Some Mobile Phone Stuff

I should be shooting more with my mobile phone, the HTC One V. It does not have the best camera in its class, but it is still a camera, and it does its job when it counts. Here are some random shots I have taken earlier today, when I was strolling around KLCC and KL Pavilion area. 

All images were taken with HTC One V's camera.

This shot was taken during my outing with friends last Thaipusam (Sunday). I was supposed to include this in my Thaipusam post but I forgot. As I ran through my phone storage I found this, I thought it was quite interesting seeing how everyone has different choice when it comes to gear. 

Prosperous Lanterns


My failed attempt to create shallow DOF. Oh well... at least I tried, right?




City Kid


Concrete Jungle


Blue sky

Shutter lag caused me to miss the head of the passing car. 


There are just so many things wrong about the phone's camera, but I shall highlight just one for this session. I did not particularly like the fact that I am stuck at the wide angle focal length (28mm). I admit it is important to shoot wide angle, but being fixed at that for all shots is somewhat limiting, and inconvenient for me. Everything is just so far away !

Mobile phone photography is getting popular, you can find books and websites dedicated just for mobile phone photography. 

So hey, I should not be missing out the fun too !!


  1. Hi Robin,

    great shots which clearly show the photographer makes the images and the camera is just the tool. You know how to use even a technically limited tool.

  2. Donald W Leitzel2/01/2013 11:06:00 PM

    Hi Robin!

    You did it again. Sometimes we get to hung up on the gear. It's obvious that a talented photographer can get stunning images out of the simplest gear.

    Keep up your excellent blog, yours is one I check everyday.


  3. Well the focal length limitations don't seem to have affected your creativity. Nice images. Except for a few small issues, the majority of people would not know these were taken with a phone.

    For me sometimes wide is the order of the day, all depends on the mood. I tend to like a 24mm view myself.

    1. hello Libby thanks for the kind remarks!! I do think these days the phone cameras have improved a long way. oh and 24mm is an entirely different animal!! I love wide angle, but I do not like the idea of being stuck at it.

    2. Robin I'll come out there and we'll find a film Widelux and go out shooting LOL! Wow, it would be fun to actually make that happen. Ok, getting back to reality now ;-)

  4. One of the most significant hallmarks of a great artist is that he or she is able to create striking images with any tool. And once again you show here some very strong, striking images that are just brilliant. You are using the wide angle FOV of the lens well - the "fire" shot is a good sample. Up close and in-your-face; it makes the shot. The "pavement" shot is terrific. The "city kid" shot reminds me of HCB, no less.

    You really got "the eye", my friend. There's no denying it. Excellent work. And the IQ of the camera is actually amazing to me as well.

    1. Hey Andre,
      thanks for the kind words! I do not think I deserve them, and definitely nothing looked like HCB at all! the camera images look fine being sized down. viewed at 100%, I'd say my compact cameea from 5 years ago did better!

  5. Nicely composed shots, I like that City Kid very much.

    Talking about camera-phone photography, what is your opinion on the rise of "Instagram" culture in photography? Myself occasionally did apply that instant filters on some photos in my camera-phone, and is quite a fun to play with that and share in social networks and is still gaining popularity. There are some photographers literally criticizing this culture.

    Teoh YC.

  6. Dunno wat to say...watever camera that u hold n use..d pic still awesome..congrat bro..salute to u..
    *hadi nik*

  7. Robin, that cherry blossom camera strip looks familar!
    Have a nice day, Ronnie