All That I Have Left Behind

I wanted to bring the new Olympus PEN E-PL5 out for a test run earlier this evening after work, but I was down with flu and cough and my whole body was feeling really weak and tired and all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. Apologies for the delay but I was was very sick, and I will have a full day wedding assignment tomorrow to cover. Rest is priority now. 

Therefore I got home early from work, and as I tried to catch some light nap, I could not sleep. Feeling a little restless, I turned on my PC and found that stack of very old photographs. Photographs of a life I used to live. Now that life seems so far away. It has been 4 years. In the midst of not feeling well and total exhaustion  (physically, mentally and emotionally) from everything around me. looking through these photographs actually brought tears to my eyes. Tears of sadness and joy mixed together. The photographs looked so vivid, yet I knew they were nothing more than just memories now. Memories that I will fight all I can not to forget. 

All images were taken with Kodak Easyshare CX7430 and C-875. 

It was funny how I was so happy using just a point and shoot compact camera back then. Never thought I would venture into the world of digital SLR photography and got to where I am today. Life was simpler back then, so were my photographs. 

My University, where I obtained my degree from. Some of my toughest times of life was undergone during my university times. 

Perth, oh you look so beautiful now from afar. I miss you so. 

I have always had a thing for long exposure photography. I placed the camera on the bridge's hand guard railing, but the bridge was designed to vibrate. Hence the slight blur. 

The famous Blue Boathouse and the thousand of ducks

Matilda Bay was a place where I found plenty of comfort and solace. 

Cottesloe beach, another great hang-out place for sunsets. 

One sip of Australian coffee and you will hate what crap from the coffee machine of Starbucks in Malaysia 

Murray Street, my usual "lepak" place. 

Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) a place I have come to known as home. 

One taste of the Pizza there, you won't step foot into any of the Pizza Hut and Dominoes in Malaysia 

Spaghetti Carbonara, can't find anything close to this yet.  

Memories are slipping away. I can't recall this place !!!!

Conca's Chilli Mussels

Imagine having this in the middle of the night. 

Cicerello's Fish and Chips

Jae-Ann and Jonathan. 


Ruthie and Joy

MARCUS !!!! HOW ARE YOU?????????

Jak Yew and Sarah

3 Japanese Girls and one Hong Kong girl

My church I attended religiously. 

My Civil Engineering friends in uni. A platform overlooking Perth city skyline at Matilda Bay. How can you not love this place???????????

Cottesloe Beach again. Such heaven for photography. 

I miss the place, the food and above all, the people there. I cannot believe I gave up all these, when I returned to Malaysia. However, we know that there is no point wondering of "what could have been" and "what ifs", things have happened and they would not have happened otherwise. Only time will tell why some things happened the way they did, and most of the time, they happened for the greater good. 

Do forgive my "emotional release" here but I thought it would be nice for you beautiful readers to have a quick glimpse into my old life !! Those were my early days of exploration in digital photography (compact cameras with basic functions), and oh how have we all progressed over the years. 


  1. Life has a way of continuously reinventing who we are. The best we can do is to consider who we will wish to have been when we look at our future pasts, and go from there.

    Mrs Dibbly & I celebrate 33 years of marriage tomorrow. It has been a wonderful journey so far and we're excited to discover where our life together will lead us.

    Rest & recover, Robin. You have a wonderful life ahead of you.

    1. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement Dwaine, really appreciate it. Congratulations to you and Mrs Dibbly !! 33 years is a long time, have a wonderful celebration. Life works in mysterious ways !!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I wish I still had my earliest digital photos, but in those days it was hard to keep a real archive. Of course I have prints to look back on. Thanks for sharing and I hope you start to feel better!

    1. Thanks Wataru !! Always backup photographs, you never know what they mean to you years from now !! Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Robin, how nice to be able to share personal memories through images. Your honesty shows your readers your take on what is probably the #1 use of photography worldwide - - biographical photos - - your life in pictures, so far. What impresses me, beyond your courage in sharing these truthful and beautiful shots with everybody is how your photo chops have matured. Of all the genres: street photography, art photography, landscapes, portraits, weddings, documentary photos, and then the world of video, you began where most of us did, I suspect, pointing a lens at the world and faces around you. Then as your world grew, so did your subject matter and your vision. I suspect that no matter where your steps carry you, the integrity of your photographic vision will only expand and mature. Looking forward to those images!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Reverend. I think we all learn and improve each time we shoot, and maturity only comes in time. I am still relatively new to photography, but yes, it was a lot simpler back then, it was memories and everything around me that intrigued me that I shot with the camera.

  4. Robin, you photos reminded me of my times studying in the UK, where I first picked up my first digital point & shoot (a 6MP Panasonic Lumix FX10). Like most students who studied overseas do, I explored and documented my life there with this tiny camera passionately and religiously. Not sure if you will agree with me, but a lot of the photos came easily yet so beautifully even just by shooting the back alley of a church or something...

    Now being back in Malaysia for almost 3 years, I still miss the UK a lot, which harbours heaps of my precious memories, be it bitter or sweet... Just want to say thanks for sharing this set of pictures with us...


    1. Hello Alvin,
      Panasonic produces very good compact cameras in their Lumix line, I now also have a lumix LZ-8 bought 3 years ago.
      Yes I agree with you, even without much thought, some photos come out very well mainly because there was an urge or need for us to shoot, and that itself, being able to catch the photographers attention, are worthy photography subjects.

  5. Rest well Robin! I'm sure your wedding photos will turn out well & inspired.

    1. Thanks Sonshine !! I need all the encouragement I can get.

  6. Thanks for sharing Robin. I cannto imagine how much Murray Street has changed. The last time i was in Perth was back in 2006.
    The first landscape photo of yours,... was it pointing at the WACA ground? I have fond memories of Perth too. I remember going to Subiaco flea market for some cheap stuff... is it still there?

    Your campus and hostel life reminds me of my time in Portsmouth, where i used my first P&S digital camera as well... an Olympus Camedia C3040Z. Really fond memories. Thanks! Have a good rest, and get well soon.

    1. Hey Calex, the last time I was in Perth was 2008, I was told many things have changed ever since.
      I believe the Subi Flea market should still be around.
      Oh my, that camedia C3040Z was a legendary camera !!

  7. Have a good rest, Robin. I hope you recover fast and clicking.
    Thank you for sharing you P&S days. Previously I am using Olympus UTough 8010 and it's over-used but still a good buddy in my trousers pocket.
    May you have a great shooting during the wedding event.
    John Ragai

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, John !! Appreciate it.

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  9. Hi Robin,I am always looking at my old photos,in the old shoe boxes where they live or the thousands I have on the hard drive.That's why I take them, so as to look back and remember.And like you say it can be emotional.thanks for sharing,Tony

    1. Hey Tony,
      I am glad I am not alone !! Agreed, we took many photos simply to immortalize memories and to remember them many years from now.

  10. First of all: get better soon, Robin! As "luck" would have it, like you I had a bad case of the flu as well, and it's no fun. One feels completely drained of all energy. So we can shake hands on that - "shared misery is half the misery" is an old saying where I come from. I doubt if it helps you, but I mean well.

    I sense you had a bit of a hard time lately. I'm sorry if that is the case. But, if there's one thing I have learned in this mysterious journey on this beautiful and yet sorry planet we live life on, its the fact we grow with every experience and come out stronger in the end. Stronger emotionally, sometimes spiritually, sometimes both. Time does heal wounds, also the inner ones. I guess the lesson of life is to make the best of it, without unnecessarily hurting others, helping out where one can, all the while getting a "better" person oneself.

    Maybe it is your honesty, emotions and growth processes that what makes your photography special. I, for one, think it is.

    Italian food is my specialty. I'll fax you some spaghetti :-)
    If ever you come to the Philippines (where I am now) or I come to Malaysia, I'll cook you some carbonara that knocks your socks off!

    1. Thanks Andre for the well wishes, appreciate them.
      Life indeed was a little bumpy lately, but no worries, I will be fine. Thanks so much for your kind words and concern, and I shall take that faxed spaghetti !! Please do fine me if you come to Malaysia !

  11. Weirdly i still remember that camera you were using.. :)