More Coverage from the M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 Walkabout Event

I have blogged about the M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 Walkabout event organized by Olympus Malaysia in conjunction with PEN Lovers (led by our beloved KoonYik Chin) and it was a very lengthy one with more photographs than usual. However, I am only human and I cannot be everywhere at the same time. I have been around the PEN Lovers group since its beginning and have known many of the members well. They too, have done their part in documenting the event, or simply shooting photographs of the models and shared on their blogs as well. They have covered many other ground which I could not be at while I was shooting in my own group. There were 6 models for the event, and one model was present in each group. 

Photo credit goes to John Wong (blog source here) 

The following is a list of links that I have been gathering. If I have missed anyone or anything, please let me know and I shall add your link up immediately. Links sorted out in no particular order. 

John Wong

Yap Tzee Meng

Luke Ding
Link :

Aizuddin Danian

Ananda Sim

Tay Chee Siong

Besides blogs, many photographs have been uploaded to Flickr and Facebook too.

Again special thanks to Olympus Malaysia for organizing this event. We all had plenty of fun !!


  1. Hello Robin,
    Thank you for sharing those links. Now I have more blogs to read and follow.
    May you have a great evening.
    John Ragai

  2. Fascinating that Tzee Meng saw the model, Winnie, as "girl-next-door, shy, shy" and his photos show her that way, too. Luke, on the other hand, describes her as "sultry" and his photos show us a sultry Winnie. Clearly the eye of the photographer matters most in creating images. What can we say about the existence or absence of objective reality "out there" apart from the perception of the artist?

    1. The photograph is only a part of truth that the photographer chooses to tell. Indeed, it represents the photographer's vision. We may be seeing the same thing presented in front of us, but we will be seeing it all differently.

  3. Thanks Robin for promoting my pic & blog... U made my blog alive!

  4. Zillion thanks to you Robin! My blog has hit the highest record of visit, hahaha! You really made my day :)

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  6. Hi Robin,

    Your blog and work with the OM-D has truly inspired me. So much so that I have gone out and bought it along with 3 lenses. I am on a wait list for the 75mm. Please keep doing what you do as I truly look forward to your daily posts. I am now embarking on chronicling my journey with this camera as I fumble around with all its capabilities.

  7. As a former OM user, I am very glad to be associated to the OM-D EM-5 and interesting to come across Robin Wong blog. I didn't hesitate to get myself an OM-D EM-5 when it first comes into the market and am very happy with its performance.

    I did join in the event at Bon Ton in Lot 10 and did test out the fabulous 75mm f:1.8 lens. You may find some of the test images in my site