Getting My Feet Wet In Youtube - What Would You Like To See?

So thanks to my friend Matti Sulanto from Finland, he motivated me to do more videos and get them up on Youtube. I am not exactly a camera-friendly person, I honestly prefer writing to making videos, but I have to admit this is 2019 and Youtube is just as relevant and powerful as a platform for photography sharing, if not more so than a blog, or writing online articles. I should evolve with time, or else I will just be left behind.

I did a few videos recently, mainly coinciding with the release of Olympus Firmware 3.0 for E-M1 Mark II and also the new feature in Olympus Workspace - USB Raw Data Edit. Go watch the videos here and here if you have not. Having the "afterglow" from making those two videos, I started to venture out more and more and decided to do a few more videos, touching on topics that are familiar to me - insect macro photography and night shooting with smartphones. I thought the insect macro photography was better explained and demonstrated in a video, rather than having my readers visualize me holding my flash with one hand and the camera on the other. Do let me know what you guys think of my videos, I am still making refinement and finding my own ground.

Here is one that I have just uploaded to Youtube - using budget smartphone to do challenging low light night photography. My main messages have always remained the same, do not obsess over gear, don't feel bad or inadequate if you are not using the best and most expensive smartphone, but rely on your understanding in photography and also putting in some effort to get the shot. Yes, we are all getting lazier and lazier because of technological advancement but a little work goes a long way! Just using a tripod and setting the exposure manually, lowering the ISO, these steps make such a huge difference! No reason to complain about what you don't have or lack of.

So based on the few videos so far, especially the Macro Photography and latest Night Photography with Smartphones, let me know what you think, do you enjoy the videos, or do you feel there are other things that I can improve on? Would you want me to keep the videos shorter, or you don't mind me going longer? Do you want more technical jargon in the video, or keeping it more simple and clean? Do you feel the number of photos quality shown are sufficient?

More importantly, please feed me topics, things that you would like to learn about me, or photography that I can make videos about! What do you want to know? Let me know!

Here are some shots taken with my current daily driver, Realme 2 Pro, a budget smartphone that I bought at RM799, all shown in my recent video. Tripod was used, manual mode and ISO fixed at 100 or lower. Also, self timer (very important) was activated to mitigate hand/camera shake.

I don't know if I am going to do video constantly or if my Youtube Channel is ever going to go anywhere, but I thought I should give it a try.

So please do subscribe to my Youtube channel here (click)!


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