Olympus PEN E-P5 Initial Thoughts and Impressions

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Olympus PEN E-P5 body BLACK, WHITE and SILVER
Olympus Electronic Viewfinder VF-4 

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A few days ago, I was invited by Olympus Malaysia to have a private hands-on preview session with their latest product, the much anticipated Olympus PEN E-P5. The units were not ready for review purposes, hence reviews shall come much later, but for now, I was fortunate enough to be selected to have a quick touch and try session with that new E-P5! In this blog entry I shall share my initial thoughts and first impressions on the Olympus PEN E-P5. 

The E-P5 comes in three color schemes,  BLACKWHITE and SILVER  I have seen them all in real life and my preference leans toward the SILVER

Here is the summary of what is in the new E-P5.
Premium PEN with quality build and design
Mini OM-D:  same 16MP Image Sensor and 5-Axis IBIS (further optimized for panning shots)
New shutter mechanism, high shutter speed 1/8000sec
Low ISO Setting (Equivalent ISO100)
2x2 Dial Controls
Built in Wi-Fi functions
Focus Peaking (FINALLY!!!)

For full specification list, please visit Olympus’ Official Page for the E-P5 (click here). 


When I first saw the camera body, the first thing that caught my attention was the phrase “OLYMPUS PEN” being the brand on the camera, instead of just the word “OLYMPUS” like all other cameras. This was an unusual, but understandable move which was taken to further strengthen the PEN branding, which was one of the strong successes of Olympus since the film era. 

As I held up the camera, there was a significant weight on the camera body itself, and that meant the camera was not designed to be cheap. Looking at the camera close-up, it was almost impossible not to fall in love with the overall design. The E-P5 is SEXY! The level of attention to detail was incredible, and somehow this E-P5 really did stand out from all the previous PEN cameras, and it did seem to be a class above E-P3. There was no part on the E-P5 that felt cheap or plastic-ky.  Every inch of the camera screams quality, hence the Premium branding. 

The E-P5 felt really comfortable in my hands, and there was the substantial rubberized hand grip and thumb rest. Handling with ordinary micro 4/3 lenses should not be a problem, and the not-so-lightweight is actually an advantage when dealing with larger and heavier lenses, such as the the M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 lens. On the whole the ergonomics and handling of the camera were very good. Of course, this will have to be further verified by real life shooting circumstances, which shall come at the later stage. 

Black E-P5 with M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 lens

2) Key Improvements over E-P3

So is this E-P5 a warmed over iteration with minor tweaks and upgrades, or a huge level-up from the predecessor E-P3? Lets cut to the chase, I say it is the later. 

New Shutter Mechanism that goes 1/8000sec, and low ISO (100 equivalent)

The E-P5 has now a new shutter mechanism that allows the shutter speed to go to 1/8000sec, which was indeed an important improvement over the 1/4000sec limit imposed on all other micro 4/3 cameras up to date. Adding the lowest ISO100 setting (previously was ISO200 on E-P3 and OM-D), you gain a huge margin of two stops exposure to work with, thus opening up huge flexibility. The main advantage I can think of is using the bright lenses under harsh bright sun-lit conditions, where using F1.8 will result in overexposure, requiring previous micro 4/3 cameras to stop down the aperture, resulting in loss of shallow depth of field. Having 1/8000sec shutter and lowest ISO100, you gain plenty headroom to work with to prevent over-exposure. 

2x2 Dial Controls

The flimsy thumb roller dial surrounding the arrow-pad has been dropped in favor of the standard dual dial controls at the top right corner of the camera, much like more advanced professional level DSLRs placement of dials, as well as the OM-D. The dual dials on default controls aperture and shutter speed directly on Manual shooting mode, which was a convenient setup to have. Further to the dual dials, the functionality is further enhanced with the inclusion of quick switch (located next to the rear control dial) which enabled the dual dials to control two other image parameters when the switch was utilized. You may customized the dual dials to control ISO and White Balance settings directly. This added much needed convenience to the whole shooting workflow without accessing buttons! Definitely a huge plus, when it comes to thinking ahead of what photographers would want in terms of shooting experience. 

E-P5 is the mini-OM-D:  Same Image Sensor and 5-Axis Image Stabilization

I think the most important aspect about the E-P5 is that it shares the same amazing image sensor with the OM-D E-M5, and also the E-PL5, which have been proven to be class-leading, and even can go head to head with the best APS-C image sensor.  You get very good high ISO shooting, improved dynamic range and amazing fine details/sharpness in comparison to E-P3. I have tested both Olympus OM-D E-M5 and PEN E-PL5 extensively, and you can head over to my reviews and expect the same level of image output. Maybe Olympus did tweak the image output further for the E-P5, but that we can only find out when the review units of the camera are made available for testing purposes. 

Another key aspect that made the headlines for the OM-D was the revolutionary 5-Axis Image Stabilization built in-body, and amazingly, the engineers managed to squeeze it into the new E-P5 without causing a “hump” design which was much criticized on the previous OM-D.  Now the good news did not stop there just yet, the already admirable 5-Axis IS has been further improved and optimized for panning shooting. The camera will automatically recognize the panning action as the camera was being moved and the appropriate compensation (by disabling the axis that could cause jaggedness on otherwise smooth panning) will be applied!! I have not tested this function of course, but it would be magic if this is proven effective. No more disabling and enabling the IS, and fiddling into the menu system for that! 

Now you get same level of image quality, and the amazing 5-Axis image stabilization on E-P5, it was difficult not to see this as the mni OM-D. Obviously the OM-D E-M5 offered more features such as weather-sealing, magnesium alloy body and built in electronic viewfinder, and  those are the reasons why they have a separate camera category altogether for the OM-D!

Look at how thin the LCD Tilt-Screen is!!

New super thin, greatly IMPROVED LCD Tilt-Screen

The E-P5 has also included a tilt-screen, much like the one used in OM-D but it is much thinner, and snaps in place nicely. By first impression on the camera, the screen did not look like an extension that could be tilted out at all, it was so thin that it appeared to be just like any other back LCD monitor on any camera. 
Now, the amazing thing I wanted to highlight is the LCD screen. I have previously complained about ALL the LCD screens on any micro 4/3 cameras, having poor resolution, and color balance, which was not accurate enough to make any useful judgment on white balance. I am very glad to find that Olympus finally addressed this issue and placed in a much improved LCD screen with 1037k dot resolution, which was 3:2 in aspect ratio, meaning a larger part of the screen was of better use in comparison to previous 16:9 aspect ratio. I was pleased with what I saw on the LCD screen when it comes to color rendition, it was definitely more neutral and closer to what the eyes can see. 

On a separate note, the LCD screen on E-P5 was designed hand in hand with the newly released Electronic Viewfinder VF-4, which was a MUST HAVE upgrade over the VF-2 or VF-3. I have had the VF-4 mounted on E-P5, and as I switched between the EVF and the LCD monitor, I find almost no difference in color tones, which was amazing. The main problems with Olympus OM-D E-M5’s electronic viewfinder, together with Sony’s NEX and DSLT system is the variance of color balance between the EVF and the LCD monitors. Now this problem was solved, what you see on the latest electronic viewfinder, the VF-4 is precisely the same as what you see on the E-P5’s LCD screen. I have verified this with my own eyes, and even if there is any noticeable difference (you must have superman’s eyes) it is safely negligible. 

I shall talk about the VF-4 in the later part of this preview, now lets focus on the E-P5 itself first!

3) Built in Wi-fi function in camera

In the age of social media, where everything is instant and on the go, I foresee that all future cameras will have built in Wi-Fi function. E-P5 is the first from Olympus to have the built-in Wi-Fi, and Olympus has done considerable amount of research and development in this department to ensure that the Wi-Fi was not just a marketing ploy, but was actually something that is useful, and more importantly, EASY to use. 

To connect the camera to another device (IOS or Android devices, eg Ipad or Android Phone), you need to use the installed app Olympus Image Share and utilize a QR code scanning, which was a quick, and smart way to ensure seamless and efficient connectivity, without the fuss of keying in long, complicated passwords which can get frustrating. Eliminating the annoying password step was indeed a welcome! Having been connected, the phone or tablet device can begin to download the images from the E-P5, and instead of downloading everything via Wi-Fi, you can select which image to share with the external devices, which was another bonus. On the other hand, the Olympus Image Share will also allow you to easily share the images to Facebook or any other social media of choice from your mobile or tablet devices.

Additionally, the Wi-Fi function also allowed for a few more extra, but useful features. Firstly, you can add geo-tagging onto your photographs view Olympus Image Share, since the app is installed onto your mobile device and if your mobile device does have GPS, the geo-tagging can be made possible. Secondly, you can control your camera remotely with your mobile device as well using the Wi-Fi, such as releasing the capturing the image using your mobile device with full live view (with no lag!!) and touch to capture features! I have tried this function first hand, and I must say WOW!! I have seen how horrendously laggy and buggy this similar feature is on Canon DSLRs as well as Samsung’s cameras, but on this Olympus E-P5, the responsiveness of the Wi-Fi remote control function just blew everything I have seen before out of water. 

Black E-P5 and VF-4

4) That NEW Electronic Viewfinder,  VF-4

As I have mentioned earlier, I have tested the VF-4 on the Olympus E-P5, and was very pleased with it. The specifications of the VF-4 are as follows: 2.36 Million Dot resolution, 100% field of coverage, and 1.48x magnifications. It features almost twice the resolution of previous VF-2, and even more magnification, hence the viewfinder VF-4 is very sharp, and not to mention, very BIG! I was told that the VF-4 even larger than most viewfinders out there, surely larger than ALL Full Frame DSLR Optical viewfinders, and the only one camera that beats the VF-4 slightly, was the Canon 1DX. The size of the viewfinder alone was very worth the upgrade, and I am hoping future OM-D cameras from Olympus will incorporate similar electronic viewfinders! 

More importantly, the color balance has been tweaked to reflect the exact same balance as seen on the E-P5’s back LCD monitor. I cannot say the same about all other PEN cameras, obviously they all used different (and varying) LCD and OLED monitors. I am glad to see Olympus finally tackling the color accuracy and balance issues with their newer LCD monitor, together with the viewfinders.

5) Some other smaller things, but worth mentioning

New dedicated Power Switch instead of Button
I personally like how the power button has been discarded, and there was a power switch used. The switching mechanism, though mechanical, it felt more reassuring, than a pushable button. It also prevented from accidental clicking of the power button as you store the camera into the bag. 

Focus Peaking
After countless requests, there is now focus peaking in E-P5, and I foresee, all future Olympus micro 4/3 cameras. This added the usability of manual focusing, especially when using older lenses on the Olympus micro 4/3 body. I have friends who gave up the micro 4/3 system and ran over to Sony NEX just for the focus peaking feature. I am very happy to see Olympus finally have included the focus peaking function. 

Shutter Sound is very silent
I have not used the OM-D or the E-PL5 for a while now, but I’d say due to the new shutter mechanism, the shutter sound of E-P5 is very silent, almost as silent as the OM-D E-M5. It sounded very rounded, and “thudding” rather than the loud and clumsy “clanking” of the older PEN cameras such as E-P3 and E-PL3. 

Intervalometer built into the E-P5!
Good news for the time lapse shooter, there is now a built in intervalometer for the E-P5!! I have not done time lapse shooting before, so I shall not comment too much but I am sure many photographers will find this useful, being implemented natively into the camera. 

This PREMIUM PEN, Olympus E-P5 is a class on its own. It is designed to look charmingly sexy, and feel “expensive” in your hands.  At the same time it also incorporated some of the best features from the OM-D E-M5, and further improved in terms of shooting capabilities and flexibilities (improved 5-Axis IS,  high shutter speed 1/8000sec, 2x2 dual dials). Adding in much useful feature such as the responsive and user-friendly Wi-Fi function and focus peaking, it is not difficult to see that Olympus is doing their very best! 

I just cannot wait to get my hands on a review unit and start shooting away with the new Olympus PEN E-P5!

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Olympus Electronic Viewfinder VF-4 
Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 BLACK
Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 BLACK
Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 BLACK

You may also read my FULL user experience review blog entries of the Olympus 17mm F1.8, 45mm F1.8 and 75mm F1.8 in the Gear Review Page here (click). 


  1. Thanks Robin! Nice to see your take on this camera.
    I'm off to read up on some specs. I'm not going to buy it, because I'm still looking for that RF style with built-in EVF......but it is great to see so many wished-for features coming through. I've been agonising over the system lately, because Fuji and even Sony now offer what I've been asking for for so long. But, I'll hang in for a while longer, because I don't like to dump the size advantage of micro four thirds. Looking for more and even better from Olly over the next 12 months! For now, I'll add the 9-18mm to my collection when I pass through Singapore in a couple of months.
    Cheers, Tom

    1. Ohh Bugger! I went and read the Olympus Malaysia special offer.....now I'm a bit tempted!

    2. Thanks for the kind words Tom!! When are you dropping by KL again? Do let me know!

    3. OK! Robin, I think I'm in....it has the Movie Teleconverter function, and the application sounds better than the E-PL5:
      "The Teleconverter feature allows the user to select a part of a movie during movie recording by tapping it on the touchscreen panel and switch back and forth between the magnified movies and the wide movies without deterioration. Using it brings more fun to movie recording, allowing the user to capture the atmosphere at school plays, sporting events, and the like while zooming in for close ups of children's faces matched to a given scene."
      This I like, please test it for me! Effectively it allows me to use a prime lens as a zoom, with no aperture loss. So I can use my 45/1.8 as a 180/1.8 (equiv. 360mm/F1.8) for movies......very useful for school plays, night tennis etc! I have a legacy Vivitar 200/3.0.........1600mm equiv. at F3 for wildlife video, with 5-axis stabilisation? Yes please!

    4. Hey Tom,
      Noted, that shall be in the list of things to try out when I do get the camera for review!

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Ugo,
      It is a Premium camera!

    2. You must be kidding...this is a joke! its 1000$!!!!!!!!! body only!!!!!!!!!!! with no viewfinder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Of course it feels expensive in the hand, its actually expensive!!

      ISO 100? 1/8000 shutter? a 2 or heck even 3 stop high quality ND filter is like 100$

    3. I do admit the pricing is a bit high but then again it is targetted at the premium market. For budget/cost considerations I am sure their current still amazing EPL5 and EPM2 are there !

    4. In Asia market, a EPL-6 will be on sale in June. Will be closer to EP-5 if you find expensive:-)

  3. Looks like some exciting developments from Olympus, Robin. Living in Alaska where it's snowy more than half the year, I have noticed that ISO 100 and 1/8000 would be nice to have on my beloved E-M5. Interesting that it's priced to compete with the OM-Ds. I have always thought of the PENs as being less expensive than OM-Ds, but maybe that's not entirely true. Maybe I need to save up for an E-P5 for my wife! :D

    1. Hello snowy ghost owl,
      Interesting developments indeed! I agree having iso100 and 1/8000sec can open up a lot of flexibilities!
      The EP5 is targeted for premium market!

    2. Yes. I agree with snowyghost owl.

      The ISO 100 and 1/8000 are definitely great to have in the OM-D E-M5. I would expect them in the upcoming E-Mx! Price wise the EP5 looks expensive especially if you add-on the VF-4. I would prefer having a VF instead of relying solely on the LCD screen to save some battery life.

      I notice that the LCD screen isn't flipped 180 degrees in any of the photos?

      Looking forward to tomorrow's launch.

    3. I like a viewfinder too (the VF-4 sounds awesome), but I bet the E-P5 is a bit smaller than the EM-5, right? Would be nice with the Panasonic 20mm pancake for a very portable setup. Or even Olympus' 15mm/f8.0 cap lens, to get a bit extreme.

    4. Hey Edward,
      The LCD is a tilt screen that goes up and down, it does not flip 180 degrees. Great that you are going to the launch! You can see how much the LCD screen has improved.

      Hey Snowyghost owl,
      Yes, the E-P5 is a bit smaller indeed. I would recommend the Olympus 17mm F1.8 over the panasonic 20mm!

  4. Jerome LaPlume5/10/2013 04:12:00 PM

    I think this camera will be magnificent with the 17mm 1.8 and the Vf-1, a great contender to the Fuji X100s, if only this setup will be cheaper than Fuji's...

    1. In my honest opinion, what E-P5 can do is miles ahead of what was offered by the Fuji.

    2. How so? Other than interchangeable lens and a tiltable screen, I don't see any other major advantages. Plus its really comparing apples to oranges so to say it is miles ahead may be a bit of an exaggeration.

    3. The interchangeable lens part made it miles ahead. plus I have tested the x100s, check my short review. the image quality and the optics of the lens can't even measure up with what the Olympus offers.
      please leave a name when you do comment next time.

    4. Hey Robin,

      I'm glad you kind of answered which you prefer between the x100s and E-P5. I commented on your x100s post but actually just found this one. I was having trouble deciding between the two but now I think I'm leaning towards the E-P5 more.

  5. Looks like an amazing, albeit not cheap, camera. But as with all good things, they do cost money.
    With the OM-D you could almost go for a DSLR, but this is a really small camera that offers an amazing range of flexibility.

    If I was a professional photographer, I'd certainly get the E-P5 as a secondary camera.
    Professional features in such a small body with a still rather affordable prize? Even as main camera it doesn't need to hide itself.
    Way to go Olympus :)

    1. Agreed completely with you xtj7! Even as the main camera it does not need to hide itself!

  6. Golly Gee mate! There's a lot of features there - I know Olympus policy is to implement a new feature regardless of the class of the body whether entry level vs mid range vs premium. They don't say that only OM-D should have 1/8000, if the next new model is mid range E-P5, they put the feature in without waiting.

    There are so many things that this has now advanced over the E-PM2 / E-PL5 / OM-D generation (don't even need to compare against E-P3 generation). BUT. USD 999 body only. The price has climbed. Now, when will the E-PM3 come, with reduced price, same features......

    Or maybe more features like better AF Tracking and new sensor....

    Still, glad I went E-PM2..... Now when.....

    1. Indeed Olympus is not holding back when they include the latest features into their next line of camera, which is good!
      I do think E-PM2 is a great camera, though we do not have one in Malaysia yet.

    2. Not in Malaysia? Interesting marketing strategy. In the words of Yeow Chin Liang, "buy, buy, buy"

    3. I've seen EPM2 at camera house and JB HiFi in Perth!! Price was very good too!

  7. Aside from the price without EVF, one thing that I can't believe that you're hyping up is its wireless remote control via iOS. From what I've seen from DPreview among others, you're limited to iAuto and can only use the shutter and timer mode. I can't believe you're saying it's better than everything out there. I have the GH3. Have you tried its Wifi remote app? I can change almost every camera function wireslessly, from ISO to WB to aperture and shutter. And it has Live View as well.

    1. "but on this Olympus E-P5, the responsiveness of the Wi-Fi remote control function just blew everything I have seen before out of water."

      Key words: The Responsiveness

      I have seen how laggy/buggy/painfully slow this is on other cameras.

  8. it's not really ISO 100.

    1. I guess you prefer to use ND filers then. And please leave a name when you comment next time!

  9. Robin,

    Nice review. Too bad no EVF. It is a big minus for me.


  10. Well as usual, these won't make you a better photograph but just give you more confort. However, it means EP3 will be soon discounted and will be definitely a good deal. Same thing will occur with the Next OMD EM5. However I find the product expensive vs the OMD. the Body alone cost 50$ less than the body of the OMD EM5 which include 5 axis OIS and integrated EVF.
    Does it mean Olympus will price the next OMD EM6 at 1,200 or 1,500 $ USD?
    I love my EP3 and definitely have fun with, maybe I'll switch next year when new Olympus Micro 4/3 will come out. I still need to get the best out of my optics in the meantime. When I'll be limited I'll probably switch if the need arise or if I improve my skills :).
    Nice preview of the EP5 Robin, as always.

    1. You were spot on when you said skills are more important than gear. Gear should not bathe priority in making photos! That is correct mindset.
      Micro 4/3 is maturing very fast, I am excited to see what else this system can come up with!

    2. Son Nguyen & Robin,

      Excellent preview !
      I have OMD, E-PL5+VF3, and four primes (12, 20, 45 & 75).
      The image quality of E-P5 is the same as OMD and E-PL5. But the E-P5 has more convenience to use and,...and..
      we shall less miss the important moment because:
      1. E-P5 has ISO 100 + 1/8000 sec. so we do not need to place ND filter 3 stops in a very bright day if we want thin DOF.
      2. with double dial controls we can change the aperture, shutter and exposure compensation much faster than using the touching screen.

      Robin, is the smallest AF target (green box) of E-P5 smaller than OMD ?
      This was one of my reason to have E-PL5 as the 2nd body.

      Message from our Group President (GP). Introducing the new OLYMPUS PEN.
      http://www.olympuspen.com/ scroll down

      Q&A with Olympus President Haruo Ogawa: Quality, innovation key to staying ahead of mirrorless camera competition

      paul tirajoh

    3. correction :

      2. with double dial controls (as OMD) we can change the aperture, shutter and exposure compensation much faster than using the touching screen (as E-PL5).

      paul tirajoh

    4. Hey Paul,
      Yes the AF point can be sized down, to smaller green boxes, exactly the same as the E-PL5.

  11. Oly is a roll these days, that is for sure. And they offer some lenses in black too, for those who find that important. A very nice review/preview, Robin, and I can't wait to read your thoughts when you had some time with one of these gorgeous instruments. This model reminds me of the lovely Pen-F of ye olde days, with those excellent exchangeable primes. A while ago a shot some tri-x with one of my old pens, and man, those lenses were gorgeous. Oly knows how to make quality glass.

    Hmmm... I think I am very tempted to "buy one for the wife" (and then hog it myself all the time, of course). With a 17mm and a 45mm. Yum!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Andre!!
      Buying for wife is an excellent idea, and you do get to hog onto it all the time is an added bonus.

  12. Own an EM5 and almost wanted to buy an EP 5 because of the focus peaking. Just read the Dpreview article and discovered that the peaking is activated by pressing an assigned function(fn) button to turn it on/off. This is similar to the OMD's "peaking cheat" with Art filter 11 (II) assigned to fn1 through creating a custom myset. The iso 100 and 1/8000 1 stop up and down advantage for large aperture lenses can be resolved by getting a variable ND filter for your fast primes to shoot wide open in bright light. A third party intervelometer can overcome the max 99 frame limitation on the EP 5 time lapse function. A variable ND filter and a third party intervelometer are my cheap "upgrades" to keep up with with the EP 5. Keeping my EM5 for now.

    1. In all fairness, E-M5 is a great camera by itself! If I had one I would stay with it too.

  13. Robin, could you tell how much E-P5 grip is worse comparing to E-P3 with optional large grip (MCG-2), or where does it stand between stock E-P3 grip and MCG-2?

    1. I do not have both side by side and it has been a while since I used E-P3, so I cant say for sure. The E-P5's grip seemed to be alright. Do bear in mind I do not have access to the camera now!

  14. OOT i know, but this guy s just trying to decide if he should splash the cash and buy a polarizing to put on his trusty e-620 for which olympus has not issued an update yet.

  15. OOT i know, but this guy s just trying to decide if he should splash the cash and buy a polarizing to put on his trusty e-620 for which olympus has not issued an update yet.

  16. Is the on/off switch plastic or metal? And what is the "white" area on top of the switch?

  17. This looks like a great camera, but I don't think it makes much sense to call it miles ahead of the Fuji when the fuji's are pretty darn good on their own. Both are excellent cameras.
    What I am glad is Olympus got rid of the cross-button + wheel which I think hurts the ergonomics, so I see the EP5 as a step forwards for ergonomics in their line.

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  20. Actually i still confusing should i get fuji X-E1 or olympus EP5 ,someone told me fuji sensor is bigger then olympus . Anyway i'm still new in photography . I had try the fuji X-E1 and the OMD EM5 and i really like it ,i still waiting for the EP5.When can i get ep5 in malaysia except online pre-order .


  21. You mention that the screen is much improved over previous LCD screens but how does it work in sunlight?

    I have the E-M5 and it works very well in sunlight in my opinion but I sold the E-PL5 because it was basically useless in sunlight.

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  23. Hi, I'm planning to get my first camera and I'm looking among the mirrorless. I've narrowed down to Olympus EP5, EM5 and EPL6 and also Sony Alpha 7. Could you tell me what's the main difference EP5 and EPL6 and what causes the big drop in prices? And is it worth it to get Sony A7 at a much higher price for the full frame sensor? Personally which one would you suggest? Thanks! =)