found: Born in Kuching, temporarily residing in Perth
Sighting frequency: EXTREMELY RARE..
Description: A lonely Bird. One of its kind. Unlike other birds that come in a huge crowd or pairs, it roams alone, longing desperately for care and love. This Bird has tried to fly a dozen times before, but each time he fell down and it hits harder and harder to the ground everytime he falls. This Bird is very noisy at happy times, and quiet at sad times. This Bird loves to eat Char Kuaw tiaw, and drink Vanilla Coke. This Bird has done some horrible mistakes in the past that he wishes he could undo. This Bird has broken dreams, and countless scars, only time will heal. This Bird has been LEFT BEHIND. This Bird, is simply called ROBIN.

Nevertheless, this Bird will always stay true to his words, love and care for his friends and family, and this Bird will find its way to the people around him eventually.

Broken wings will mend in time, one day, the ROBIN shall fly again.

My addiction...


It is just something that is impossible to be achieved by any living human on earth. We tend to indulge ourselves into something so lavish and sinfully satisfying. No, i am not referring to sex and drugs, though those two have been preferred options by many anywhere. Of course, my addiction deals with things much less harmful in nature, and easily obtainable with minimal costs. My addiction comes in many forms.

1. Smiths Potato Chips.

Imagine opening a new packet of potato chips, letting the fresh baked aroma fill the air, digging into the packet for the golden pieces, and crunch them down, feeling the rich crispy texture in your mouth. The sound of every munch is as good as the sound of music. Ohhhh.. maybe even better...

Since i came to Perth, i have found this "oversized" potato chips packets at 250g !! Back in Malaysia, the most we could find in smilar packaging would be only 100g, and the popular potato chips avaliable such as Mr Potato is only 75g per packaging. Smiths however, is simply irresistable. Crunchy, fresh and the taste of "fried to perfection" qualities can truly and easily find their way to my appetite, especially the times in between meals. Unlike the potato chips found back home which i would stop eating at a certain amount due to the excessive salt and msg content, I just dig in for more and more Smiths without constantly having to gulp down water to clear my mouth and throat off the extra additives and seasoning.

Particularly, i find myself crunching something crispy like Smiths very, very stress relieving. So God knows how much Smiths i could munch when i am freaking stressed out by assignment and other school work. Oh not to mention those extra dosage during exam times.

2. Indo Mee

Instant food, takes only 2 minutes to turn into a decent stomach filling meal, with perfect authentic flavour that leaves a tinggling after taste sensation in your tongue. Definitely seems like a possible substitute for Kuching Kolo Mee in Perth.

I was never a fan of instant noodles. Not only the tastes usually suck, they are extremely bad for health, heck everyone knows that. Given the circunstances that i was staying in a residential college during my arrival in Perth, instant noodles seem to be a prudent option for late night supper. There was no proper kitchen where we can prepare proper meals. All we have were kettle and microwave oven. I would usually comsume one packet of normal instant noodles, and stop, not because i am already full, but due to the monotonous taste and texture of the noodle itself. Just noodles. Nothing else. To my surprise, Indo Mee stood out from the others. I can eat up to 3 packets of Indo Mee at a given time. Although I am extremely full, i can still go on. I do not know why, but i guess there is something in the seasoning that elongates my limit of appetite. I am not sure if anyone else feels the same, but the more Indo Mee i had, the more i want !!

As crazy as this sounds, i have dangerously consumed untrackable amount of Indo Mee just for supper during the beggining semester of this year. Well, after deciding that no Indo Mee nor any other instant food would do any good to my health, with sheer determination, i managed to stop eating this "drug-addictive-induced-properties" instant noodles in the middle of the year, and safely speaking, i have consumed none ever since.

3. Celine Dion

She sings. She inspires. She boosts my spirit high with her angelic voice. She has the most astounding, amazing and powerful voice any popular female singer could dream off. Her songs move me, and have often given me the strength and courage to carry on, regardless of how many time i listen to her songs.

One thing i would dare say about Dion, i have yet to become tired nor bored of any of her songs. There is something different about her. She sings with passion and fire. She sings with love. She is what i call, a TRUE singer. Her music has a soul. And her music will not die. Her uplifting songs have been my core tunes for study, work, play, while surfing the Internet, and of course, for sleep.

I started to listen to Dion since my secondary days, together with my circle of friends, Mervyn and Libren. Britney Spears' enlarged boobs and Jennifer Love-Hewwitt's slender legs Celine Dion's voice was the object of our obssesion. I guess the reason why i am still addicted to her songs even at this point of life, is because her songs remind me sooo much of my memories and times together with Mervyn and Libren. To me, they are my closest and truest friends. I believe Dion songs somehow binds us together, and whenever we listen to her songs, no matter how far we are, we would remind ourselves of each other. Listening to Dion could briefly travel me back in time and relive some happy and care-free moments in my life. Those, are precious moments. Those are the moments i do not want to forget.

4. Vanilla Coke

Fizzy, black, sweeeeeeet, smooooooooooth and refreshing Vanilla Cola... Gosh.. it is perfect for any time and any place.

Ok, not another junk food. But junk food is meant to be delicious anyway. But my addiction to Vanilla Coke is somehow unique. Because i use it as a combination with my addiction with Indo Mee. Yes, I drink vanilla coke while I cook my Indo Mee, I drink Vanilla Coke while I eat my Indo Mee, and I drink Vanilla Coke after i finsised my Indo Mee. Oh did I mention there was a time i ate Indo Mee almost everyday of the week. Furthermore, I drink Vanilla Coke for breakfast and while i go shopping sometimes. Healthy eating habits? No wonder those 6-packs wont pop out no matter how many sit-ups i do. Damned.

Why i am surrending myself into addiction? Depression. Feeling of unloved, sadness and loneliness must be treated before I do something harmful towards myself and others around me. I admit, there have been devastating moments of my life. Munching Smiths potato chips substantially help ease my worries crunch by crunch, bit by bit. Eating more and more Indo Mee fills up my stomach, and feeling full gives an undescribable satisfaction to the soul, thus relieving part of my sense of problematic life. Vanilla Coke is simply sweet, taking a large amount of sugar brings my body to a rush, quenching my thirst, not only for water and sweetness literally, but the desperation to own and be part of something beautiful in this life. Tragically, Celine Dion was the only person who listened to my every problems and she was there for every drop of tears i shed.

As desperate as i may have sounded, I am sincerely doing FINE. Everyone has their rough times. Lets just say i let those addiction take over temporarily, though my addiction seems to last longer than expected. But once i recover, those addiction slowly fades away. People change. Lives change. My addiction can change too.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Its about dinner time, and everyone in the house is getting hungry.

Robin: Eh malas wanna cook lar, what to eat ahh??
Thiam: Well.. lets see, we have two options, option A - walk all the way to Broadway (40 minutes walk distance away) and have some decent Malaysian/Singaporean dishes, or option B - pick up the phone and call for pizza delivery.
Yew: *stomach growling* huh? anything lar.. *stomach growling again*

After a brief discussion, Option B was adopted. No need to cook, no need to walk to the eatery. Pizza.. delievered right to your doorstep by just one phone call. amazing huh? What lazy people have we turned into these days. And definitely, no washing up after dinner is required. Such a convenient option that is. Yew rang up the pizza place and ordered 2 Large size pizzas... usually pizza delivery time would take less than 30 minutes or so.

It is definitely pass dinner time, and everyone is VERY hungry.

Robin: Eh... how come the pizza not yet come one? One hour liaw worrr
Thiam: Dunno wor... Yew called Dominos liaw worr... just wait lah.. maybe their business too good tonite....
Robin: !!!!!!! *stomach growling*
Yew: Ok ok, i call them again... check see what goes wrong...

It is waaay after dinner time, and yet our stomachs remained empty... everyone is EXTREMELY HUNGRY !!!!!!

Robin: *stomach growling*
Thiam: *stomach growling*
Yew: *stomach growling*
Yew was so hungry he could eat his own pants.

Apparently the pizza delivery boy could not find our house, and got lost somehow somewhere in the friendly neighbourhood of Nedlands. But amazingly after Yew's second call, the guy managed to find our house... and yeah... compensating the confusion and over one and a half hour waiting torture over hunger.. we have got COMPLIMENTARY pizza !! What good customer service they have here !!
WoooHooo !!! Now how often do you get FREE pizza?? I don't mind waiting..

*Burp* ... customer satisfaction guaranteed. I am impressed. Now, if only Pizza Hut can do the same...

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Hours and hours of tiresome, energy draining, brain consuming work --> revision for the coming finals exam. My mind is soooo messed up right now... STRESS is killing me...

There are times i have reached the boiling point.. i just cant take it anymore...

Exams are pointless. Students are struggling so damned hard.. sleepless days and nights.. just to crack in some more facts that might or might not be tested in the coming paper. Furthermore, most of the materials covered in the final exams will probably be forgotten in the near future, and no application whatsoever will be observed in the subsequent career that follows. What a waste of effort and time. Exam, what a lame tool to judge and reflect a student's capability and understanding. Seriously, i think exams are ridiculous.
There is nothing that can be done about this anyway, since exams will be the determining factor of success and failure in eductaion. I myself share the equal frustration and stress of preparing for my finals.
Here is what i do, to counter my STRESS.
1) Counter Strike. Killing has always been rewarding. It is even more satisftying when you actually do feel like killing someone. Stress --> anger --> hatred --> KILLING !!

Yeah.. HEADSHOT !!

2) When my mind is about to break, i resolve to watching movies, dramas, animes.. etc. While studying, i usually leave my laptops on, with the file sharing software, limewire, downloading popular shows like Desperate Housewives, Smallville and some animes. The latest anime i watch now is Samurai Champloo. Man... at the Stress State of my mind now... seeing those samurai and blood slashing actions do help substantially.

Hah.. typical sword swinging action.. similar to my all time favourite, Rouroni Kenshin (Samurai X)

3) Hmm, in a room, with closed doors, with broadband internet connection, and a laptop. Entertainment is brought directly from all over the world. No .. there are not many types of entertainment that can truly fulfill a desperate, lonely, loveless, hopeless and STRESSED out young boy... *ahem*

Not suitable for general viewing...

4) This is relatively effective in relieving some of my stress intensity. BLAST my mp3 music with my baby Philips ... Yeah.. MUSIC is the therapy !! We must wake up the neighbourhood share our joy and passion of music mah... sharing is a good virtue after all...

My precious baby Philips kick ass !!!

5) Eat eat eat.. and sleepZzzzzzz...

Now lets see... what are the factors affecting the phreatic surface location of a tailings dam..... hmmmm...

I have no idea. Arrrrgghhh... STRESSSSS !!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya !!

To all my dearest Malay friends back home in Kuching, Zaim, Kevin, Zaki, Awang, Fizzy, Nazrul, Aziz, Mizi, Fatin Hanum, Jaja, Hamka, Razif, Hazry, Indera, Kamarul, and all good guys that i have known, Have a joyous celebration !!!
Also to my friends here in Perth, Nazli, DIn, Farhan, Asraf, Ikhwan and others, do not despair.. i believe the spirit of celebration is just around, and do take a moment off to indulge yourself. Exam is huge, but im sure Raya is BIGGER.

Really sorry for those i did not mention here.. my first paper is coming up this Monday.... and its really getting late.. my memory is kinda in a mess.. so do forgive me.. and Selamat Hari Raya !!
Well, it does feel awkward this year not being there for the huge celebration. The food, the people.. oohh.. i simply miss those times when we just hop from house to house, and swallow everything savouring those scrumptious delicacies served particularly for the occasion. Last year, i intentionally booked the first flight home right after my last day of exams, (my last day of exam was on 13th Nov, flew right home at 15th Nov last year, 14th Nov was the 1st day of Raya, if i remembered correctly) and still could make it to the Third Day of Raya visiting with some old mates. Ooohh.. those were the times... those were the special times.
I still remember, besides Chinese New Year, Raya is the only opportunity for the whole gang of old pals to hang out and chill together. I mean.. we might not have seen each other for a while, and miss out on each others life... those celebrations are the perfect times for catching up and relive the precious history of brotherhood that we have all shared. Yeah, life was so good back then. Less complications. Less worries. Life was happier.
To those of you who are back in Kuching until the end of the year, do anticipate my return. I shall look you guys up given time and opportunity. Love to patch up the lost times.

Now... how often do you see 4 pink-necked birds lined up in the low-wide open field under bright yellow sun?

Life is full of opportunities. We see different things everyday. It is just the matter of noticing, remembering, and most important of all, making the meaning out of it. The picture shown above might just be one and one time only opportunity in life that most definitely will not ever occur again. Same goes for life. Seize the moment. Do not let opportunities slip by unnoticed. Make life meaningful. Live life in colours.

Lets hope this year's Raya gives a GREAT meaning to all of ya Good ol' buddies !! Be filled with plentiful cheers and joy !!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Exams Coming !!!

Well, it has come to that time of year again. Exam is days away, and summer holidays would be just weeks away. The semester ended. I am so looking forward to be home, and my heart is already halfway there.

Looking at the exam schedule, there is nothing to be felt comfortable about, considering all the units im taking this semester share equal risk of uncertainties. Two of the units, Engineering Practise and Modelling & Analysis are NEW units, firstly introduced this semester, which means, there are no previous exam papers as reference. I am so clueless on what to study or how to approach the problems. Heck, i do not even know what the problems will look like.

Glancing back now, i do feel a little gittery, considering my ever-popular class skipping reputation. I know i missed out a lot on lectures that i did not attend. Well, guess what.. i'd rather sleep at the comfort of my own bed, with full privacy. For me, sleep is not something to exhibit prominently in public.

This semester has been extremely traumatising. I remember those endless nights spent in the computer lab, trying to figure out some silly modelling and analysis assignment. There was even once i stayed up whole night with my team mates from 9pm up till morning, 7am, then we went back home, with no finalised solutions !! That did not end just yet, i washed myself clean, cooked breakfast, munched munched, and at 9am.. i ran back to the computer lab and resumed the assignment task. Was it worth the trouble? That explains the sleep deprivation of everyone in the photos above i suppose.

Well, err... yah.. we were very very very busy in the computer lab.. we were !! seriously.. we really were BUSY !!

The grades returned is definitely NOT equavalent to the amount of effort and time sacrificed for the assignment and projects. Well.. the world is not fair anyway.. life is never fair.
There are desperate times.. when everyone feels damned stressed... and frustration takes over for good... those were the times when explicitly-naughty desires creativity and animal insticnt takes place. Interesting things did happen...

Poor innocent boy got thrown into the waters of Mathilda Bay...

Guilty looking bottles... guess which one i liked best? To be frank.. i only drank the bottle with black fizzy juice at the far left. It tastes.. fabulous !!

For everything that has a beginning has an end... Evereone is ready to jump off the jetty into the deep blue water.... end of suffering and pain..

Through the difficult times, there was happiness and contentment. i find redemption in every smile that i mark on others faces, i find satisfaction in every favor i silently provide, and i definitely find pride in the precious sweet experience that signifies my transference to maturity and adulthood. This semester has been more sweet than bitter.

Lets just hope my exam results say the same....