Sarawak Bloggers Wins Social Media Gathering of The Year at Digi WWWOW Awards 2013

I am a proud member of Sarawak Bloggers, an independent non-profit society founded and headed by awesome Cyril Dason. However, I have always felt guilty and frustrated at myself for not being able to contribute much to the society, mainly due to the fact that I am physically away from Sarawak, working in Kuala Lumpur for years now. When Cyril contacted me a few days ago asking if I could represent him and on behalf of Sarawak Bloggers to be present at the Digi WWWOW Awards ceremony, I thought, I MUST make an effort to be there. And so it happened. 

The venue of the event was at Starbucks, TTDI. The top floor was closed for the event in the afternoon, and I was there rather early. The TV screen was showing the countdown, about half an hour before the event started. 

We were provided with free flow of Starbucks drinks, and coffee is always good. Social Media Gathering of the year was the category Cyril was nominated for, and I was representing him. 

TWEET UP KUCHING 2012 - The Event that Made the Nomination

Sarawak Bloggers has organized quite a huge event last year, a gathering called Tweet Up Kuching. You can read all about the social media gathering at their official website here (click). Apparently that event manage to attract almost 1000 social media users (Bloggers, Tweeters, Youtubers, etc) in one place and was considered a hit. It was no wonder that this event enabled Cyril Dason to be nominated, and shortlisted as a finalist for the Social Media Gathering of the Year of Digi WWWOW Awards 2013 (an award ceremony recognizing strong Internet influence and impact by social media users). I openly admitted I did not contribute at all to Tweet Up Kuching 2012 since I was away from Kuching all these time, but that did not stop me from feeling proud and being very happy for Cyril on being shortlisted as the finalists. 

About Sarawak Bloggers and its founder, Cyril Dason

If you have not known Cyril Dason (click to his blog here), you should hear his story from my perspective. I have admiration for this Kuching born blogger, and all that he has done for the Sarawak Bloggers. He founded Sarawak Bloggers, a society to bring together as many Sarawakian Bloggers as possible under one roof, with no profit in mind. Not any ordinary man can unite so many people in such a short time, it takes a lot of conviction, dedication and sacrifice to follow through from mere conceptual vision to fruition of reality. That was quite a feat, if you ask me! You may read "About Sarawak Bloggers' page here (click).

It was no easy task that Cyril has committed himself in doing, but due to his determination and persistence, in just about a few years he managed to create a strong community of bloggers, promoting their growth and unity in one platform which I believe is for the common benefit of all. You have to admit these days not many people are willing to sacrifice and contribute a huge amount out of their own time and effort which has no monetary gain, or personal agenda. He has shared with me his difficulties and pain in maintaining the society, yet he still managed to pull through, keeping it very much alive, and still kicking with the wonder-hit Tweet Up Kuching 2012 event. All things considered, Cyril has won my vote of confidence and deepest respect as a strong, reliable and selfless, admirable leader. 

We had a big crowd at Starbucks

One of the winners from another category, Joshua Tan

Oh yeah, my turn coming up next....

and the MOMENT...

So it was quite an awkward moment for me to be representing Cyril for this award presentation ceremony, which was streamed live on the Internet, watched by tens of thousands of people simultaneously. 

As I was up on stage with two other finalists (top 3), and when the winner was announced, I could not believe it when I saw the name on the white paper mentioning "CYRIL DASON". 

For a moment there I froze, and did not move, because I knew, I knew that this was the moment that Cyril has been waiting for and I wish that it was him that was here to be experiencing this particular moment!!! I should not be here, but then it occurred to me that everyone was waiting for me to move to the award presenter, so I took my steps forward and accepted the award, showing my grin uncontrollably. The wide grin on my face was beaming, because Cyril deserved this, after all his sacrifice and challenges that he went through. It was his moment. And I felt proud for him, and also proud being a part of a beautiful community that he has created. 

Jason Lee, a new friend I met. A social media strategist, he is!

Aswat and Nik from Astro!! More beautiful people I have met. 

After the event, I hanged out with Jian (Akiraceo) who was also a fellow Kuching Blogger, and was a finalist for another category of Digi WWWOW Awards. He was stationed at another location (do not ask, the whole award management was a little weird) and we met up after the whole event was over. I was heartbrokenly disappointed that Jian did not win his category! He is one of the best Malaysian Comic Bloggers, and if you have seen his work, you would wonder how come he did not win. 

Together with Hao and Jason Lioh, we headed to a nearby place to sit down and chill. 

Jian aka Miao aka Akiraceo. You should have won the award! 

Jian's awesome phone casings. To get them go to his website here. 

Hao and his purple drink

Jason and his Sandwich

To Cyril, congratulations! Sarawak owes you one!! Finally all your hard work paid off, and you can tell people that Sarawak Bloggers, is indeed standing tall, and strong! I appreciate the chance to be there as your representative, though I really wish it was you here instead of me. Here is me, wishing you even larger success in the coming undertakings! Cheers mate. 


  1. Wow bro, you are being too kind. The whole effort of Sarawak Bloggers and TwtUpKCH was collective and it would not be right for me to take all credit alone. Everyone helped make it happen =)

    Thank you for representing me last Saturday bro. Appreciate it alot.

    1. Not a problem for me! Was a pleasure being able to help out a bit.
      Congratulations again!

  2. *Clap clap* Good job! Good review too! I think the representative deserves free flow of coffee next round, huh Cyril dear?

    1. Coffee Girl,
      Being a true Sarawakian I actually prefer a nice bowl of Kolok Mee!!!

    2. Can be arranged for both!

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