The Shanghai Sisters at DBKL - Women's International Day Concert

About a month ago just before the nation-wide lockdown imposed by the government, I attended a mini concert happening at the city council, in support of my friends The Shanghai Sisters performing in conjunction with the International Women's Day. I was not the official photographer, so I was attending as an audience. I did bring my gear with me, the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III and M.Zuiko lenses 12-40mm PRO and 40-150mm PRO, just enough coverage for a mini concert. Since I did not move about and could not get super close to the stage, I was not expecting any particularly great shots as opposed to what I normally can accomplish having full access as the official working photographer covering the show. Nonetheless, it was a night full of fun, great music, live entertainment, and I seriously miss the times when things were normal. I only hope that the lockdown situation is lifted soon. 

I made a video sharing my tips on shooting a mini concert environment, I will not repeat this in my article here since I have also blogged about live music shooting several times before. However, as I will share the images here, for those who are extremely impatient to sit through the video and just want to view the images. 

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