I'm Back !!

I have just landed in Kuala Lumpur LCC Terminal about a few hours ago on an evening flight out from Kuching, my hometown. Finally, my beautiful, peaceful, lazy, blissful holidays have come to an end, and time to gear up and come to face reality. That also means, I am finally back to my main workstation with proper PC and a reliable LCD monitor to work with, and boy, how I survived over a week with merely that horrible Android tablet and just PEN... was beyond me. Priority: travel light, worry about everything else later. 

It has been a blast, catching up with family, relatives and friends. I think I ate more food than I should, but to be fair those were really great food. Throughout my time in Kuching, I did bring my PEN and the CCTV lens everywhere I went to. Whenever something caught my attention, I did snap a photo or two. Whenever that CCTV lens was not wide enough (at 25mm) I would whip out my HTC phone, and it covered all my wide angle needs. Under good lighting condition, which was usually the harsh, tropical Malaysian sun, the phone did rather acceptably well. 

All images were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and CCTV lens 25mm F1.2, or the HTC One V's camera.


School kids taking boats to cross the river to their village homes.

Kuching city, by the river. It was quite a common sight for us local folks, and I reailzed how beautiful my hometown is when I return with different eyes. 

That ugly building.... such an eyesore.


Colors and lines

Burning offerings before the Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Harsh sun

Sunset at Damai Sentral with no sun.

I started shooting when I landed at the Airport. Hand was itchy. 

Portrait of a child

Open Air Market. Old observatory tower built on it. 

Sarawak's Pride: Kolo Mee

A glass of white by the seaside with amazing friends to spend an evening with

Iced Cafe Latte (it did not quite look like it) 

Dining in a Chinese Restaurant to celebrate my Uncle's 71st Birthday. 

My Cousin's Son, Brandon and his Lightning McQueen(s).

Honestly, I surprised myself by the amount of photographs that I actually took. Some of them were unique to my hometown, some very personal (snippets of my family and relatives) and some are my usual shooting stuff on the street. I unexpectedly used the HTC phone more than I thought I would, and that meant I should have at least brought home the 14-42mm kit lens for my PEN, but then again the thought of changing lens was not something I wanted to entertain when I was home enjoying myself.

I miss my hometown already, though I was still there this morning.


  1. Welcome back Robin, we missed you too much! I love the pink napkins shot here - makes me want to go to the place. Happy color and lights ;-) And I could go for that iced latte right now even though t's freezing cold here.

    1. Hey Libby,
      I am certainly back !! That latte did not quite taste right though !!

  2. The "eyesore building" looks just fine to me. As well as the rest of your photos. Makes me want to visit Kuching. I love lazy little towns. Love the name as well, Kuching.

    - Anna from Manila

    1. Hello Anna,
      You should come visit Kuching !

  3. The second photo of children and boat and the unique building in background is a beautiful photo (great composition) in black and white. Well done and welcome back.

    1. Hey Adrian
      Thanks for the kind compliments and it is great to be back!!

  4. Welcome back to "miserable" Penisular
    The kolok mee makes me hungry now T3T

  5. U back robin..really miss ur blog n sharing story..its a nice hometown that u show to us..now i raelly miss my hometown too..but i need to arrange with my son schedule coz his school leave so limited..its remind me how peaceful my mind when i reached to my hometown..with wind blow a whole one day at paddy field n lepaking time with a jug of coffee also at paddy field..its a time for release my worse tension when i back to my hometown..just waiting a good time to take a leave..mmmmmmm..
    *hadi nik*

  6. Welcome back, Robin.
    It's been years since the last time, I set my feet in Kuching. Your blog post will surely rekindle my good memories of Kuching which include 'the night I become the Sarawak Champ and the day I am in my babysuit to get my extra weight down for the weight-in.' Seeing those images again, I think I need to visit Kuching again.
    Thank you for sharing those well captured images.
    Gong Xi fa Chai and eat some more and Happy shooting.
    (In Sarikei, we were having meal, 6 times from morning to midnight. I really need some exercise now. Their favourie word, "Makan lor!")
    John Ragai

  7. Welcome back! And thank you for sharing some lovely pictures already! The school kids getting into the boat is nothing short of superb.

  8. Hi Robin! I love your shooting with Olympus very much!! =)
    Hope you come again...Kuching! :D

  9. After reading through this entry I researched a CCTV lens for my camera on eBay and bought the 25mm f1.4 with a mount and macro converter. Shocked with the results and how well some of them came out.

    I'm sure I commented on your blog before but I think I must have dreamt it!

    Any other budget lenses that you can recommend as I have a GF3 (I know it's not the best but it is a good camera to share with someone less technical) and I'm always looking for some different effects.