Hello From Perth, Australia

I have arrived at Perth, Australia early morning yesterday, and amazing friends Chris and Char fetched us directly from the airport and we went for a quick breakfast at Mecca's. As simple and straightforward this breakfast was, it was probably the best breakfast I have had in years. And the coffee was really good too, a beautiful start for my brief Perth adventures.

To be entirely honest I have not had much time at all to do any shooting for myself. My main agenda for this short trip was to shoot a friend's wedding. Most of my time was spent on shooting on locations, and I will try to squeeze a bit of my own personal shots, if possible. I think I have come to love Perth enough, that there was not really that over-excitement to shoot it. This may sound a little surprising but I did not actually want to shoot on the streets, even if I have found some time. Why? Because I would rather spend my time catching up with old friends (from my Uni days), reliving some memories, and eating some of the food which I have come to love and miss a lot. Therefore, enjoying the moment was definitely more important than spending too much time and effort shooting.

Here are some shots, which appear to be rather personal, and nothing special to most people. Please excuse the inconsistent color rendering (white balance may be off) and exposure balance, I am currently blogging and processing my photographs on an al-cheapo China branded Android based Tablet. I loaded the images from the camera to the tablet, run Snapseed to process the images, used Google+ to upload the images to Picasa albums and finally, the Picasa Online albums were linked to Blogger directly. Not the easiest way to blog but I guess I cannot forgive myself for leaving this place unattended for such a long time.

ANything with REAL Bacon and Egg is awesome. And oh, even that coffee beats anything (even Starbucks in KL) in Malaysia.

Sunset in Fremantle Beach

Perth City Skyline from Mill Point Road

Sometimes, 50mm equivalent focal length works better. I used the Olympus 25mm Pancake lens for this shot. 

One of my favourite hang-out place during the days, Little Creatures

Little Creatures was famous for their fresh beer, from the tap, literraly. 

My favourite, Pale Ale

I am not sure if I will have that many photographs to bring home with me, but one thing is for sure, I will have a heck of a wonderful time here in Perth !! If you find me being too silent here, most likely I am somewhere out there sipping away coffee with awesome Perth people.


  1. Have a great and relaxing good time, preferably with friends! There's nothing like it, and nothing more important in life than enjoying life together with those dear to you.

    The pictures look great to me, so don't worry about the colors. And the food looks yummy (albeit a little carby) to me.

    Relax, enjoy, and LIVE!

    1. Hello Andre,
      Thanks for the tips and advice, yes I wil spend more time enjoying Perth, and photography comes after that. This is not a photography trip after all, though I would like to return some day just to purely photography this place because Perth is that awesome.
      The food here is amazing !

  2. Good to see you're not starving in the land down under, Robin. Don't only watch the skyline, watch the beltline! Too much ( good ) bad food will slow you down and you won't be as quick on the draw with the Olympus. Maybe you should become a full time food photographer, that way you get the best of both worlds. Also, watch those Aussie beers. Back in the USA we call them "fire water." You'd better have a cast iron stomach.

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      Do leave a name when you comment next time, so I can trace your history and remember you.
      No worries, this will just be temporary, since I will be here for about less than a week. I shall catch up with all the food that I have missed all these years. I shall worry about the waistline when I get back to KL.
      On another hand, the food here is a lot healthier (less oil, sugar and salt used) than what we have in Malaysia. You have no idea how bad Malaysian food is for health !

    2. Sorry Robin, but I'm not very computer savvy. In the reply profile I will try Name/URL and see what happens.

  3. Hey Robin,
    Glad to hear the good news from you and also those awesome images of Perth. One day I will visit this place for sure. I really like your Sunset image. It's composition is great and nicely frame..wow out in the sea. That ship must be waiting for you which gives the deep of view for my eyes. Those golden colors, vibrant and fury. The mood, it's peace and serene...in malay we say..."sayu rasanya". But this does not mean that your other shots are not good, they are great and I just love this one more.
    Enjoy your vacation cum wedding photography. Shoot for the fun of shooting and I am looking for those images.
    I will be flying off to Surabaya on Saturday morning. So need to sleep early tonight.
    May you have a great weekend.
    John Ragai - Shoot with Passion

    1. Hello John,
      Thanks for the kind words, and may you have a great fun trip filled with amazing photos to Surabaya !
      I love that sunset shot too !!

  4. Happy Holiday Robin. have A Great Time. Cheers... -nafim ^_^

  5. Arrrggghh! I'm so jealous!

    I love Little Creatures Pale Ale. I went to the very same place when I was in Freemantle last November. Coincidentally, it was Western Australia Beer Week, and all of the micro-breweries had set up stalls in Freemantle and were giving away free beer. It was fantastic.

    NZ and Australia do have great coffee. We are very passionate about our coffee. Of course, the classic NZ/Aussie coffee is the flat white. Kiwis and Aussies consider Starbucks coffee to be fairly low quality.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay there.


    1. Hello Newzild,
      Yes, I agree with you, Starbucks coffee is indeed of very low quality !! Only those who have experience Australian coffee can understand this.
      And I am glad to find that you love Little Creatures Pale Ale too !! One of the things I miss from Perth. Glad to have tasted it fresh from the tap again, after all these years !!!

  6. its nice to see ur old friend..chat time was d best to share all memories from prev day during ur study life..like d night scene from ur pic robin..i like d way u play with d light..u really2 poison me robin..hahahahaha..anyway enjoy ur trip..
    *hadi nik

    1. Hey Hadi Nik,
      Thanks !! I really enjoyed this trip, spent more time with friends. Not shooting much, but that was all good !!



  8. Looks like you are enjoying yourself Robin! Its been a while since I have been to little creatures in WA. I am hopefully heading back to WA next year (if all goes according to plan). Look forward to seeing more of your "Australia" pics.


    1. Hey Shaun,
      Thanks !! You should be shooting Perth !!

    2. ...perhaps next year. Most of the time it is cheaper to fly to Malaysia then it is to fly to Perth from Brisbane :-)

    3. Then come to KL !! And hopefully you are not worn down by all the travel fatigue this time!

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