Night Shooting with a Visitor from Brisbane, Australia

About a week ago, a stranger added me on Facebook and asked me for the recommended place to develop film and digital scans in KL. Since I have almost zero knowledge on film photography, I asked around some of my friends (amazingly many of them) who do shoot film, and I gave the preferred shop for film development to him. On late last Saturday, he messaged me again through Facebook, saying that he went to Chow Kit earlier on the day, and he has sent his film for development. I was shocked when I found out he was at Chow Kit, because on that very same Saturday morning I was also shooting there with my friends !!

Shaun (now no longer a stranger) from Brisbane, Australia is a very dedicated Olympus shooter, he has been shooting with Olympus, starting from the OM4-Ti days, and when Olympus went digital, he has had almost tried and owned all the incarnations of 4/3 system DSLR bodies, going all the way back to the first generation E-300. It was indeed very refreshing to see another person so crazy into Olympus stuff. He also had recently acquired the OMD, which unfortunately had to be sent away to Olympus Service Center for servicing (something is wrong with the sensor, producing only horizontal lines), but the good news was, Olympus Malaysia was very kind to offer him help, though the OMD was purchased in Australia. Another great fact that I found out about Shaun was that his favourite gear setup was the Olympus DSLR E-5 and the beautiful Zuiko Digital 50mm F2 macro, which happens to be my staple weapon of choice these days on the streets. He strongly commented that he has spent about ONE full year shooting with just the E-5 and the 50mm, and he had produced many amazing photographs with the setup during his travel, as well as his underwater adventures. 

Knowing that Shaun loves street shooting and he is an Olympus fan much like myself, we met up at Pavilion last night, together with some of my usual shooting friends, Luke and Kelvin, and of course, we had a brief shutter therapy session at Bukit Bintang streets. 

All images were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital 50mm Macro F2

Shaun's sexy OM4-Tii

Bak Kwa, sinfully delicious, some of the food samples at Jalan Alor. 

Hiding behind a fresh pile of Bak Kwa

Beauty and Cigarettes. 

Corn steaming

Lost in the city

Bikers on a break

The land where my blood was spilled

For the love of satay

Orange hair

Orange hair 2

Ice Cream

Live Demonstration

Kid Conversation

Durian, coconut and a nap

Lonesome dinner

Chestnut vendor


Shaun, Luke and Kelvin. 

Shaun molesting Luke's Nikon

I also found out that Shaun has been to Malaysia very often during his work trips, and he has spent a great deal exploring the local places and food. That saved me a lot of trouble introducing him around, and we went right on to shooting. He carried around with his two camera bodies, the PEN E-PL2 and the film OM4-Ti (since his OMD was in service center). It was my first time seeing an Olympus OM4-Ti, and my goodness, it looked so much like the OMD E-M5, which based its design largely on the OM4-Ti. 

Shaun shall be away but he will return again next week, and I look forward to bringing him into some of my usual street hunting grounds. Thanks Shaun for being there with us, and we shall attack the streets again soon. 


  1. hei..hei.. I am first to leave a comment. My photo look funny la.

    1. Hey Kelvin, haha nola, you looked perfectly fine. Different expression from usual haha

  2. Hi Robin. I'm a fellow Malaysian studying at Brisbane. Thanks for introducing Shaun but the link to his blog doesn't seem to work, could you please check it and tell me when it's working? I really want to find him and chat about film / street photography (I'm new to film with an old Pentax).

    Cheers from Brissie.

    1. Problem fixed. You can go to the link to Shaun's blog now. The issue was due to the "www" suffix. Just go direct to and you will get into the site.

    2. ...send me a message to shaun at footlessfish dot com and I will send u an email once I get back to brisbane. I do shoot the streets of brisbane and should blog about it a little more.

    3. Ahhh the wonders of internet, people getting connected like never before !

  3. Robin,
    I do shot film just for fun.Shaun have nice collection of OM4T. In Kuching I prefer Apollo Lab ,India Street near to old court building.very good price compare to others as most Lomographer scan & develop the film here..

    1. Hey Awang,
      Something odd happened, I did not know that Shaun was using T-Max film, which would require different processing. The lab I sent him to did not specialize in this. But I am sure things are working out at the moment.
      Nonetheless I shoot digital only, so no worries.

  4. Hello Robin,
    Great night street images. I am still learning the night street shooting. My images are still very poor, not worthy to share yet. Need more practice and get the right setting.
    Thank you for sharing.
    May you have a great weekend. Happy Shooting.
    John Ari Ragai

    1. Thanks John, and don't worry about getting good images, just get out there, and have fun being in the crowd, and by doing that, inspiration will come to you.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful comments throughout Robin. I will post an entry to my blog in a weeks time (when I have better Internet). It was a great night of photography, fun, food and chatting. I still love that 50mm f/2 lens on the E5 :-). Look forward to our next shutter therapy session in a weeks time. Oh and I fixed the server so it now excepts the www alias.

    1. You are most welcome Shaun. That was quick of you to fix the issue with your site.
      Yes, can't wait for the shutter therapy and hopefully you would get your E-M5 back from Olympus by then !

  6. Greetings, Robin! I found your blog by Googling my personally favorite lens hands down, 11-22mm. I must admit? Well, it has been a joy viewing your pages!

    With that said. I notice you carry the 11-22 and 50 around alot. My question is in relation to this. Firstly I am still a novice I am moving from a e450 to an ep2 (good deal on it!). I simply can't imagine being without my 11-22mm (I LOVE THAT LENS!). My question, especially after seeing you work that 50, would the 45 be a better choice or the 50mm on the ep2?

    I enjoy alot of street and event shooting. In my world the 11-22mm feeds that beast, satisfactory. However, would the 45 or 50 serve me well as a people catcher? Which would you choose? Not worried about size as my 11-22mm is attached to my ep2, but my venture into primes has been daunting for this novice. Appreciate your opinion.

    1. Hello Christopher,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments on my photos !!
      I believe that both the 11-22mm and 50mm macro are best used on the DSLR 4/3 E-System, similarly goes to all original DSLR lenses. They wont work very well in terms of Autofocus on your E-P2. For your E-P2, I recommend you use all micro 4/3 lenses, and in this case the 45mm would surely be a better option.
      I know how hard it is to live without the 11-22mm lens, hence I am still holding on tightly to my E-5 !!!!
      If budget is not an issue, you might want to have a look at the 12mm F2, which is also a dedicated micro 4/3 lens and will perform much better on your E-P2 in comparison to the DSLR 11-22mm.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions. Will truly consider them. As I have only been shooting for a year Im thinking the adjustment to primes exclusively would have been a unique transition. Plus being a fan of Wide Angle shots and having a few range options spoils a newby as well. Also seeing someone practically dedicated to the 11-22mm was a joy! Again great blog (it has been bookmarked) love seeing an Oly fan bring the underdog in some respects, justice. So to clarify 45 + 12mm for street and events on the ep2?

      Once again thanks for taking the time from your therapy to assist me.

  7. hi, i love your blog and picture you take.
    there is one i want to know..
    do you ask everyone on your picture if you can upload online?
    recently i went to the village and took lots of pictures of people there.
    i only uploaded the ones without people, because they dont know much about internet stuff or even blog or facebook.. so it was hard to explain so didnt ask.
    also i dont want my picture put online without consent. so i didn't do what i didnt want.
    my travel experiences on my blog looks totally different without people tho.
    so i just wonder how you treat this matter. i just know you dont need model release in the crowd or event.

    1. Thanks anonymous for the kind compliments. I would really appreciate if you would at least leave a name (can be just a nickname) so I can trace back your comment history if you decide to comment again in the future.

      Every country has different laws and regulations. In Malaysia, if the place is public, you may take photos of anyone, and the you may use the photographs in publications, newspaper, magazines, or even online such as my blog. There is nothing wrong with that, and most people seem not to mind.

      Nonetheless, I am aware that such flexibility may not apply to other parts of the world.

  8. That whole entry is a total win. Connecting people and the Beaty and Cigarettes photo made me smile. What more could we want from a photo?

  9. These photos are looking beautiful and are very clear. Can you tell me the name of camera is used by visitor?

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