Sorry for the delay....

I have been clocking extra hours for my Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review series, and am working extra hard on the coming Part 4. 

However priorities must be set, and Olympus Malaysia is currently working full force in preparation for the coming E-M1 Touch and Try session which is happening this coming weekend. I will be out there giving presentation on my experience with the E-M1 and get to meet and chat with the awesome Malaysian Olympus supporter crowd. Lots and lots of things to do, and I still do not have sufficient content for my blog review Part 4. Rest assured it is still in the works, and as soon as the huge event is over I will jump back right into the reviews again. So much more to cover for the E-M1!

Nevertheless, I strongly believe I have covered some of the most important aspects of E-M1 reviews, in my first THREE parts, including High ISO Shooting, Continuous AF performance, image sharpness and handling of the camera. I have even dedicated a full blog entry for shooting with only Zuiko Four Thirds lenses, which I enjoyed the most so far. 

Do forgive me for the delay of my coming parts. Will do my best to bring them up online as soon as I can!


  1. No problem Robin. Knowing your work ethic, I'm sure you're not sleeping much!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work, Robin. It's very much appreciated.

  3. thank you for your hard work!

    1. No worries, my pleasure to do what I do best.

  4. Thank you Robin for all the work and passion on this.
    I wish you the best for the E-M1 presentations.

    Since you are two feet into Olympus and especially in the marketing part of it, it would be great if you could become some kind of super interface between the camera manufacturer and the user's feedback and wishes.

    Simple examples :

    - video in 24fps, 60fps and 120fps (lower resolution of course) > as firmware updates
    - Focus peaking with any (non Olympus) lense > as firmware updates
    - Better compatibility with other manufacturer's lenses (as the banding problem over 6400 iso with Pana's 20mm f1.7 on the E-M5)
    - More firmware updates = Olympus would show better consideration to people that have ALREADY bought the camera

    - Dual card system
    - Double battery in the extra grip
    - Tilting EVF

    - An opening for third party custom firmwares, look at the miracles done on GH2 and Canon cameras...

    You get my point? This is all in the benefit of Olympus and their customers! :)

    1. Dear Marcus,
      I am an employee of Olympus Malaysia, hence my connections is still far and not that well established. I will send the feedback but please do not expect miracles.
      In Olympus' defence (not speaking as an employee, but my own opinion) I do think they have listened to feedback, and came up with the OM-D E-M5. It was the answer to many of the problems/issues raised on their earlier cameras (need of better image quality, faster focusing, etc).

  5. Hi Robin,
    No worries and you have done an awesome job with passion. Yet I am looking forward for your next part 4.
    See you this coming Saturday.
    May you have a peaceful evening.
    John Ragai

  6. No worries Robin. You are doing a wonderful job. It's like haute cuisine: good cooking takes time!

  7. hi robin,

    great reviews again.
    my personal experience with the 43-m43 adaptors (panny) i sometimes lose electrical connectivity at certain angles.
    i heard of flimsy plastic construction etc.
    which version are you using ? did you experience any problems ?
    any plans from olympus to make a rock solid version ?


  8. Great job Robin. Its always a pleasure to come back to this site, read your stories and look at the wonderful pictures. Now that Olympus has a new flagship in the EM1, I guess the EM5 price will be going down... and the EM5 is still a wonderful camera.

  9. Enjoy the weekend session in your new role! Have you left engineering behind for now or is your role at Olympus technical to some degree? Either way, sounds like a great fit :)

  10. Hi Robin, just learnt about your this blog recently because of OMD EM-1. Attended the touch and try session today and just want to drop by to say thank you and well done on the presentation. It was very informative and engaging session!