The Morning Walk

Woke up early in the morning, took an early train down to the city center as the sun rose. As I arrived, I walked along the streets already full of people with various activities. Did I have anything specific in mind? Not really, all I wanted to do was click the shutter button, there was that itch you know. With the Sony A350 and the 50mm mounted in hand, I strolled along the familiar streets. I found birds, cats and friendly people. I snapped them all. I then came across a lion dance, and I also took a few photographs. As the morning started to give way to afternoon, I found a nice coffee shop, sat myself down and ordered a nice glass of iced tea. I had a bowl of noodles to kill my hunger from all that walk. 

So what have I done in the morning? I met a few strangers, talked to them, witnessed an enjoyable lion dance performance, saw some really cute cats and actually stopped to play with them for a bit (the cats on the streets are surprisingly friendly) and finally had something to eat. Somehow, photography was not even the priority, but the camera kept clicking of course, and this is what I call, shutter therapy. It is not just taking photographs, you have to be out there enjoying yourself, immersing yourself into your surroundings and blend in. Take part. And connect !!

All images were taken with Sony A350 and DT 50mm F1.8 lens

Feeding time

Playful Eyes

Passing By

Putting a finger into a Lion's mouth

Helping Hands

Portrait of a Stranger



It feels so good to be back in KL, and attacking the streets again. Oh that itch has not gone away. Gonna go out and shoot more soon. 


  1. Great shots as usual...

    Remind me of Malaysia and way of life.

    Beautifully captured.

    Where is teh tarik?

    TH - Sydney

    1. Hey TH,
      Not a fan of teh tarik !! But I do love teh o ais !

  2. Robin, beautiful and evocative images, as always. Your pictures and captions tell stories; isolating the subject brings us in and the image does its work. Is there a name for the post-processing tone you are using? Is it "antique" or "sepia" or a preset inside the Olympus software? It really works to deliver a feeling of being at home among friends. - Peace, Heng Sure

    1. Thanks for the kind words Reverend.
      As for the post-processing, please go to my previous blog entry here:

  3. Robin, no matter which equipment you have, your shots are always top notch. This really shows your abilities as a photographer. It is composition, mood, and light which matters. Brilliant work!

    Best wishes,


    1. Hey Jonne,
      Thanks for the kind words !! I agree that composition and light are very important !

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful. I like where you're going with your B/W processing.

  5. Robin, it's great to have you back out on the streets of KL. This set of photos seems to have some of the calmness that your photos from your home town also had. (Maybe you brought that calmness back with you?) I really like your "Helping Hands" "Playful Eyes" photos!

  6. You do these so well Robin. This visit, stayed close to Mum because she was wanting a lot of attention and managed some good moments and of course Chinese New Year, friends are busy balik kampung. Very much appreciate you and Ronnie coming by for chat and Teh Tarik.

    I would like to shoot some of these myself, but after years of watching your shots, I know a big joy is that you can produce these shots so well and I really enjoy your shots. This set is one of your best for a long time.