Shutter Therapy In Video! Street Shooting in Bukit Bintang, KL

Finally, after numerous requests over the years, I now present you, a video showing behind the scenes of me doing my shutter therapy in action! Yes, you got that right, I still can't believe I did this all by myself, it was certainly not an easy feat! I am still totally new to video/Youtube thing, so do cut me some slack. Nonetheless, I do feel that a video is more suitable to demonstrate certain things, and there is only so much I can write to help illustrate certain techniques or concepts. Do go check out this short video of me shooting around Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I even approached a few strangers to get some close up portraits done!

Though the street shooting process was quite straightforward for me, the recording myself in video while I was shooting part was quite laborious and challenging. I admit I could have gotten better shots if half of my mind was not split on figuring out the whole video thing. I was quite determined to get this video out, though I originally wanted some friends to help film me while I shoot on the streets but asking people for help and using their time and energy did not feel right to me. I may pay them but I also cannot afford to fork out professional fees now since I am not really earning anything from this particular set of videos, and they are not really tied to Olympus either. This video is about me doing what I love to do - shutter therapy, something that has been very dear to me for a long time now.

I chose Bukit Bintang, mainly for safety reasons. It is a tourist infested area, hence security is tighter, and I have lower risk of being mugged or robbed in daylight. Malaysia is not the kind of place that you can feel totally safe walking around in the open without worrying about anything like Singapore, Japan or Australia. Crime rate is not exactly that low on the streets. Also, Bukit Bintang is recognizable and relatable by many who have visited Malaysia.

I also know that I am a terrible multitasker. I needed to keep an eye out for subjects to shoot, while managing video recording and audio recording separately. That's three separate devices to work with, and also adjusting the tripod constantly to shoot video was not an easy task. Extra hands would have helped tremendously but I just did not want to trouble anyone. My speaking could have been better, I know, I am not that used to speaking in front of camera yet, and inspecting my own conversation, I also realized how flawed my speaking was. I mispronounced so many words, and I only wished I could redo the take.

I knew I was not ready to do the video, or dive deep into this Youtube thing. I took a page from an old Ben Cooper (Radical Face) interview, when he was talking about his extremely famous and overplayed song "Welcome Home" which was the theme song for Nikon's "I am" campaign, that has run for more than a decade. Ben said he was not ready, there was no percussion instruments in that song, no drums, so to him it was incomplete. However, he also said that if he had waited and waited nothing would ever get done. So he improvised, and did the best he can, by adding beats and unique sounds from stomping his foot on the floor, clapping hands, hitting the side of his thigh, to create a fuller sound to replace what was traditionally done on a drum set. The song came out beautifully, and was perhaps the most iconic song in the camera industry.

So yes, I am not ready, but I too, must take the first jump.

Here are the shots, all as seen in the video. All images were shot with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and M.Zuiko 25mm F1.2 PRO lens.

I want to do my video differently. I do not want to "copy" other Youtubers or famous photographers who have been doing vlogs for a long time. Heck I don't want to do a vlog format. I don't want to sit in one spot and yack on and on and on for 30 minutes non stop. I can't bear hearing my own voice talking lengthily. I will do my best to cut out all the unnecessary parts from my videos, and just go straight to the point. I am not doing a documentary or TV show. This is not a film, or movie you watch for entertainment. I just want to focus on my content, and I always ask myself how can my audience benefit from seeing my videos, what do they want to see? What can I do better in video that I could not do with my usual blog articles? I have been blogging for over 10 years, some techniques or sharing can be done better in a video format, so I shall explore that.

I also do not want to do a step by step tutorial on "how to", these kind of content are vastly available. I should not add on to redundancy and there is no point to repeat other contents - I doubt I can do any better. I want to share contents that are uniquely mine, and I don't see many Malaysian photographers doing videos on Youtube. So that can lead me to somewhere, showing you parts of Kuala Lumpur, or Malaysia in my videos.

One very important aspect that shall set me apart from others will be the photography part. Whether I am writing articles or doing a video, the photography section will not be overlooked or glanced over. I have a very simple rule - no photos, no content. If I want to talk about a new lens, I must have good photographs to show what the lens is capable of, then I do my article, or shoot a video about it. There is no point for me to ramble on and on about how bad or how good the lens is, if I don't have my photographs to show. People may choose to listen to what I have to say, or not, I have no control of that. What I do have total control is what they see in my photos. Being a photographer, it is an absolute must to show my best, and present the best work I can afford to produce. Would you believe the Olympus M.Zuiko MC-20 2X Teleconverter lens is sharp if I did not have a decent tight crop of an image of a bird's feathers to prove my point?

Always, to me, photographs first, everything else later.

What do you think of the Shutter Therapy video? Please let me know, and I would love to hear what else you would want to see in my coming videos!

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  1. I enjoyed your inspiring video very much and as well the impressions from your town. Keep going.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I will surely do more!

  2. Robin, I've been reading and thoroughly enjoying your blog for years and was curious to see your video. You did a great job and the content and delivery was spot on. I wouldn't change a thing. You write -"This video is about me doing what I love to do." If you keep making videos like this one with or without retakes- I'll keep watching. By the way, coming from a broadcast television background - I was very impressed you managed all these tasks so successfully. Well done. The framing and lighting was really nice in all your takes. Sound was good, the edit efficient and the presentation natural. You're a natural.
    Love the look of the Olympus cameras. Was the video shot on an Olympus?