The Tower


It was during one of my macro shooting sessions recently, when I just walked out of the Butterfly Park and making my way to the Masjid Jamek LRT station, I encountered the view of KL Tower from afar. I only had my macro lens with my E-5 for the day, because my sole purpose was to shoot macro, and nothing else. I needed to move around as light as possible, hence I did not bother packing other lenses. Then I realized there is another camera with a wide angle lens that was with me all the time, on my mobile phone of course. 


  1. Ah, that explains some of the JPG (sharpening?) artifacts I see in the tree branches. Still, not a bad shot at all, certainly for a cellphone. No RAW adjusting there!

    I like this shot. In fact, it reminds me somehow of making "smelly soup" (chemical solutions) and using long-expired Ilford semi-matte coated paper. I still smell the stuff (not to mention the stains!). The contrast is about the same, the blacks were not quite black. Now, that's many, many moons ago, mind you... geez, I'm getting really old.

  2. Thanks Andre.
    The images from the phone come out full of sharpening artifacts. If you view at 100% size it is just horrendous. I will never again trust any camera phones, ever.

    1. Haha, you're spoiled by the lovely Oly sensors. These phonethings are getting better (or so I hear, I have a Jurassic phone) but of course it cannot compete with larger sensors and better optics. Still, I like the shot.

  3. Good morning, Robin.
    Great perspective. Love the framing and the positioning of the main object.
    John Ragai