The Ocean's Story Photography Competition 2018

If you have been following my writing over the years you would probably have come across me voicing my disapproval on photography contests in general. I believe photography is a personal journey that should not be made into a competitive sport, stroking ego and glorifying stereotypical approach and styles. However, I also believe that if done correctly, photography contests can be a great platform to create awareness and draw a crowd for a good cause.

My photographer friend Sanjitpaal Singh is co-organizing a currently open "The Ocean's Story Photography Competition 2018", and he is also the chief judge for the contest.

Sanjit in action, in his natural habitat shooting wildlife somewhere deep, deep, deeeeeeep inside the rainforest. Photo by Sanjitpaal Singh, used with permission. 

Sanjit has been a photographer that I have admired for the longest time. He is an award winning nature and wildlife photographer, whom I have learned a great deal from over the years. He is always generous in sharing his knowledge and his passion in photography is one of the most infectious I have encountered in Malaysia. He has been championing nature conservation activities and also being persistently involved in Hornbill research in the wild. Therefore, it is no surprise when I found out that he is involved in similarly themed awareness and appreciation campaign for Malaysian sea and marine environment. 

The competition objective is to spread awareness and appreciation for Malaysian seas and marine life through photography. There are two categories: 1) Hope for the Ocean and 2) A Bruised Ocean. The photo contest is open for Malaysians (and expats in Malaysia) in the age bracket of 18 to 30. If you fit into the requirements, why not give it a try, standing a chance to win good prizes and have your photographs exhibited in one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia (One Utama) as well as helping out a great cause? I'd say go for it. 

To find out more about The Ocean's Story Photography Competition, go to their official site here. 

To find out about the chief judge and awesome photographer Sanjitpaal Singh, go to his page here. 


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