Friday, May 25, 2012

An Evening in the City

It was a busy weekday, that a group of friends decided to attack the city right after work, having some shutter therapy. I needed this shutter therapy session so badly. Besides, I have been shooting in the mornings most of the time, it would be refreshing to have some street photographs which were taken much later in the day. The city can get rather busy, bustling with life in the evening. 

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko lenses 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 and 50mm F2 macro 

Scott Chung (top left), Luke Ding (top right) and Kelvin Ng (bottom). Kelvin and Scott have just got their spanking new Olympus OM-D, while Luke was playing with his newly acquired Nikon 35mm F2 lens. Everyone has got a new toy but me !!

Entrance to Pavilion, KL shopping mall, shot from ground level, using the tilt-swivel LCD screen. 

Watchful security

More street beauties, inspired by Luke Ding

Oh shit I was being shot

Caught shooting


Guard the bag

Long hair and whispers

Whats up there?


Photo by Kelvin Ng, of me (right) in action. 

It was an interesting night, because two of my friends, Scott and Kelvin have just got their spanking new OM-D, and it was their first shooting session with the camera. It was also one of the rare moments with ALL Olympus camera outing. 

For this shooting session, I did not really put that much of a thought or put too much pressure to myself, all I did was just walked around, and snapped at whoever or whatever that I wanted to shoot. Would that qualify as street photography? Most likely not, but who cares, I had plenty of fun, and I enjoyed myself shooting thoroughly, hence the goal of shutter therapy was accomplished. 


  1. Hello Robin,
    Wow, great shots! Love those wide angle lens.
    The one who pressed those shutters are fantastic. Street photography? I think it's passion and the love for the people in the street that matters. Your shots make me itchy fingers again. Hopefully I can get some good images this weekend as my wife and I will be heading to the Curve Damansara and MidValley PC Fair.
    Have a great weekend, Robin.
    John Ari Ragai

    1. Thanks for the kind words !! Happy shooting, I am sure there will be plentiful great images !

  2. Robin,

    Cool pics !
    Hot babes !

  3. "Caught shooting" made me laugh. Very nice one. It doesn't seem like you need a new toy, Robin, pictures are great.

    1. Hi Vladimir,
      Thanks !! I think I have what I need, but I still dont have what I "want" !! Ahh it never ends, gear-lust !

  4. The Pavilion entrance and Shop (a lot) are two particularly outstanding shots of a nice set, well done!

    1. Thanks Peter !! I like the shop a lot one too !!

  5. All Olympus... except for the Nikon? ;)

    Great shots!

    1. Hey Forest,
      Luke has, and was using an Olympus that night too. But that photo was a compilation of all new toys that my friends have just bought recently, and Luke got his beautiful 35mm F2, such a great lens for Nikon.
      Thanks for the compliments !

  6. Great photo. I feel more confident to shoot with EM5 on the street. I am back...

  7. Shoot me an email when you next go for shutter therapy. Would love to tag along and make new friends!

  8. love the shot of that single girl with red bag, especially the bokeh...can you share your setup (A, S, ISO & focal length) ?

    1. Hello Konikonaku,
      All the EXIF data you needed are embedded within the image. Save the image on your computer and you can view the EXIF through the image's properties.

    2. oww...thanks, pa' Cik
      for future reference, is all your photo in this blog got EXIF so we can learn from it ?