Athena Carey Photowalk, Malaysia on 24/3/2013

One of the things that I told myself to do this year, besides exploring other genres of photography, is to get myself out there more often, participate in open photography events and surround myself with great photographers. Therefore, when my friends Ronnie and Sanjit told me about an event coming up involving an International Photography Awards 2012 winner, Athena Carey who will come to Kuala Lumpur, all the way from Switzerland, I immediately jumped into the bandwagon and said yes !!

The following are excerpts taken from Sanjit's website, with details of the Photowalk:

Join Athena Carey (2012 IPA winner) and Sanjitpaal Singh (2012 IPA winner) for a photowalk as they discover the wonders of Malaysia’s Natural Heritage – strutting on their cameras and doing what they do best. This time around, they’re inviting you to experience photography with them. Furthermore, they will be giving away a couple of goodies.

Date: 24/3/2013
Time: 3.00-6.00pm
Venue: Batu Dam, Ulu Yam (Latitude: 3°16’28.01″N, Longitude: 101°41’28.00″E)
Fees: FREE (yes you read that right, FREE)

For registration and details, please go to the official event FB Page here:

Your inspiration here:

Supported by:
XUME Quick Release Adapters 
RDT Prints
Fujifilm Malaysia 

A professional, award winning photographer travels from halfway across the globe to be here with us, what is your excuse of not coming? 

Also on a separate note, since this event was co-sponsored by Fujifilm Malaysia, I heard I will be loaned "something" to play with. Now things surely are getting interesting. If everything is going right, I might just be using a Fujifilm camera instead of my own gear, and as usual after the event, you will see a sort of photo-blog format of a report here. 

I hope to see some of you beautiful people there !!


  1. Now this is getting exciting! New perspective here...

  2. Good morning, Robin.

    I have registered. Is there any joining fee for this event by the way? :)

    1. Ooops... I just read "Free" on your page. My bad. It wasn't mentioned on other pages. ;)

    2. great !! I will see you there Edward !

  3. Wow... you REALLY make me miss Malaysia! I'd just love to come by, but can't :-(
    I am very, very curious about the Fuji gear (if that is what it is you'll get to use) and what you have to say about it. Pictures say more than a thousand words, they say, and Fuji really has done it's homework lately. I can't wait!

    Oh, and Athena looks not only very nice, but her work too... have fun!

    1. Thanks Andre,
      I will do my best to cover the event !! Yes, Fuji gear... here I come !

  4. thanks for share....