Bryan & Claudia: A Wedding at Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang Gold Coast

Important Note: For those of you in Malaysia, you can pre-book Olympus PEN E-P5 from Olympus Malaysia (click here), this has been extended until 28th June 2013, so hurry up!

We take a short break from the Olympus PEN E-P5 review series, mainly because I need to find time to shoot and gather sufficient photographs, and one of the series will feature macro insect photography, which I have yet to receive a macro lens for my usage. The review shall resume as soon as I can, much later in this week. 

I dug out some of my recent photography assignment photographs to be uploaded to my portfolio page, and thought that this particular assignment at Golden Palm Resort, Sepang Gold Coast stood out. At the time of assignment, when I Googled for photographs of wedding being taken at that location, the only hit I got was the wedding outdoor portraits of the world no 1 Badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei. Considering that place just opened quite recently, I was fortunate enough to get a wedding job there! We did a full actual day wedding shoot, including some portraiture around the location of the resort. It was an outdoor styled wedding, and the ceremony was held by the seaside during sunset, something which is not a norm in Malaysia. 

This particular assignment stood out, because this was one of my first few attempts of utilizing two separate systems for a shoot, blending the Olympus gear (which has become my main workhorse since forever) and at that time newly acquired Sony A350 and a few prime lenses. I'd say I used the Sony a lot more than I have originally intended, and I was very pleased with the outcome of the photographs.

I must admit, I am not keeping it secret that I take certain pleasure in using Olympus and Sony, both not popular choices in wedding photography. Most wedding photographers in Malaysia (and the rest of the world I believe) use either Canon or Nikon. Well, honestly, I can't be bothered. The most important thing when it comes to wedding photography is being able to deliver the images to the clients, and that at the end of the day, they love the beautiful moments the magical emotions and the precious memories you have captured for them. If they have sought you out in the first place, it was because they have seen your style and your unique way of shooting, and rarely, gear comes to play.

Special thanks to Bryan and Claudia for having me and my partner photographer Frederick Yap, we enjoyed ourselves during the entire shoot, and we treasure the kindness and generosity you have shown us! All the best to both of you!


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  1. Another wonderful series of photos...
    It is 'your vision' that makes the difference as illustrated here. The gear merely helps you to accomplish the task.
    I know you can achieve the same wonderful photos regardless of what cameras you use.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Thanks TH Wong for the kind words, and show of faith! Indeed, gear is not an issue here, the main thing should be the photographer's vision as you mentioned, and I agreed!

  2. The Group Photo is Zuiko 11-22.... nice work, Robin!

    1. Of course it is!! 11-22mm rocks Thanks Sven!

  3. Hi Robin.
    I really admired your alertness and your well trained eyes for those precious moment that you have captured in the wedding series. It's a beautiful location and your vision of the images that you want make it more special.
    (Psst..hopefully I do not write some weird words That one I really missed the body language and the door of the car.)
    Great work, Robin.
    Happy shooting for you as for myself I am still stuck with company events(AGM and product launch).
    John Ragai

    1. No worries John, thanks for the kind words. Having events to shoot is a great chance to explore and practice!

  4. Beautiful photos, I am sure the bride and groom are happy with the results.

  5. They must be happy clients, with photos like these. The over-arching bamboo photos stand out from the rest. From now on, other couples getting married at this spot will all ask their photographers to capture a hug under those bamboos, "Just like Robin Wong shot it."

  6. I really like your work (and site), these pictures are great, except for the ring shot (#6) and the shot of them on the balcony (#8). The background looks too OOF, like it's fake. Not sure if it's the bokeh or what, but the rest are stunning (as usual).

  7. Your work makes me envy the couple. This is probably your best wedding shots published to date. Prior to this, i thought the Bali ones are the best. Maybe because of location. Maybe due to lighting. But this series of photos stir emotions. :)
    Great work!

    Ps. ... and unfortunately, it's also beginning to show the limitations of this Olympus and Sony.

  8. again wed shot from u to see how u compose d d way u play with d d story inside that pic..wat can i say..ur work really awesome..miss to shoot with u..

  9. Hi Robin,

    Excellent wedding photo's mate!

    Eric V
    Edmonton Alberta

  10. Hi Robin,

    I am following your blog for quite a while now and it has made me a photographing enthusiast! Also influenced by your blog and your reviews, I stuck with my m4/3 Equipment and grew it steadily over the past 2 years.
    Thanks for that!

    Great pictures again. I especially like the colors. Is it just the evening sun, or some filtered post processing?
    For example the photo where the bride holds the flower bouquet behind her back: Do you use some kind of filter preset? Or is it just some kind of white balance magic?
    The picture looks so creamy! Beautiful!


  11. Wonderful shots all, but the fourth down (half framed by bamboo) is simply stunning.

  12. That heart shot of the group - WOW Robin!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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