More Adventures at Jalan Masjid India

I know my blog entries have been incredibly lengthy recently, which was not originally intended, but somehow, as usual while I was in my typing frenzy mode everything just came out vomiting here. Therefore, to balance the heavily worded updates, I shall keep the words in this blog entry minimal, and just focus on the photographs. Photography is all about photographs, right? 

The photographs from this entry were taken in one of my recent shutter therapy sessions, alone at Jalan Masjid India. All images were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital lenses 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 and my favourite street lens, 50mm F2 macro. 

The main thing that drew my attention to shoot this was the facade of the building front, with very beautiful repetitive patterns. Suddenly a bird flew into my frame and stood on top of that street lamp. I made a quick shift of composition to accommodate the bird, intending to place the bird at the top left corner white patch of the sky, when the bird decided to take off. Looking at the bird and judging at the direction it was facing, I predicted it would fly into that white patch. The direction was spot on, I did not have to wait long until the bird flew, but it did not fly high enough as I have imagined. 

Drowsy Morning
I wanted to shoot this sleeping man, but it would have been too ordinary. So I slowed down my shutter speed to incorporate the passer-bys, but I pushed that a little too slow, that the main subject was blurred due to hand shake. I thought the image would have been a complete failure, but the slight blur (depends on how you define slight actually) added the drowsiness to the entire theme of the photograph. 

Blue Bag
A kid on the pedestrian pavement, with bright colours. How can that not attract your attention?

Portrait of a stranger
I have used this image in one of my recent entries, talking about shooting close-up portraits. I think this is something that I enjoy doing the most, getting in really close, and capturing that natural expression. 

Half Out
The man was getting down from the van, and I quickly snap this image as one of his feet was going down. 

Something in the eye
One of the many things I look for on the streets for shooting would be the natural activities happening, and I try to preserve those activities the best I could. Shooting this man with the tree trunk in front made him look more mysterious. 

Bus Stop
This is one of my new attempts of incorporating more subjects in one scene. Though those subjects do not appear to interact with each other, somehow I do feel they come together nicely to form a balance in the overall image. 

Tagging Along
Kids being dragged along for Sunday morning market shopping is quite a usual sight in KL. Some kids were willing, but some kids would appear very bored and dreaded. 

At the corner
This is one corner where the blind man would sit and beg for money. I wanted to shoot the man sitting on the water pipes (at the right) but then I saw one man walking by so I framed all three together. Not the best composition, because I seriously hate that rubbish bin in the middle !! I guess imperfections are everywhere on the street, we just have to find ways to go around them, and be alert. 

Kids, open your eyes to the cruelty of the world !!

Another portrait of stranger
This guy already saw me shooting someone else, and he smiled at me even before I pointed my camera at him. That surely was a green light, so I attacked him next. He was a willing, and great subject to work with. 

Love the sparks (catchlight) in the baby's eyes. Those sparks are everything in this image. 

Left Behind
Kids who tagged along their parents for shopping were left outside waiting while the parents looked for the best bargains at Jalan Masjid India. 

I admit the photographs in this series are not my best, but who cares, really? The most important thing was me being out there in the open, with my lovely camera, attacking the streets. It was about an hour walk only, and I felt so much more refreshed and re-energized after this shutter therapy. Lets go out and get some shutter therapy !!


  1. I really like the way you present your images. Most people give too little space for the pictures, strange when you consider that you take pictures to show them to someone.

    1. Thanks Geir. Photograph is a medium of communication, of course you have to show it to an audience !!

  2. Hello Robin,
    Glad to see your new posting with more street images. I love it and thank you for sharing. Your images keep my mind working and push myself to capture a good street photograph.
    Actually I also just posted a new posting to my blog before I left the office just now. It's on my one hour photography journey based on your comment in your earlier post that you will stop when you have enough shots which you want. You are right! Another thank you for helping me to be more effective in shooting.
    May you have a peaceful night.
    John Ari Ragai

    1. Thanks John !! Glad that I could help in any small way I could.

  3. Love the 2nd one!! Amazing shots, as usualy. Congrats

  4. My favorites are the man stepping backwards out of the truck and the bus stop. You have such a way with these shots. I don't get to do a lot of street work because of my schedule. I hope to get in some more time with it to improve. Not one of my strong suits.

    1. Those are my favourites too !! No worries about your street shooting, sometimes, we just have to get out there and shoot. Photo opportunities will come to us, so keep an open eye and mind.

  5. Let me know when you're flying out to Miami! Would be fun to go shoot together.