Amber Chia

Malaysian supermodel, Amber Chia on stage fashion show. 

Olympus DSLR E-520 and Zuiko Digital 40-150mm F3.5-4.5, with use of external flash FL-36R. 


  1. Excellent pictures, Robin. The technical quality of these pictures is absolutely superb, the 2nd shot with the arch in the background being my favorite.

    I'll be brutally honest with you, and Amber will probably slap me if she ever meets me - but I liked the recent pictures you made of Carol better. In my eyes, she's more natural and in certain ways prettier and more elegant. But that is of course my very subjective personal opinion.

    But this is exquisite work!

  2. I like Carol better too! Haha, Much prettier.

  3. You guys are so cruel !! I had 2 hours with Carol, and I could direct her to pose, smile and give the kind of expression I wanted. And I took the time to compose and fiddle with camera settings.
    Amber Chia was on a fashion show, and I had no control of where she walks, and how she posed. The lighting was bad, and she only appeared on stage like for a few seconds !!! She walked very, very fast (like all professional models do).

  4. Hello Robin,
    This lady maybe a so called supermodel,
    but i personally think that the most men will
    find these supermodels only superskinny almost anorectic.
    If you just look on the streets there are much more woman
    that will appeal to the average normal guy.
    I hope that you invited here after the session to go
    to mcdonalds, she sure lookes like she needs just that.
    Keep on making beautiful foto's on the streets,
    you'll find true beauty there all around you.
    And leave the supermodels to the supersnobs or supernerds.
    Best wishes from Jack aus Holland!!!

  5. Just goes to show, even a SuperModel in the wrong outfit can still look terrible. The really bad hairstyle helps too.

  6. Come on guys, don't be so unforgiving !! It was not an everyday thing Amber Chia comes up on stage in the public for free you know !! For what its worth, I admire Amber Chia a lot, not for her beauty of status of a supermodel, but for her personality, her ambition and accomplishments, surely the contribution to the society in general. She is one role model that many Malaysians look up to.
    Let's put it this way, a prime minister of a country may not look beautiful at all, but having an opportunity to photograph him/her is something surely meaningful. Same goes to Amber Chia !

  7. Thanks for getting rid of those spiders...

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