Monday, September 17, 2012

Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 Macro Lens Preview

Olympus Malaysia has once again approached me with a new product in their micro 4/3 system line-up, the much anticipated Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 Macro lens. This is the first Olympus dedicated macro lens released for the micro 4/3 line-up, and its development was initially announced at the same time of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 launch in March 2012. The official announcement for the M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 macro launching would be today, 17th September 2012. I was privileged to be loaned a review unit for my own testing purposes over the weekend, and I am currently still in the process of shooting (well, in Malaysia we have a long weekend, hence effectively today is still a public holiday) and gathering material for my usual review write-ups in this blog. As for now, I shall post up a preview of the M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 lens, and my initial impressions. 

Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 macro lens, main features:

1) True, dedicated macro lens, capable of 1 to 1 full magnification factor (which translates to equivalent of 2 to 1 magnififcation considering the 2x equivalent field of view on Olympus Micro 4/3 sensor)

2) Weather-Sealed lens, splash and dust resistant. This would be the second weather-sealed lens released for the Micro 4/3 system, after the 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 lens.

3) Internal Focusing, with silent motor. The front element does not protrude any longer from what the lens already is. This lens is also Olympus MSC compliant, meaning the focusing is smooth and near silent, and is suitable for use in video recording purposes. 

4) Focus Limiter switch, with 3 fixed Options: 0.4m to infinity, 0.19mm to 0.4m, and 0.19mm to infinity. In addition to that, there is a shortcut that allows the lens to immediately jump to full 1:1 magnification, as the forth option in the focus limit switch. This is very crucial for optimizing the Auto-Focus performance for corresponding shooting situations: if you are not using the lens for very large magnification shooting, by switching the focus limit to 0.4m to infinity, the lens will be optimized for that focusing range. 

5) Magnification Factor scale indicator, that allows for precise control for extreme close-up shooting. This also doubles up as distance scale, displaying the distance of your subject in focus away from the camera. 

6) ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) Coating, new coating that Olympus applied to this 60mm macro lens that greatly reduces flare and ghosting, especially when shooting against strong light. 

7) Ability to render circular bokeh. Similar lenses from other systems, when shooting at wide open aperture, the bokeh may not be fully circular, and may appear "oval" or elongated in shape, which may be less pleasing and distracting. The 60mm macro lens has been optimized to produce uniformly even circular bokeh throughout the entire frame. 

For full specifications, please visit Olympus' Official page (click here). 

Placing the M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 macro next to the Zuiko 50mm F2 macro, the 60mm is a lot slimmer in dimension, but appeared to be longer. However, do take note that the 50mm was in it's retracted position. Unlike the 60mm F2.8, the 50mm F2 does not have internal focusing, hence when shooting at full magnification, the front element will extend out a considerable length, as shown in the following image. 

This image compares the 60mm F2.8 macro to the 50mm F2 macro (at its maximum magnification). In this scenario, the 60mm F2.8 lens is clearly a lot smaller than the 50mm F2 macro. In addition to that, the 60mm F2.8 macro is a full 1:1 macro lens, in contrast to the 50mm F2 which was only capable up to 0.5 to 1 magnification factor. All points considered, the length and diameter of the M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 was indeed smaller than expected, for a true macro lens. 

Oh and from the above images, you can tell how much I have tortured my beloved Zuiko 50mm F2 macro lens. I sort of felt bad for my lens, with all the bruises and battle scars. 

Close up view of the Focus Limiter switch. VERY important to have for any macro lens. 

In the micro 4/3 system family, there are already two currently available dedicated macro lenses: 1) Panasonic 45mm F2.8 macro and 2) Yasuhara Nanoha 5:1 macro lens. I have had completely no experience with either of those two lenses, and none of my friends had any of them. It was not until earlier this year that Olympus finally decided to add macro lens into their line-up of micro 4/3 system, and it was surely a welcome considering how incredibly well their other two older macro lenses for the 4/3 DSLR system were doing: 50mm F2 macro and the 35mm F3.5 macro. 

I have been using the Olympus Zuiko Digital 50mm F2 macro lens (for DSLR E-System) for more than 2 years now, and I must say this is one simply amazing lens, with amazing sharpness and superb macro shooting capability. I have also heard that this lens was so technically excellent that it was described as the "God's Lens" among-st Japanese Olympus community. Certainly the "God's lens" may sound hyperbolic but the exaggeration was well justified when you see what that 50mm F2 lens can do, even in DPreview's official full review on the lens described it as the nearest to "technical perfection" any lens can be.  I strongly agree and can testify to those statements as I have been using this lens for a while now. Nonetheless, I do have my fair share of issues with the lens, mostly due to its slow auto-focus, no magnification factor indicator, and having the maximum magnification factor of only 0.5 to 1, not a full 1 to 1 which should qualify as a true macro lens. 

When the Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 macro lens was announced, it was very interesting to see that many of the above-mentioned flaws of the original Zuiko 50mm F2 lens were eliminated, and improved further upon. Firstly, the M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 macro lens is a true macro lens with full magnification factor of 1 to 1, which translates to an impressive 2 to 1 magnification effectively on Olympus micro 4/3 sensor (which has 2x equivalent field of view). Secondly, the auto-focus of the lens has been improved, and if this lens was used with E-P3 or newer cameras like the OM-D, you should be able to get extremely fast auto-focus. Thirdly, the lens comes with all the important items that were missing from the Zuiko 50mm F2, such as the magnification factor scale indicator for precise macro shooting control, as well as the focus limiter switch with  several options for optimized focusing control. Like the older Zuiko 50mm F2, this new M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 is also fully weather sealed, and is the second weather-sealed lens in Olympus micro 4/3 system family. 

What did Olympus say about the image quality? I was shown the MTF chart comparison between the Zuiko 50mm F2 and M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8, and it was highlighted that the 60mm F2.8 will outperform the 50mm F2 by a slight margin. How true will this be? We shall test the lens to find out, and I shall do my best to push out my full review soonest possible. 

Having a first glance on, one can tell this M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 lens means serious business, with the distance scale and the focus limit switch. When I first handled the M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 mounted on an E-M5, it felt balanced and comfortable to use.  This was no surprise considering that the lens is weather sealed, meaning it is designed specifically OM-D in mind. In fact, having the lens next to the original Zuiko 50mm F2 macro lens, you would not feel that the 60mm F2.8mm to be anything lesser. Yet the lens is still small enough and very light. Indeed, you would not be able to find such optimized size and weight for a dedicated macro lens at 120mm equivalent focal length (just compare it with 100mm macro lenses from any other manufacturer and you will get the idea). The built quality of the lens is no slouch either, feeling reassuringly solid in hand and this matches very well with the E-M5's strong magnesium alloy built. 

At this moment I have not shot enough with the M.Zuiko 60mm Macro lens to make any useful comment, but I am very pleased with what Olympus has included in this lens so far. The addition of focus limiter switch, the distance/magnification scale, capability of full 1 to 1 magnification macro, and fast, silent focusing are enough to change any macro shooters experience completely, especially those of us who come from a history and background of shooting macro with the older brother Zuiko 50mm F2 lens. Moreover, Olympus' promise of delivering image quality that possibly surpass the older 50mm F2 lens was an exciting point that I must try and  see for myself to believe. 

The micro 4/3 system is maturing now, with more selection of lenses that are purpose specific. I cannot wait to torture this lens and see what it can do. Until then, do allow me some time to shoot and compose my blog entries. Stay tuned people !!


  1. ...might have to shoot this lens continually for a year if it is meant to outperform the 50mm f/2.0 :-)

    1. LOL !!! I think after shooting a year with your 50mm, you can surely use the 60mm, its quite similar in focal length !!

  2. Looking forward to hearing what you think about 60/2.8 Robin. I know you love the 50/f2. I just happen to be madly in love with this 50/2 beast! It is probably the best "flawed" lens ever made by any manufacturer for any system! Like you, my macro equipments(previously E-5/E-30 with 50/2 and EX-25)have taken a beating along with the bruises, nicks and cuts, neck pain etc that come out of shooting with Olympus 50/2 with extention tube lying head long on the ground! But I love that beauty of a beast!

    My current Set-up: OM-D E-M5 + 4/3 Adaptor+Ex-25 Extention Tube(~2x scaling) + ZD 50mm/F2(1:2 magnification)

    Tripod: None. Shot handheld.

    Distance to subject: about few cms

    Focus: manual focus

    Here are the results of extreme macro from my E-M5 paired with 50f2:

    (let me know if the 60/f2.8 can beat this with E-m5!)

    The magnification with this set-yp is either 1:1 or 2:1 depending on which side of "35mm equivalence" boundary you are. Its only a matter of syntax -its lifesize regardless. For the past few months, I used an OM-D E-M5 stacked with a 4/3 adaptor + EX-25 extention tube mounted on a zuiko digital macro 50mm/f2 lens. From a four-thirds native stand point, this results in 1:1 images with the 50mm/f2 lens offering a 0.52x magnification (half life-size) as standard and extention tube scaling it by ~2x resulting in .98x native magnification. In 35mm terms it "could be" termed 2:1 magnification due to sensor size(2x crop). I do all of my macros hand held with manua focus and dont find this as a show-stopping problem any more . The extention tube is quirky and it makes it necessary for me to focus manually and then rock(in mm!) gently back and forth to achieve critical focus and magnification. Neck pain is guaranteed after a 2 hour shoot. Helps to breathe out and lose all muscular tension before pressing the shutter. This is good practice for improving your technique by 1 or 2 stops. Never the less, having done all this work and gained experience I am not sure I nneed to shift to the newer m4/3 macro lens unless:

    1. 60/2.8 can beat the 50/f2 hands down in image quality

    2. 60/2.8 can effectively autofocus at 1:1 macro mode with the subject inches away from the camera

    3. the distance to subject with 1:1 magnification with the newer 60/2.8 is significantly and comfortabl longer than 50/f2.

    4. 60/2.0 renders MUCH better bokeh than 50/2.

    1. Robin, sorry about the anonymous post. This is bhooshan. You can find me at: or

    2. Hello booshan,
      I am glad to find another lover of the legendary 50mm macro lens!!! I have been wanting to get the ex-25 extension tube but never did so because I was wondering if it would be wiser to get a 35mm instead. nonetheless the sharpness of the 50mm f2 lens is something we very proud of.
      I my best to answer your questions in my coming blog review of the lens. I am the midst of gathering enough material for my review.

    3. Thanks Robin, I am sure you would not give 60/2.8 a pass unless it deserves, it! Keep up your good work! I am a silent reader of your blog but the 50/f2 is too much of a temptation to resist interaction!

      Leave your comments on my macro album-

      And if its any good , please post it in your blog. Let people know what can be achieved with an "outdated" 4/3 lens! :-)

    4. Hello again Bhooshan,
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful macro shots. However I do not have a flickr account, hence I won't be able to communicate with you there. Nonetheless I am not qualified to give any useful comments on macro photography. I am still a learning macro shooter. So no worries, I am seeing plenty of good stuff there. Keep it going !

  3. BTW, the extention tube is a must for 50/f2 IMHO. 1 simple reason is because once you add the extention tube you will stop the whole auto-focus sham with 50f2 and you will only be using the combination in manual focus. So this way you wont be complaining about teh hunting or the lens travelling its whole range etc. You are purely focussed on getting the best out of the system. The biggest 50f2 weakness is thereby neutralized! :-)

    1. I have considered getting the extension tube. The reason I have not got one is because my priority these days have shifted to street photography. I no longer religiously shoot macro every week like I used to (back then I used 35mm so I had full 1:1 magnification). I only do macro once in a while, hence the less frequency of shooting macro did not justify the need of spending for that extension tube. Nonetheless, if I do get serious with macro again, I will surely get one.

  4. Hi Robin. Great to see you review this lens, which I am really interested in. I've managed to avoid buying the E-M5, the Panasonic 12-35, etc......but this lens is looking hard to resist. It's still going to be a very good portrait lens, and fast enough for most situations. I've never really "played" with macro, but have often wanted macro capabilities from my 45/1.8.
    I'm also thinking it will be a very handy video lens for the kids sports, both rugby and skiing. Have fun with the review!

    Cheers, NZ ( and Qatar) Tom

    1. Also, I just saw the price of this lens in the USA, $499. Brilliant, only $100 more than the 45/1.8! Will definitely be getting it, it is great value. Hope it's in stock soon in the UK, my wife is traveling there next month.....

    2. Hello Tom !!
      I am sure you will love the 60mm F2.8, and if it is priced as you have mentioned, I might just get one for myself !!

  5. I am already itching for this. I have been waiting for this since the leak on this lens was reported and as a result held off buying the Panny Macro.

    1. Lazyboy,
      That was a VERY good decision. Good things come to those who wait !!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I'm very excited to read your further thoughts on this lens. The original 50mm macro is easily the best glass I've owned in terms of pure image quality. It was a sad day when I let it go, but the slow focusing just wore me out. I currently only have the E-PL1 on hand so please test the new lens on your E-PL1 as well. I would very much appreciate it.

    1. Thanks Wataru !! Unfortunately due to time contraint I wont be able to test it on E-PL1. last weekend has been very busy for me.

  8. Oh one more question. Does this come with the lens hood? Based on past cheapness the answer may be "no", but I haven't seen any prices or mention that the hood is separate yet so I'm hopeful. Thanks again.

    1. Wataru, the lens hood is an optional accessory that does not come together with the lens. Quite an unfortunate thing I dare say.

  9. Hi Robin,

    Nice preview...but looking forward to your torture test.

    Eric V
    Edmonton Alberta Canada

  10. The Force is strong with this one. Oly is on a roll! The system is looking better and better. With the new body out, with the same sensor as the OMD-E5 its very tempting and yummy indeed.

    1. Andre,
      You are right, the system is getting better and better !

  11. Robin: Thanks for the taste but I need photos, please!!! :) Hopefully There you'll be able to get one of the 15mm body cap lenses soon, too. I'd love to see what the image quality is like.

    1. Dwainedibbly,
      Working very, very hard on it right now. I will see if I can get the 15mm, and if Olympus Malaysia already has it.

  12. Yo Robin.. nice one.. Looking forward to see your test shots.. :)

    1. Thanks Joshua !! Working hard on it now.

  13. Robin,
    Thanks for that - I will certainly be getting one of these as soon as finances allow.
    One question, though; do any of the flash systems that worked with the 50mm f2 work with this - i.e. ring flash, twin flash, so you know?

    1. Hello Steve,
      Yes, all those equipment works fully with the 60mm, with a new adapter, which will also be released at the same time with the 60mm's availability.

    2. Excellent news - many thanks, Robin. I won't need to sell those and buy new ones, then.

    3. Indeed, it is a smarter move than to create a whole new range of accessories ! that would be more troublesome for everyone.

  14. Hi Robin,

    I'm really looking forward to reading your opinion on this lens as well as seeing the results from it. I've held off buying the Panasonic 45/2.8 macro to wait out for this Zuiko 60/2.8 (well, that and trying to save up along the way). From the price point, the Zuiko is most likely going to be at EUR 599 (in Germany), which is EUR 150 cheaper than the Panny 45/ seems it would make sense. :-)

    Anyway, can't wait to read your review!


    1. Hello Victor, thanks for the kind words !! I shall do my best for the coming review. Do hang in a bit more.

  15. Robin...
    How about just a few sample pics while you are putting things together. The suspense is killing me/us....

  16. Hi Robin,I have held of buying any other macro lens since I bought my omd,nearly bought the oloy 50mm for $380 second hand but really want the 60mm. Looking forward to your review as I allways do.Thanks,Tony P.S.I love taking photos of my cat also :)

    1. Thanks Tony. Waiting for the 60mm is a wise choice. trust me !

  17. hello Robin, I'm curious about the image quality for 60mm Macro. I guess it's between 45mm/1.8 and 75mm/1.8 (also the price is ).
    If its quality is very close to 75mm, that is a good budget option for M43 users. Hope to see your work soon.

    1. Hello ckwin,
      Thanks for the anticipation. There is no doubt the image quality of the 60mm macro is VERY good. We shall wait and see.

  18. Robin I purchase my lenses based on your reviews! so I'm patiently waiting for this one! also could you attain a Nokton 17.5mm as I would love to see your thoughts on it.

    1. I shall publish this very soon. Hang on there a bit more.

  19. Of course 1:1 is 1:1 and has absolutely nothing to do with crop factor. When the image formed on the film plane is the same size as the subject being photographed... you have 1:1 magnification. The sensor can be from an iPhone or from the Hubble telescope; it'll still be 1:1. If one is to evaluate and review a macro lens, then one should understand a macro lens. Bee on film plane = Bee on flower means 1:1. Why can't people understand this?

    1. First of all, include a NAME when you comment.
      I agree that 1:1 on a MACRO LENS is still 1:1. However, put it on a SENSOR it is a completely different thing. You get a lot MORE magnification. On micro 4/3 you get 2:1. It is sooooooo simple.
      Let me ask you another question. is 60mm on micro 4/3 the same as 60mm on full frame sensor? On full frame, the field of view is 60mm. But on micro 4/3 it is 120mm. It is because of the DOUBLE 2x magnification factor that tranlates to equivalent 2x magnification factor from a 1:1 magnification. Why can't YOU understand this?

    2. Now this is your mistake in assumption. The image captured by this 60mm is TWICE the size of the subject being photographed. It is NOT the same size. Do the math carefully before you question people's understanding.

    3. I'm not sure that's quite right. (I'm not the original poster, by the way). The definition of Macro is life size on the film or sensor. The size of the sensor is not part of that definition. So for instance on 645 film, 1:1 is an inch on the object will be represented by an inch on the film. And the same is true of 35mm film - an object one inch long will be one inch on the sensor. And, were there sufficient space, it would take up an inch on the M43 sensor. The difference is that you would not get as much of the object on an M43 sensor as on a 35mm film/sensor, and you wouldn't get as much on that as you would on a 645 film/sensor. For a given focal length of lens, that's the only difference. A picture taken with a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera will look identical to a 35mm-sized area in the middle of a 645 camera taken with a 50mm lens.

      Of course, once you enlarge an image for a final print, all bets are off. You can take a picture of someone's face with 645, enlarge the eye to life size - no problem. But that's not 1:1 in Macro photography lens terms.

      So if you use a 60mm macro on the M43 sensor at 1:1, you will get an image that is the same size as the ojbect being photographed. You will get the same effect using a 60mm macro lens at 1:1 on a 35mm camera - except that you will get more of the object. Take that central m43 area of that 35mm photo, and compare it with the whole of the m43 sensor and there will be no difference (pixels etc. apart).


    4. Exactly, Anonymous #2. Taking about crop factors as a component of a macro lens is totally irrelevant. The lens is 1:1; it has nothing to do with the camera. I can photograph a ladybug from 6 feet away and blow it up in post-processing until it's zoomed in to the size of my monitor... it hardly changes the lens's magnification factor. Saying that the sensor crops the image and therefore its magnification properties change is simply disrespecting physics. You're using the same bogus argument that says this lens is "really" a 120mm lens. It's a 60mm lens with a different FOV on a cropped camera. Being on a cropped sensor doesn't change the actual focal length of the lens.

      It's as simple understanding of math really. A 1:1 ratio means that whatever's on the left is equivalent to whatever's on the right. A 1-inch object in the real world is equal to a 1-inch object projected onto the sensor. The sensor can be a foot wide, it doesn't change the fact that the lens has provided 1:1 magnification.

      Feel free to actually research the topic before declaring yourself smrt and yelling in your replies:

      As for your 2nd reply, you're entirely incorrect. To quote: "The image captured by this 60mm is TWICE the size of the subject being photographed." Firstly, the "image" that you get out of the camera can be any size... it has no relation to the topic. The size of the object on the sensor is exactly the size of the object in the real world when the lens is at 1:1. The fact that you think it's twice as big means that it's you who hasn't done the math.

      What you're talking about relates to what the smallest object is that will fill the camera's entire frame, a duly important component of photography and entirely dependent on the crop factor - but this quality is not the lens's magnification.

  20. There seems to be a lot of confusion about sensor size etc., which puzzles me. There seems to be no such confusion between 35mm and 645 - and nor was there with half-frame, APC (film), 110 and disc. On 645 you want a longer lens for your 'standard' lens (about 90mm if I remember correctly) for a similar angle of view to a 50mm on 35mm film - in other words, so that the film area contains a similar fraction of the view. Whatever lens/sensor you use, of course, the perspective is the same. The only thing that changes is how much of the subject appears on the film/sensor for a given focal length. Take an m43-sized area of a 645 film picture taken with a 50mm lens, and it will look (quality apart) identical to the full frame of an m43 sensor taken with a 50mm lens.


  21. Hoi Robin,, for macro today i tried your flash technique which you have mentioned here. great results. thanks

    Ramesh from Chennai, India

  22. Hi Robin, you mentioned "Hello Steve,
    Yes, all those equipment works fully with the 60mm, with a new adapter, which will also be released at the same time with the 60mm's availability." Can you elaborate a little more? What exactly did olympus reps mention about the compatibility of STF22(twin macro flash for 50/f2) with 60/f2.8? I guess the filter sizes of 50/f2 and 60/2.8 are not the same, so you basically would need a different adapter to mount the twin flash on to the 60/f2.8? Did they mention any time lines for when this adapter would be released? Thanks.

  23. Hi Robin, do you have an answer for the question above on STF22 compatibility.

  24. Hey Robin, assuming I don't have neither lens and plan to buy one...which would you recommend?

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