Kuching, Can't Wait

I will be travelling to Kuching, East Malaysia, my hometown from tomorrow till end of this week (12/6/2013 to 16/6/2013). There will be a wedding assignment, an old friend of mine is getting married and I am excited to shoot his wedding. Also, I look forward to spend time with beloved mum, and hopefully have enough time to catch up with some friends as well. Shutter therapy in Kuching? I really want to, but lets not push it, I am not even sure if I have time left to shoot for myself at all!

So what will it be this time? Olympus? Or Sony? Or both?

Kuching Waterfront

I will be traveling home light, and I won't have a laptop or computer with me. For the very least, I will only have my Android tablet, and the micro USB port is... ermm.. non-functional now. Consequently I have no means to transfer my images from camera to the tablet. Therefore, I won't be blogging until I get back from my short holiday. 

This will also be a break I am taking from blogging, which I think I do need! Nonetheless, worry not, when I return, not only will I have images from Kuching to share, but I have been told by Olympus Malaysia the Olympus PEN E-P5 will be available for me to review soon. So yes, do stay tuned!

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  1. Have fun, and a great shoot - and take it easy! And Kuching looks fantastic to me!

    1. Hello Andre,
      Thanks, Kuching is indeed a wonderful place.

  2. I meant to write a comment on your last post. Just wanted to say you shouldn't really give a thought about what others think which camera you should bring on you shutter therapy or assignments. Seems kind of silly ;D

    Also I see the name of the restaurant on the chopstick wrapper of the Xiao Long Bao restaurant on your last post. Where exactly is it?

    Thank you and have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thanks Wally!
      The restaurant I had that Xiao Long Bao was at the top floor of Pavilion, KL.
      No worries, I did not let others influence me on my camera decisions but, at the same time it is good to hear what others think.

  3. Hi Robin !

    Very very ..endearing image ...Thanks for sharing !

    Glad to hear that u r taking a break from work ...and going home for a while ...:)

    every one deserves such breaks ..:):)

    1. Thanks drpankajshukla!
      Yes, the break is a well deserved one!

  4. Have a great time in Sarawak Robin, looking forward to you next blog entry. Like mentioned above - you deserve a break from blogging :).

  5. Looking forward to the ep5 review, hope you had a nice getaway.