Fireflies & Something Something

Earlier this afternoon, me and a group of friends made our way to the Bee, Publika for the live band performance event called "Fireflies and Something Something". The main reason I was there was of course for Silent Scenery, my favourite local band (you must be very new to this blog if you do not know I love this band so much). The event gathered quite a number of local bands and artists, showcasing talents and providing exposure to the crowd. It was indeed great seeing more and more local talents stepping up and having the right channel to have their music heard out in the open. 

All images were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital lenses: 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, 50mm F2 macro and 50-200mm F2.8-3.5





It was a great and relaxing afternoon for me and my friends, as we sipped our coffee and had our earful of wonderful music played live on stage. I found myself a chance to work my camera, snapping away happily. The shooting condition was far from ideal, with very low available light level, and the stage lights were made out of different alternating strong color casts that just did not help much at all. Nonetheless, the individual acts being performed off stage (directly in front) was a different story, the singer/artist was lit by the soft window light, though I would say it was very dim too. There was no choice but to bump up the ISO setting, I was constantly shooting between ISO1600 to 3200. Not a great thing to do with an Olympus camera, but hey, why stress out on such issue, when the main priority of being there at the live music was to enjoy the live music !!

Stop Motion & Fragments by Silent Scenery

From the album "These Still Moments"
For more info go to

It was always a thrill seeing Silent Scenery performing live. If you guys have not heard of Silent Scenery, pleeeeeaaasse visit their website ( to find out more about them. There is also a free MP3 full length song for download, and if you like what you are listening, you may purchase their album online there too. I truly think that Silent Scenery has some really refreshing original sound, and they deserve more exposure. 

Weekend has just started. Shutter therapy, here I come. 


  1. Hello Robin,

    Nice shots this time from a photographically challenging location. Even here you seem to manage alright getting fine wide shots and sweet close ups that many of us would struggle to obtain when shooting. To me so far, live performances have proven to be difficult with a relative low number of succesful shots. (Hope to get the EM-5 soon and shoot with more succes at live concerts.)
    You seem to have improved on sound recording quality . It is now fairly decent considering the high dynamics with these live concerts. Care to elaborate on your sound recording?

    Best of luck!
    Luke (from Holland)

    1. Hey Luke,
      Thanks for the kind words. It was a very challenging shooting condition, many of the shots were lucky ones.
      I did not do anything to the sound actually. The reason why the sound was so bad in the previous recording was because I was standing too close to one of the loudspeakers. This time I was quite a distance away from the stage, as you can see from the video. I must say the audio quality is still quite poor, I have yet to find the time to hunt for a decent external microphone. Been rather busy lately.

  2. Even at high isos those pictures came up really good..have you reduce the noise by software or straight out from the camera?

    1. Hello Lawrence, it was straight out of camera. I believe it is crucial to get the exposure accurate, by not underexposing the shots. Also not to have excessive crops.

  3. That one piece dress by Jenn just makes her look stunning!

    Well, on another note, the shots are lovely, and Ivan performed in KL too I see.. talents from Kuching. Gotta love them.

    1. Hey Cyril,
      Ivan's band Silent Scsnery has been touring to Thailand, Hong Kong, and most recently Japan for shows and gigs !! They are getting huge.