One Day I Will Fly Again

Broken wings mend in time. One day Robin will FLY again. I promise. - Alfred Pennyworth

Taken by Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 (non-SWD)


  1. Great to hear to the spirit, Robin. The spirit of never say 'die' before it's time. The images of a graceful flight of a Heron are great.(I thought it's going to be a Robin's image. I also like robin, the bird.)
    May you have a great day.
    John Ragai

    1. Thanks John. I don't think we can find Robin in Malaysia, can we? If we can I will hunt it down haha. Can't afford to travel overseas now. But I do realize Robin is one of the most photographed birds out there, very common to many countries.

    2. Robin,you are right.
      We can not get the European Robin and the American Robin here in Malaysia except the Bird Park. But that does not mean we do not have any bird with those Robin's characteristic.
      The closest we can get is our local lovely singing Magpie Robin. In Malaysia, we called it 'Burung Murai'.
      I am sorry, maybe I am wrong on this one.
      May you have a great evening.
      John Ragai

  2. There is a great sense of atmosphere in these striking photos