Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beautiful Visitors and Some Prints

Last Sunday I had the privilege to make two new friends, one blog reader from local Malaysia, and one visitor from the USA. Originally we were supposed to be shooting on the streets of Pudu that includes the large open air wet market where I have used for almost all my gear review purposes. Unfortunately, the sky rained like it never rained before for the whole morning, so we decided to just sit down and have some drinks instead. 

We also stopped by the camera store at Pudu Plaza, YL Camera and I chanced upon some sample shots taken with the latest Olympus cameras, PEN E-PL5 and Stylus XZ-2. Suddenly, I felt like the urge to explore those sample prints and as I flipped through the calendar styled flipcard, I found my own photographs, there in prints !! I remembered Olympus Malaysia did request a few photographs from my reviews to be used for advertising a while ago. It was such a pleasant surprise to see my own name under the photographs. I know this is not much, but simple things like this can make a very happy Robin, and I think the smile lasted on my face for the rest of the day. 

I have met Tai Foong before when I was shooting with Shaun at Petaling Street, and it was nice meeting up another fellow street photographer, someone who is also familiar with what I have been doing all this time. I took a photograph of him back then, and he politely requested me not to post that photo on my blog. It was about a week ago Tai Foong emailed me and asked if he could join me for my shutter therapy session. Of course !! Everyone is welcome !!

About the same time, Tony from the USA also emailed me, and asked if we could meet up and perhaps have a shutter therapy session together. I thought the timing was great, because I could form a small group of people for this session. Tony has been using the Olympus OM-D and discovered the joy of using smaller and lighter camera system, yet producing amazing photographs. I envy Tony and his wife, they are spending 18 months travelling all over the world !! I just cannot imagine all kinds of photographs that he is going to have the opportunity to shoot. Suddenly I felt like leaving my world behind and travel too without worrying much about anything else, but reality is never that kind. 

I had to leave by noon, because I had a lunch appointment at 2pm. The rain stopped just when I was about to leave. Tai Foong and Tony went on with their shooting. I felt very bad for not being able to shoot with them, but hey, surely there will be future chances. I have a strong feeling this is not the last time Tony is visiting Malaysia. And I know I will be seeing Tai Foong really soon. 

Tai Foong.
Not sure why I tilted the portrait like that, it must have been the after-effects of shooting the protest rally 112 a day earlier. 


I did think that having this blog, spending all that crazy amount of time updating and maintaining it, all these become worthwhile when I get to meet people like Tony and Tai Foong. It was as if what I was doing was important and did matter for some people, and all my effort did count for something. 

To Tony, thanks for looking me up when you were here in KL, I hope you enjoyed the dim sum we had, and surely it would be nice to catch up again if you do stop by KL anytime. Tai Foong, lets shoot some streets soon !


  1. Its wonderful how photography connects people around the world!

    1. Hey Johan,
      I know !! But I'd say it was possible through Internet ! Ahh modern technologies

  2. Ah, dim sum, my favorite! The original is unique, and "sarap"! Good idea. Just like Johan said: photography is a great ambassador for connecting people around the world. Enjoying the beauty of something -such as the art and the craft of photography- unifies and befriends people. So, you see, Robin, you are doing great work on so many levels!

    1. Dim sum is the perfect breakfast !
      Thanks for the kind words Andre. Meeting people is one of the blessings and great things that I truly enjoy !

  3. Hey Robin! I was so glad to meet you and the guys, I had a great time shooting with Tai Foong, such a nice person! I've posted the photos from that day on my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/20yearshence) as our blog is about two months behind. The photos will end up there eventually, but for now it has to be facebook. We will definitely be back to Malaysia again, and when we are back from Borneo we will look you up! And the dim sum!! It was so good, I have already promised to bring my wife there when we stop back through KL! Thanks for everything!

    1. Hey Tony,
      Glad that you enjoyed Pudu, I am sure Tai Foong did too. Am still looking through the photos through the facebook page and so far I love what I am seeing there !!
      Yes we must catch up again if there is another chance. I am sure you will enjoy borneo too !

    2. Hi Tony,

      Good to meet you and thanks for the company at Pudu market. I think I have two shots of you at Pudu Market which I will post on FB within the next couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy your Borneo trip and let's catch up again when you're back in KL.

  4. Hi Robin,

    First and foremost, many thanks for inviting me to your shutter therapy session. It was good seeing you again and meeting (for the first time) your regular shooting mate, Kelvin and not to mention Tony. I had a swell time despite not having the opportunity to shoot together at Pudu market due to the early morning washout. But it was fun having breakfast and talking about the common interest which we all share i.e photography. As for the session at Pudu market, I really enjoyed myself even though it was only for an hour and I'm sure Tony had a fun time too.

    Once again, thanks for the company and I look forward to our next outing (hopefully this weekend!).

    Have a great week ahead.

    1. Likewise Tai Foong. I sure would love to shoot this weekend, but no promises yet, I do have some stuff lined up. If I am shooting, will surely inform you. Cheers !!

  5. Hello Robin,

    Congratulation for your nice pictures published by Olympus. It just proved how talented you are from a more corporate point of view. Sure an in-house photographer career should be a real option for you as I had the opportunity to do so some 24 years ago ( I was an economist at that point of my life) and I have never regret the turn of my professional life.

    Photography give us full of occasions to meet people and share the passion of curiosity, expression and beauty of life. You never know. Even myself I may visit your beautiful country in the next few years since a friend of mine will start working in KL next year for a three years contract. A shutter therapy with Robin, that would be very special...

    Thanks again for sharing your thought and your pictures,

    Daniel M

    1. Daniel,
      Thanks for the kind words !! It was indeed an honor having my photographs used.
      If you do ever stop by KL, please let me know !! We must have a shutter therapy session together.