Patrick and Bubble Tea

I got off work early today and spent the night catching up with Patrick, the dude from Sweden over dinner. After dinner, I managed to get Patrick to try Pearl Milk Tea, some huge trending modern sugary drink thingy originated from Taiwan. It was a huge thing in KL.

I was thinking of doing some night shooting but then again, KL weather has been crazy and the rain was unforgivingly cruel. So I got away with one shot of Patrick and his first Pearl Milk tea experience! 


  1. I love Bubble Tea!! There was a good place here in NY for it but it closed so I went to the Asian food store and bought my own tapioca pearls. Lychee ans strawberry are my favorites. The place that closed also used to make excellent Bao (many versions), so now I make my own version of that too.

    Have fun at the Olympus event - I'm sure you will be going. Give us a full report!

    1. Hey Libby,
      Oh wow, didn't know you like bubble tea too!! Seems like its success is more widespread than I have imagined.
      I probably wont be attending the Olympus event, I've got a wedding to shoot this Saturday out of KL!

  2. Bubble tea is well-known in Manila as well. I don't drink it since it's far to sugary to my taste, but one can easily make it oneself -as per the suggestions of Libby here- and use Splenda or Stevia instead of all that horrible sugar. Then it would be even healthy.

    Will you share some of your (upcoming) wedding work? Especially if the bride is pretty, lol!

    1. Hey Andre,
      Here most Bubble Tea places allow you to customize the sugar content, either 100% (original amount), 70%, 50%, 30% or zero sugar. I usually have mine 30%. It just tastes too plain without sugar.
      Depending on the client, if permission is granted, I will share the images of course!