I Went Inside an Underground Drainage and Found..

In contrary to popular belief, I do not have a glamorous job or doing anything that anyone would want to dream of doing. Today, I went down into an underground drain system, for engineering inspection. While we were doing the routine check and observation on the structural integrity, and looking high and low for defects or fractures, I saw something rather attractive waiting for me down there. 

My only regret? Not having my camera and macro lens with me.

Not giving up, I whipped out my lousy HTC phone's 5MP camera, and snapped away. 

Was the image good? Not really, it was lit by two equally bad torchlights that provided completely different colour temperatures, and the light was too concentrated and casted heavy shadows everywhere. At 5MP image, I had to crop further and losing the pixels meaning I have less data to work with. 

But who cares, if the image was bad, I can always blame the phone camera. Aaaahhhh sweet excuses. 

There were MANY spiders crawling all over the inside of the underground drain. I only took this one photograph. Hey, I was there for work, remember? Lets get back to the inspection.... (but my mind was thinking if I could get any closer to the spider for more magnification). 


  1. Hello Robin,
    Nice catch and I also like spiders. And I also like Scorpion and Centipede. They are dangerous but their uniqueness attracted me. HTC? That images is great with well composed and good lighting plus double shadows. Well it's not the tool, it's you the man who captured that make a great image. Thank you for sharing. May you have a great holiday. BTW I have to cancel my shutter therapy tomorrow as I have Church event photography. I want to go down Kl but Church duty comes first.
    John Ragai

    1. Thanks for the kind words again John. I do think that the photo has a lot of flaws and could be better, but hey, we will never be satisfied with what we have. Sometimes, just forget all those complains and just shoot.

  2. Donald W Leitzel8/18/2012 10:21:00 PM


    Your spider shot just proves the best camera is the one you have with you!

    Don from America

    1. Thanks Donald, indeed, there is no point having a camera if you can't bring it with you.

  3. Robin, buy yourself an Olympus XZ1 and you'll never regret incidence like these again. Cheers!

  4. Wow! If I were you I would scream myself to death and such a way the spider would be threatened. That is one big scary thing you got there.