MY FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012

I was privileged to be invited by a dear friend Aizuddin Danian to shoot alongside him at the My FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012 concert, happening just last night at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, KL. The beautiful thing about this shoot was that we were provided with Media Pass, much thanks to Aizuddin, we did not have to line up early for good spots, we arrived about 30 minutes before the concert started, and still could get close to the stage, at a designated location just for media photographers. I love loud music, I love live performance, and certainly it was a great was to end my week, listening to some really awesome talents performing live to commemorate the local radio station's anniversary. There is just something about loud music pumping that got me going, it gets my blood rushing. Having to work my camera adds even more to the excitement factor. 

All images were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 (non-swd)

Most live concerts now come with some sort of stage play or drama, and a comedic mix with light action scenes. The Radio Deejays would have to act as one of the characters and naturally they already have the talent to entertain the public. These days, being Radio DeeJays, you do need to have a public face as well, not just a voice behind the microphone. 

Since I am not too familiar to the local Chinese music industry, if I have made any mistake naming the artists, please kindly notify me in the comments or email so I can rectify them accordingly, soonest possible. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Hu Xia

Geraldine Gan and Tha Jie Ying

Aric Ho

Thosmas Jack

Alvin Chong

Alvin Chong. Seems like he was the crowd's favourite !!

Peace Teo

Peace Teo and AK

Peace Teo and AK

Liu Li Yang, visiting from Taiwan. 

Liu Li Yang. gosh I really like her voice, and she performs live very, very well too. Amazing singer.

Liu Li Yang

Pink Tan. And some exotic dancers. 

Kit Teo, and his pal, ermm... a REAL python. 

I think he must really know how to sing, else, the snake wont be that forgiving. 

What a way to end a song, must be memorable to his fans. 

AK doing their dance on stage. 

Peter Pan (not too sure about this one, anyone can confirm?)

Christine Fan or Fan Fan

Fan Fan

 Nicholas Teo (or Zhang) from my hometown, Kuching, Sarawak. 

Special thanks to Aizuddin for the opportunity to shoot alongside you at the concert. It was great seeing so many great artists coming together to perform, and surely I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. Though I am not exactly well-versed in Mandarin or Canto, seeing Chinese live music surely was refreshing, and I was impressed by many of the works presented live last night. 


  1. Wa...look like a fun concert. A lot of celebrity, how close you took the shot from? Should ask for autograph from them.

    1. Kelvin,
      I wish I can get autograph too, but they all left behind stage !!

    2. Forgot to tell you there was an after party that all press was invited to... :(

    3. Oh no worries. Was already very tired, had a long day. I would go with you, if you were still around haha !

  2. Robin, sharing with you my photoset from last night. Enjoy!

  3. is not Jane Huang but Liu Li Yang.
    and Peter Pan is correct=))

    1. Thanks Sanya. I shall correct it now. Appreciate your comment.

    2. btw, i like you photos very much!

  4. Hello Robin,
    Great captured with joyful scene. Most of the singers facial expression revealed their passion in what they were doing. You really captured their moments, Robin.
    May you have a great evening.
    John Ragai

    1. Thanks John for the kind comments. Well, the singers had plenty of expressions all the time, so I was just capturing what was already there !! Not too much of an effort really.

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