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It is one weekend filled with so many events, activities, meet-ups and gatherings, that I barely find time to sit down in front of my computer much. However, I did manage to get my healthy dosage of my shutter therapy first thing in the morning, together with a friend visiting from Malacca, Frederick, and some usual suspects, Chun Chow, Choon Wee and Chung Chung. Together, we braved the surroundings of Petaling Street and made some street photography happen. It was a sunny day and the sky was very clear, a rather rare scene in KL skies. Since I do not have much free time this weekend, I shall just let the photographs do their talking for this entry. 

All images were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Lenses: 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, 25mm F2.8 pancake and 50mm F2 macro

Looking Up

Chun Chow giving the X-Pro 1 a go. 

Incense Coils

Flower Garland Maker

Since he was so friendly I took multiple shots of this dude. 

And I love headshots. I think you all know that by now. 

A very young monk. 

A boy in a temple

An Indian Hindu Temple


By the hoarding

Cut the flesh

By the scale

Waiting for customers

Market Character


Fish and Woman


E-PL3's awesomeness

Kelvin and his awesome X-Pro 1

Failed panning shot

Yellow Boots

Guess what lens that is


Setting up

Hidden behind belts

Stroll along Petaling Street



Morning Activities


Chun Chow and Beef Noodles

There are more things happening for the rest of the weekend. I shall have a lot more shooting sessions, and plenty of new photos to share. I shall return to my usual talkative self soon enough. For now, just look into my photographs, I am sure there is plenty to read within the images. 

Have a great weekend everyone !!


  1. Robin, great pics. As always.

    I need to ask about the superfine Jpeg setting option u mentioned in your review of em-5 that was available with viewer 1.3. I have updated but dont see it. Would It be in the cd for the em-5 THAT I HAVE JUST OBTAINED? Being an arse here, but if you can do ask and I will be installing a new version via the cd anyway to see if there is any difference. I am talking off Mac version also.

    1. Hello Mark,
      I believe the correct term to be used was "high quality" not super fine. I incorrectly labeled it as super fine, out of the assumption that the highest quality setting corresponds to the Large Super Fine.

    2. Arghh u better change it!! I lost an argument...

      Oh well.

    3. I apologize for the misunderstanding and inconvenience. No harm intended.

  2. The lens must be Leitz Summitar 5cm f2 (1949 vintage??). Thanks for the excellent pictures.

    Chi Lee

    1. Hello Chi Lee,
      Yes it is !! I think, lemme check with my friends.

  3. I heard many reviews saying that the x pro 1 are slow on autofocus, how is it compare to oly E-PL1....just curious? BTW, i just can't stop appreciating your pict, nice.....=)

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Amiruddin. Both E-PL1 and X-Pro 1 are almost equally slow, but I would say E-PL1 is more reliable. But do not expect miracles.

  4. Hi Robin,
    Nice shot as always.
    I just sold out my K20D and only kept the pentax old lens. Now I'm looking for another system(body) that I have never been try. (such as 5D3,E5, 36mega pixel is too much for me)
    I did consider the OM system, because the color appearance is so great and unique ( as pentax does) .Is there any adaptor mount available for PK lens to 4/3 out there.
    One of my friend who shot great photos with E-3, he love it, but he also didn't highly recommended OM system to me, regarding to the uncertain prospect of OM4/3system.( not sure we'll going to have the E-7 or not), also the accessories /lens/ or 2nd hand market are quite limited out there.(OM lens are $$$$$) and worst High ISO performance. Limitation of technology by small sensor and not good for printing large scale hard copies.
    EMD-em5 seems a good start to try due to lower price range. Do you think the EM5 functionally can instead of E-5. All the E-5 features are included inside the EM5 ...even better.
    Do you know is there any adaptor mount available for PK lens to 4/3 out there and any implication to be consider.
    Would appreciate your prompt response. Many Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the kind compliments.
      I am VERY sure you can find pentax to micro 4/3 mount, easily. However, to find pentax to 4/3 DSLR might be a little bit more difficult.
      In terms of body to body comparison alone, E-M5 wins by a significant margin against the E-5, in terms of just about everything. However, if you look at the system on the whole, including a crucial aspect: high grade lenses with good selection, I strongly believe the E-5 and its choices of great 4/3 lenses will perform better than E-M5. Micro 4/3 system is still fairly new, it takes time before it can fully mature.
      I am glad you are considering E-5 and E-M5. I suggest you go for E-M5, it will work better with your Pentax lenses, and its easier to find the mounts.

    2. Many thanks for your promptly rely.
      Would deeply consider your suggestion. But the price of E-5 are not much different from E-M5.
      How's the high ISO performance( noise/clean image) on dimly lit environment and "picture quality with long exposure at night "
      As you mentioned on "LOOKING AT HIGH ISO IMAGES", up to ISO3200 was still fine and clean.
      Is it handheld at 1/10sec? or a tripod was applied? or the 5-Axis IS works well?

    3. As I have mentioned, everything on the E-M5 performs better than E-5, and that includes high ISO performance. The new 5 Axis IS is a wonder.

    4. Thanks!Thanks!

  5. Great street shots robin, oh and have a nice Easter !!!

    1. Thanks Rick, and Happy Easter to you too !

  6. Really nice photos. I like the unpretentious style and the focus on candid and people. Simply beautiful.

    1. Thanks Georg !! Unpretentious is a nice word to describe the style !

  7. Hey Robin

    Was wondering if you've heard from Olympus what their next lens. Damian McGillicuddy has tested it and refers to it as a "super optic" - http://www.damianmcgillicuddy.com/journal/.

    Bob - KL

    1. Hello Bob,
      I have not heard anything of it, thanks for sharing !!

  8. Love your photos, as always, Robin! I also appreciate the "unpretentiousness" of your style.

    I did notice that you continue to use your older PEN and your E-5 despite having the EM-5 at your disposal. Have you soured a little on the EM-5 or do you just like to change it up? Or did Oly just give you a loaner? I would think that the EM-5 would be the perfect camera for your shutter therapy sessions!

    As as for your friend's XPro-1, do you find that camera is worth its price tag? It seems like an awful lot pay for when it has focusing issues. Not to mention a limited lens selection. Plus, I think it's hideous! (embarrassed to say that, but it's true!) It just seems to me that the EM-5 does so many things so well, why would you want the XPro? I guess is certain situations you may get superior IQ, but I'll take the versatility of the EM-5 and it's lenses. Thanks again, Robin!

    1. Hi Adam,
      Thanks for the kind compliments. The E-M5 was a loaned unit, I only had it for a few days and I have returned it to Olympus Malaysia even before my review entries were published here.
      I agree with you, the price for X-Pro 1 is rather hefty, and for that price range I am expecting a lot more from Fuji, especially when it comes to AF. I am sure in the future Fuji will fix this slow and unreliable AF issue.

    2. I suspected as much, Robin. How cruel of Olympus to dangle the carrot in front of you in such a way! BTW, do you know if they have fixed the fogging issue that plagued your demo unit? That is the only downer in my book for the EM-5 so far. Oh, and any word as to when there will be RAW support in Photoshop or Lightroom for the EM-5?

    3. hello Adam,
      I wish I had the E-M5 to keep too !!
      No, I have not heard of anything about the support on photoshop or lightroom for E-M5 RAW files. I am sure something will happen soon.

  9. this looks like Shin Kee beef noodles on lebuh ampang? my favourite!

    1. hi Richard,
      I did not remember the name of the kopitiam but its situated directly opposite Lai Foong at Petaling Street