Orang Asli

To all my Muslim Readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri !!! May this celebration brings you great joy and blessings !!

It was a working Saturday that I rushed all the way from home in the afternoon, to get ready for a shooting adventure, thanks to an invitation by a dear friend Luke Chua. We drove about more than an hour out of Kuala Lumpur and entered an Orang Asli settlement. It was indeed refreshing to shoot at a different location once in a while, I am sure some of you were already bored of seeing my KL street photos !!

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital lenses: 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, 50mm F2 macro and 50-200mm F2.8-3.5

Going Out in the Open

Mother's Warmth

Little Creature

It was a hot day, really. 

How much does a cat weigh?

Happy Family


Bicycle joy. 

The cat says hi

A teddy bear, or a cat?

Greet the guy with a camera

Under the pier

Breathing life into it

Fly Fly Fly


All In

Oh crap... 

The water was cold

This is my spot


Graceful Landing

Surrounded by Water

Its fun to play with water

A lifeboat

The not so graceful landing

Holding on

Refuse to get wet

Water splash

Friends bonded by water

I spray your face


Wheels on wooden platform


The Young Girl

Genuine Smiles

Special thanks to Luke Chua for the kind invitation to join his gang for a photo-shooting session. To be honest, Luke was one of the most passionate photographers I have seen in a while, and he has produced some really amazing photography work. He was recently featured in Malaysia's national paper, you can read the article online here (click). Do visit his blog (click here) and check out his wonderful photographs, which I admire a lot. It was indeed an honor and privilege to shoot alongside Luke again (the first time I was shooting with him was at the BERSIH 3.0 rally in KL), and it was always great rubbing shoulders with like-minded photographers. To Luke, you are an inspiration, so keep that passion burning brighter and brighter !!


  1. Really great pics.

    1. Thanks, but do please leave a name next time for easier tracking and reference.

  2. The joy and happiness of the children are an inspiration.

    1. Thanks Stephen !! That was the main theme of the series.

  3. Great photo again. We should go there again one day. I did not know we have such a village in Malaysia where the adult can naked in the public.

    1. Kelvin, sure no problem, the place is very nice to shoot with many friendly people. about the naked guy I don't think it will happen many times I was very lucky!

  4. Amazing capture and fantastic work you got here. It is indeed a privilege to witness the sheer joy of the kids living simple life.

    1. Hey Calex,
      Thanks for the kind compliments !! It is very refreshing to see simplicity in life being the center of happiness !! The kid's expression is so rich of such pure innocent joy.

    2. Incidentally i went to Luke Chua's blog thru your link to view his work. They are indeed fantastic and beautiful (I particularly like the charcoal factory set). However, i dont think he uses Olympus gears as the signature colors of Olympus are not there. Looking at your photo here again of him, and from the festival of colour photos, i reckon he is using Nikon gears. No disrespect to Nikon's capabilities, i somehow prefer Olympus' colour tone. Just an observation and thought i'd like to share it.

    3. Hey Calex,
      No worries, thanks for your kind compliments on Luke's photos, I am sure he will appreciate it.
      I do think that the camera signature color is the preference of each individual. Canon users will love their color, and Nikon users wont like Canon colors. Similar to us Olympus users, we love our own "olympus skin tone" and how the blue is rendered differently.

  5. Great photos again Robin. Oh, and the Orang Asli: I once bought a blowgun from them. But they wouldn't sell us any poison darts (guess they thought we're police)...

    1. Thanks Wolfgang for your kind words.
      Wow, the blowpipe must be really interesting!! You can make your own poison darts !!

    2. Well yes they are interesting indeed. I took home the shorter of the two only, and adik kept the longer one. I know: I should take photos of it...

    3. Yes you should, and blog about it too !!

  6. Thanks for sharing those beautiful and joyful moment of the Orang Asli. This remind me of my young days play in the water of the Igan river. Now the Igan river is no longer safe due to Croc. No one been attack but just to be safe. The river also getting shallower and smaller by the day due to Bakun Dam decrease the water flows downstream.
    Great capture with lots of story to tell.
    Love to visit this place one day.
    May you have a great day.
    John Ragai

    1. Thanks John for the kind feedback. It is sad to see the Bakun project destroying all things natural to us, including the old rivers. It is my belief that drastic change to the environment in such gigantic scale will have undesirable repercussions in the future, and we the people, will suffer for it.