The Alternative Blogging Workflow

I have just arrived in my hometown, Kuching this morning, and I brought very little with me this time. For photography gear I only have the Olympus PEN E-PL1 and CCTV lens 25mm F1.2, and instead of lugging the old, dying laptop, I brought along the mere China brand al-cheapo Android based tablet that any Ipad users think of it as nothing better than a paperweight. I have also stated that my blogging activities will slow down significantly for the coming one or two weeks, as I intend to spend most of my time with family. If you know me well, my fingers do get itchy and when they do, photographs happen. I found an interesting way to blog through that Android tablet.

My workflow that I shall use for my holidays in Kuching:
1) Photographs were taken with the Olympus PEN E-PL1 and CCTV lens 25mm F1.2, all in JPEG for simplicity sake.
2) Photographs were transferred to the Android Tablet via camera's original USB cable, adapted to the mini-USB port by a converter. 
3) Snapseed and PhotoEditor were used to process the JPEG files if necessary, and subsequently resized for blog use. 
4) Blogger App was used to compose the blog writing as well as uploading the selected images

Small things that make life easier:
1) That physical keyboard helps a great deal in long typing!
2) For Internet connection, I used my HTC phone as a "Wi-Fi Hotspot", thus the tablet connects to the Internet via my phone.
3) The free mini speakers  that came along were actually not bad !!
4) Everything is so small and light !!

Some problems/foreseen issues:
1) The display of my cheap Android tablet is only 9 inch, hence limiting flexibility and speed. I will surely miss the comfort and ease of my usual workstation
2) The display of the tablet is not consistent with my PC monitor or laptop. I cannot verify the final image output, hence the color accuracy, exposure balance may be inconsistent, and "OFF" from my usual style and presentation.

My humble blogging machine for now

Pekchekkia, or more familiarly known to me as Kim Hang. He is an old friend I bumped into at the airport, and coincidentally we were on the same flight home to Kuching.

I know it will be a pain when I blog with such minimalist's setup, but I strongly believe this could work out well enough for my needs during this holiday season. Of course I cannot guarantee my usual full length blog entry with episodic series of street photographs. My blog updates for now shall be more personal in nature, and you will find out soon enough.


  1. Good morning, Robin. Welcome back to our homeland, Sarawak. Agnes and I have been back since 5th Feb'13 drive from Sibu-Mukah-Dalat-Sg Kut which took us around 3 hours drive. Agnes is a very good driver. Today is my first day on the internet and your blog is my first to view since I am home which shows how important is you and your blog.
    You have a great good setup as the main component of that setup is YOU. I believe you will have a great time with your family. Looking forward for your coming blog post.
    Wish you and your family, "Happy Chinese New Year."
    John Ragai.
    Ps: Today at 3pm we drive back to Sarikei.

    1. Hello John,
      Thanks for the constant visit and support!! You and Agnes must be very tired after the long travel, do get plenty of rest. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too, and shoot more photos!

  2. Robin, any setup to produce is better than nothing at all. :) But care to explain why 25mm CCTV lens and not the 14-42 kit lens? I'll be bringing a few lens with me home.
    Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai ... may the year of the serpent brings some swift cunningness to our lives. whatever that means :)

    I believe many of us will be heading back to our kampung these few days (Georgetown for me).... enjoy your time of reunion and rejuvenation at home.

    1. Hey Calex,
      Thanks for the well wishes, really appreciate i! Gong Xi fa Cai to you and your family too, have a prosperous and blessed New Year.
      I brought back the 25mm CCTV mainly because of its bright aperture, thats all. I did not intend to shoot anything extensivel, just having the camera ready just in case I see something I must capture!

  3. Hello Robin
    Happy NEW YEAR.
    Don´t get too much Maotai (Bai Jui)as I had to drink last in Nanjing. Still suffering :-)

    1. Thanks Wolfgang! And Happy New Year to you too!

  4. Hello Robin,

    started to follow your blog months ago, and find so beautyful your pics, and mostly your style.
    I'm also interested in a light-weight gear for round-around-photography, or for most serious reportage, so I found very interesting the solution with that small tablet; it's something I'm seriously thinking about, but lot of doubts about the true usability of the solution, because of the low-power of those econimc tablets, for the high-cost of the last powerfull ones, and mostly for the lack of serious apps for tablets.
    In part you answered my questions, already, talking of the poor consistency of the display, but I would know more about the other specs of the tablet you are using, just to understand if a low-cost tablet could be ok, which is the limit of the minimum specs (processor, memory, etc.), ir if is worth to save some money and buy a quad core+IPS HD display in future.
    Compliments for the great job.
    Thanks for blogging

    Mauro, from Italy

  5. Hello Mauro,
    Thanks for the kind words and support!! Really appreciate it.
    About blogging with the android tablet, do bear in mind whn I purchased it I did not have blogging as a main purpose in mind. Therefore if you are going to use it a lot of photography or reportage based activiries as priorities, having a decently powerful laptop would have been much a better option. no doubt, using the tablet is fun and surely light and small to carry around, but having a laptop will surelly ensure better efficiency.
    I am running on single core 1.5Ghz processor, 1Gb RAM, 9 inch non-HD display, and my tablet does not have native 3G support. I am not expecting it to perform wonders but for my light usage during myy holiday, it is sufficient.

    1. First, thanks for answer.
      I made my last reportage taking with me my ACER 4810 (1,8kg), and really was havy taking it with me all day long.
      Naturally was perfect for the "evening" job of downloading the card, storing, organizing pics, and make a serious postproduction on pics; but I had the needing to go around and stop each 2 hours to send some pict for a quick post on the official FB page, and for this purpose the NB was really bad: heavy, slow to switch on and off, taking too much space in the bag. A tablet, from this side, would really be better. Even thinking an Utrabook option, a good tablet would be a snappier solution. I'll be thinking a little more about it.


      Very nice the couple EPL1+CCTV 25mm

      Mauro from Italy

    2. ! agree, for use integrated with social media, the tablet would have been better!! With cameras these days having wireless transfer solutions,things could be much easier.

      I am still very new to my tablet blogging workflow, after all I have only made this one blog post. I do think it needs some getting used to, and only hrough a few more rounds of practice I can optimize its usage!

  6. Not a bad setup, Robin, it works great judging by the picture. I think your tablet is actually a (Impex) Avatar, I have a identical one also with the case with integrated keyboard. Works quite nicely. Interesting lens choice for your Oly, too. Enjoy your trip!

  7. Not a bad setup, Robin, it works great judging by the picture. I think your tablet is actually a (Impex) Avatar, I have a identical one also with the case with integrated keyboard. Works quite nicely. Interesting lens choice for your Oly, too. Enjoy your trip!

    1. hey Andre,
      I am not quite sure what the table is but it is working well !! Of course it is miles behind Ipad or the likes but its also way cheaper and at that price point i can hardly complain.