Alvin & Jacklyn: Wedding Day

I was privileged to be the wedding photographer for a great friend, Alvin. It was a joyous occasion ! I was using both Olympus and Sony together for this shoot, Olympus E-5 with 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 for my wide angle needs, and Sony A350 with 50mm F1.8 for close up shots. I did use flash for indoor shooting, the FL-50R on Olympus and a third party with TTL compatibility for the Sony. Both cameras worked well together, and they delivered the results that I required. Surely this combination saved me a lot of trouble of changing lenses. 

Thanks Alvin & Jacklyn for having me as your photographer. Wishing you both the best in everything, and abundant blessings always !!


  1. Hello Robin.
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful and meaningful images. May the couple, Alvin adn Jacklyn have a great days ahead filled with joy, peace and lots of love.
    My recent wedding photos abit slow to come out in my blog but the main photos being delivered to the couple. Hope the soup not too cold yet.
    I believe you still have wedding events in the queue. Looking forward for see more of those great shots from you. My next wedding will be in Feb'2013. Now I just concentrated on the Church's event until year end.
    I will be on a holiday start next week until 27th and I believe you are also on holiday.
    Wish you, Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas. And not to forget, Happy shooting.
    John Ari Ragai

    1. Hey John,
      Thanks for the kind words. I am sure Alvin and Jacklyn will appreciate them.
      Glad to hear that you are putting up more shots on your site. Shooting for your church is a noble and generous thing for you to do.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! Have a great and blessed one.

  2. Hi Robin,

    I've been reading your site for quite some time (ever since my sleepless nights reading about the OMD) but have never commented. I'm doing so now just to give you a break from these anonymous acne ads in your comments! Have not been able to access your site lately as blogspot is blocked here in China, but just wanted to say that I appreciate your levelheaded approach to photography (particularly when it comes to gear) and have always enjoyed your enthusiasm and passion in your posts. Congratulations on the success of your blog and I look forward to reading more in the future!

    PS. My favorite posts of yours so far recently were the very early AM Sony group photowalk to the factories and the quick shot of the sky outside your apartment with the construction equipment I believe.

    1. BTW if I am ever in your neck in the woods you better believe I'll be begging to join you on one of your famed "Shutter Therapy" sessions!

    2. Hey Alan,
      Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it. The Sony outing to the charcoal factory was a rare one indeed, I do wish to go back there again for a more extensive shoot.
      If you do come by KL, drop me an email. Surely it would be nice to have a guest for my shutter therapy outings !!

  3. As usual, exquisite work, Robin. A very lovely couple. I wish them all the best!