Scott from New Zealand: Brief Night Shooting Session!

Scott (aka Newzild) is one of my blog readers that I have been wanting to meet for a while now. Scott has been commenting often on this blog, and he also linked my blog review entries up on popular forums (DPReview forums), which I appreciate a lot.  He is from New Zealand (what a beautiful, beautiful country that is) and has been in Malaysia for a while now, but working in a different state. He stopped by KL for a couple of days, and asked if we could meet up for some shutter therapy and I said why not? After work today, I rushed down to Petaling Street to meet Scott. What initially was a short street shooting session turned out to be a traditional cultural dance shooting at Central Market. 

All images were taken with Sony Alpha A57 and DT 35mm F1.8 lens.

Scott from New Zealand with his Olympus PEN E-P3 and the new M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 lens! 

Waiting for customers

Body Art

Eye pain

This was my first real high ISO torture test performed with the new Sony A57. Considering how brightly lit Petaling Street was, I actually did not require that high of ISO, with the F1.8 lens I have. Then Scott suddenly asked me where I took the photos of the night dance performance on the street, and I pointed it out to him that it was taken outside Central Market. We were already walking toward that direction and trying to find a coffee place to sit down for a drink, and we discovered there was the similar cultural dance performance happening right inside of Central Market itself!! It was raining outside (still drizzling when we arrived) hence the dance performance must have been shifted inside the Central Market. So there and then, we were working our cameras away on the dance performers, which was quite interesting indeed!

The Sony A57 did well in capturing the dance show. Nonetheless, this should not be a fair comparison against my previous tests with Olympus review series (45mm F1.8 on the E-P3 and the 75mm on the OM-D). The previous tests were done outside on the street, with much dimmer and poorer lighting condition, and the Kung Fu performance I shot with the 75mm F1.8 on OM-D was blazingly fast, much, much faster than the dance encountered earlier tonight. The Sony A57 had it easy in a more evenly, and better lit hall (you can see that the lighting was rather flat, and from the same source of light), making it a lot easier for the lens to focus. ISO1600 to 3200 were sufficient to do the job for the Sony A57 with the 35mm F1.8 lens attached, shooting wide open at F1.8. 

and a portrait of Scott to cap the night off. 

To Scott, it was nice to finally meet you!! Do come by KL again, and hopefully it is a weekend where I am free to bring you around to my usual street shooting grounds. I assure you these places would be more interesting, full of life, and beautiful photography opportunities!

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  1. Robin, very nice set of photos in this post. That pretty young lady dancer seems to have captured your full attention, and it is obvious that you had captured her attention..... and she liked it! I really hope that you didn't just walk away from there without at least introducing yourself first.

    1. Yes.... Go Robin! Nice pics by the way!

    2. hey Gregg,
      Ahh the reason why she looked at me was because I was too near to her... I only had one lens, the 35mm f1.8, so I had no choice but to go very close if I need some good shots!

  2. once again u done a great job for ur night photo..really like ur night photo session..hpoefully for ur next shutter theraphy session we can shoot together during pasar malam d dim light condition as i can test d lens till d max ..
    *hadi nik*

    1. Hello Nik Hadi,
      I wish I can go out shooting with you at Pasar Malam!! Been soooo busy lately, no time to touch camera! Last night was lucky, as I escaped work early.

  3. The pictures are nice - my favorite is the "body art" picture. Nice and sharp, good bokeh, very interesting picture!
    As to the dance pictures, I prefer noise in them than to have them blurry, which you seem to be having the same mindset.

    I did notice though that color noise starts creeping in at ISO1600 (in the shadows particularly) and the artifacts become quite bad at ISO3200.
    That is fine for web, but printing would become difficult there. Did you give Topaz DeNoise 5 a try? It can really do wonders there, amazing solution to reduce noise - especially for these shots where you have to dial up the ISO (sometimes you wish you just had a fullframe DSLR, isn't it? :) My camera has a much smaller sensor, ISO800 is about the same as your ISO3200 - can be really troublesome at times).

    Keep it up!

    1. I love that body art photo too, the guy was very cooperative, took a few shots of him and I liked this one showing most of his body!
      No, I never wished to have a full frame camera. In fact, if I was so anal about noise, I would have cleaned them up easily with any noise-reduction software. It was pointless and I was not selling these photos anyway, just to showcase some of my catch for the night. I do think they look alright on screen, and they were not for prints so no worries there.

  4. Lovely captures... Robin !
    The colors are indeed very eye catching !
    I did find the skin rendering from your olympus[epl-5,em-5] to better than the sony [please tell me I am WRONG since both are sony sensors and u r shooting RAW !]

    The portrait of Scot could have easily have been that of a solitary performer without the head-dress and getup !:):):)

    1. Thanks drpankajshula.
      I agree, Olympus does color much better!

  5. Hey Robin!

    It was great to meet up with you in KL, and It'd definitely be keen for another "shutter therapy" session sometime - the Pudu Market sounds like a lot of fun.

    I've posted a few shots from our Chinatown jaunt in my flickr account, which is here:

    Have a great week!