Casting a Net

I was going through some of my older photographs and there was a set taken at a Beach near Carey Island. Since I am currently stationed right in the middle of the Kuala Lumpur concrete jungle, visits to a beach is rare and far in between. During such visits, I would surely try to shoot as much as I can. 

The above photograph was taken with the Olympus DSLR E-520 and the old Zuiko 40-150mm F3.5-4.5. There was so much chromatic aberration in the originally taken photograph, enough to make any sane modern digital photographers flip inside out.  I still liked the image, hence I did some color manipulation (some sort of cross processing, but whatever it was I wanted it to look that way specifically). 

I envy those of you who live so near the beach, or places outside of city with plenty of beautiful landscapes (mountains, green hills/park, open space, lake, river, etc). I wish I am away from this concrete jungle, away from urbanization, sometimes. 


  1. Be grateful of where you lived Robin, as I don't find live near the beach is joyful because of its freaking hot temperature!!hahah

    1. hey ashraf,
      Its freaking hot in the city too !!

  2. Wow! And again just wow! Spectacular picture. I just love the composition, the colors, the light and the overall atmosphere. It may have been "freaking hot", so are the results! Excellent work.

  3. Hello Robin, like the picture very much. Great and tension as well. B&W conversion could have been an option too. Best regards Wolfgang

  4. Good morning Robin,
    Great composition. I like your way of bringing the viewer into your image by the huge ship far ahead and you nail with a crab's point of view (low POV) which make a statement like "you are standing down here." Those color just add the mood to the image.
    Great work. Thank you for sharing with us.
    On the other note, MPHOnline has no stock for Photographer's eye (MYR99*). As I will be in Singapore next week, I will hunt for the book there. Good stuff difficult to get.
    My first night shutter therapy was not productive and I need a lot of practice.
    May you have a great day.
    John Ragai

  5. John,
    Thanks for the kind compliments. Do take note that the book I recommended was "The Photographer's MIND", not "The Photographer's Eye". I have not read the "Eye", but I am assuming it is good as well.