The Hazy Sun

I was on an photo-assignment last Sunday, a very hectic yet fulfilling shooting session it has been. I shall probably talk about this assignment in my following entries. I was stationed at Dataran Merdeka early morning, even before the sunrise. Sometimes, I believe being at the right place and at the right time, opportunities will come find you. All you have to do is get yourself out there, open your eyes, and really see what to photograph. 

KL Tower, the second tallest structure in Malaysia, after the KLCC Twin Towers. The sun was glaringly red due to the thick haze in the air. 

The weather has been deteriorating, the haze is getting worse. With such poor air quality, it is not really good for street shooting. I might have to tone down my shutter therapy sessions. Or perhaps find something else to photograph instead of going outdoors and being exposed to the polluted air. 


  1. Excellent/scary photo. Excellent both because of it's beauty and hidden message (hazy sun = pollution), scary because of that hidden message. Is it really so bad that you can't go out and shoot? Wow, that is tragic. Reminds me of when I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Well, indoor idea - get out your 50mm f/2 macro and explore your home. I do that on dark, rainy days, my wife and our dog think I'm crazy :)

    1. Thanks for the compliments and advise tom !!

  2. Donald W Leitzel6/19/2012 03:35:00 AM


    Its unfortunate but the air pollution makes the image possible.

    We don't have that kind of air pollution any more because of very tight motor vehicle emission regulations and no heavy industry.

    Don from America

    1. Hey Don,
      The haze was due to the forest burning in Indonesia. We (Malaysians) suffer the haze issue in July-August, but it seems this year it started early.