MORE Hidden Olympus OM-D Tips

Since my previous videos on Olympus OM-D camera tips were proven popular, here is a new video showing some very rarely used and mentioned features that you may not even have known or heard of. A lot of these tips are not critical to shooting process and there are no serious consequences for not knowing them, but some of them are cool and can be handy in certain situations. Also, I made this video a while back, before I had a recent haircut, so hopefully that non-continuity in video was not too jarring for some. 

The Hidden Tips Mentioned in video are:
1) AF Target Area with Spot Metering - ability to spot meter at the exact location of the AF point placement on the framing
2) Audio Clip Recording with Image
3) Pixel Mapping in Camera - to fix dead pixel on image sensor
4) AF Limiter (for E-M1 Mark II and E-M1X only)
5) In Camera RAW Processing and development with extensive adjustments

I sure hope you have found something new in the video. If you have more tricks up your sleeve, please don't be selfish, share with everyone!

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  1. Hi Robin,

    I've found your OMD tips videos most helpful!
    Thank You

  2. Hi Robin,

    Always useful tips - thank you.
    I have an impression that the graduation auto, especially after E-M1 Mark II v3, is getting quite useful. It was the function that I was avoid to use because of degradation of image - dark area more noisy. however, the one after V3 is getting more natural to me. what do you think about graduation auto function?
    Looking forward your further v/blog update!