Olympus OM-D E-M5: Pudu Walk

Olympus Malaysia takes local pre-orders now (9 to 31 March 2012). There are promotions with FREE gifts too, choice of MMF-3 adapter or 32Gb Sandisk EXTREME card. Do check out their official promotional page here (Click).

Important Notes:
1. This blog is written from a user-experience perspective.
2. All images were shot in RAW and converted directly to JPEG Large SF (super fine) via Olympus Viewer 2 version 1.3 (provided by Olympus Malaysia).
3. General camera settings, Noise Filter = OFF, Contrast/Saturation/sharpness = 0, White Balance = Auto (with an option maintain warm color = OFF), Gradation = Normal
4. No post-processing applied to the images. All images were as good as straight out of camera, with minimal cropping for better presentation.

In my past review entries I have been receiving quite a number of feedback and suggestions from you beautiful readers. One popular request was for me to use the bundled kit lens M.Zuiko 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 together with the E-M5. I have done one dedicated shooting session with the 12-50mm lens alone.

I understand that I rarely used the 12-50mm lens in my past reviews of the E-M5. My justification for not using the 12-50mm lens is simple, it is not the sharpest lens among the current Olympus Micro 4/3 lenses line-up. I used the best prime lenses, 12mm F2 and 45mm F1.8 in most of my photographs previously, to vanquish any shadow of doubt that the images could have been better if better lenses were used. If I have used 12-50mm, the imperfections of the lens would have skewed the overall impression of what the E-M5 is truly capable of delivering. We know well that prime lenses will always be sharper than zoom lenses (optimization of optics for single focal length, and simple optical elements design). I was reviewing the Olympus OM-D E-M5, hence I wanted to push the camera and see how far it can go, it is only fitting to use the best lenses Olympus offers.

Sanjit, a dear friend who has worked so hard on the video shooting with E-M5 is almost done with his part of "behind the scenes" sharing and video capabilities review of the E-M5. At the mean time, he has released yet another fantastic video, summarizing my previous parts of reviews. Do give the video a look here:

Beautiful Music by SILENT SCENERY
You can buy Silent Scenery's music from www.silentscenery.com

About the M.Zuiko 12-50mm lens

I have also done an extensive user experienced based review for the M.Zuiko 12-50mm lens a few months ago. I have covered the primary strengths and features of the lens, such as the close up/macro capabilities, the 12mm wide angle and also the use as a general standard all rounder zoom lens. I shall not repeat myself in this entry, but before I go on with my shooting session with the E-M5 and 12-50mm on the streets, the following is a list of summary on my impressions on the 12-50mm lens:

You will like the lens if:
1) You want a general all-rounder lens that can do a lot more than an ordinary kit lens
2) You do not intend to buy a macro lens, but want much better magnification for close up works
3) You need something wider than the standard 14mm (28mm equivalent focal length)
4) Technical perfection is not a priority, and you do not require absolute sharpness in your image
5) You need a weather sealed lens to go along with the E-M5, and shoot in harsh conditions
6) You do a lot of video recording works, where the power zoom will ensure smooth and silent zoom operations.

You will NOT like the lens if:
1) You love bokeh. This lens will not give you much useful bokeh at all.
2) You are crazy about technical perfection (Chromatic Abberation, distortion control, etc)
3) You need a very sharp lens and critical about the amount of details resolved (I am guilty of this)
4) You won't shoot in rain or dusty conditions, and you treat your camera like a porcelain vase.
5) You always shoot indoors, or low light conditions, and you need to freeze movements in such circumstances

Indeed, as I have highlighted above, the 12-50mm lens is a good general all-rounder lens, capable of producing good shots in many situations. However, if you push the camera towards it limitations and shooting in extreme conditions, there are better suited lenses for the job. Lets not put our expectations too high on the 12-50mm lens, it is after all, just a kit lens !! If you want to read further on the 12-50mm lens review, please do so in my reviews of 12-50mm lens (links at the side bar of my blog). 

50mm, 1/200sec F/6.3, ISO800
 The bridge

22mm, 1/400sec, F/4.9, ISO800
Quick pace

42mm, 1/250sec,  F/5.9,  ISO500
Hawker Stall operator. Shot this against a white wall.

12mm, 1/800sec, F/3.5, ISO500
Newspaper vendor

26mm, 1/30sec, F/5.2, ISO500
Sleepless train station

40mm, 1/125sec, F/5.8, ISO500
The umbrella lady

Shooting in Pudu, KL

For this shooting session, I have brought the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the M.Zuiko 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 lens mounted to one of my favourite street hunting grounds, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Pudu is dominantly a Chinese area, with many old shops which have been operating for more than half a century, and there is a large (possibly largest in Malaysia) open air wet market. I have shot here for my previous reviews works for Olympus E-5 as well as the E-P3. It is only natural that I would return to Pudu with the E-M5, because I personally love this place, and it is rich with photography subjects everywhere. People are generally very friendly here too.

I used only the 12-50mm for all my shots in this entry.

Knowing that I am shooting with the 12-50mm lens, there are certain limitations which are presented to me, and I was fully aware of them. I love to use bokeh to isolate my subjects, especially when I go close and do portrait headshots of my street subjects. With the 50mm zoomed in, restricted at widest aperture opening of F6.3 only, there really is not enough bokeh to properly blur the background away. This reason alone actually stirred me away from choosing the 12-50mm lens as my primary weapon on the streets. You must understand that my usual shooting lenses all this time have been the marvelous Olympus Zuiko 50mm F2, 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, and most recently, the Sigma 30mm F1.4. Furthermore, having stuck with F3.5-6.3 on the 12-50mm lens this time means I might need to push up the ISO setting when I shoot in heavy shade conditions, to accomplish fast enough shutter speed to freeze motion.

Perhaps, those are the only limitations the 12-50mm poses for me in my street shooting. Being a photographer, it is my job to work around the limitations and still squeeze some results out of the lens. For street photography, we do not require technical perfection. The images does not necessarily have to be tack sharp, they do not have to have the nicest colors, and even if the corners were full of chromatic abberation or poor distortion control, if the subject content and the idea of the photograph came through, it is still a valid and good street photograph. Therefore, I decided to give this 12-50mm a spin, and much to my liking, I did come home with a few favourite shots.

50mm, 1/400sec, F/6.3, ISO400

15mm, 1/1000sec, F/4, ISO200
Check out the dynamic range of E-M5. Doing pretty well here.

22mm, 1/60sec, F/4.9, ISO400
Smell the hair

13mm, 1/800sec, F/3.7, ISO640
Chinese Chess

21mm, 1/125sec, F/4.7, ISO250
"Kuih" seller, local Malaysian delicacies.

43mm Macro Mode: 1/200sec, F/6, ISO640
Fried Spring Rolls

I treasure the extremely fast Autofocus of the 12-50mm lens. Olympus claimed that the 12-50mm lens being used on E-M5 is 20% faster than it being used on E-P3. To be frank, there is no way I can tell whether it was faster, or by what margin. It did feel the lens worked blazingly fast, and the autofocus has always nailed my shots very accurately. I could say the same just about the other lenses that I have tried: the amazing 12mm F2 and the 45mm F1.8, they were all just splendidly fast. I believe that the autofocus speed of the micro 4/3 system has come to a point that it is so fast you cannot tell the difference apart from each other. Obviously this is a good news, and having a kit lens that you will use as your all rounder lens, it is a definite advantage to have very reliable focusing capabilities.

I used the horizontal/landscape hand grip portion of the HLD-6 with me at all times, while handling the 12-50mm lens. I felt that with the added grip, the lens and camera combination felt just right, and well-balanced in my hands. I did not use the portrait battery pack, because I wanted to keep the setup as small and light as possible, without jeopardizing the comfort of handling. I really do not understand how some people can complain that the lens is actually larger than they wanted it to be. Yes, we know that the collapsible 14-42mm lens from Olympus, and the pancake X lens from Panasonic are significantly smaller in size. In the 12-50mm defense, it is weather sealed, it has very good built quality, internal zoom and focusing mechanism and added few functional buttons, which many will treasure. Considering what the lens can do, I do think the size is reasonably small.

19mm, 1/15sec, F/22, ISO200

19mm, 1/500sec, F/4.5, ISO640

50mm, 1/125sec, F/6.3, ISO640
Another headshot.

26mm, 1/50sec, F/5.2, ISO1250

22mm, 1/160sec, F/4.9, ISO400
By the roadside

50mm, 1/100sec, F/6.3, ISO640
Fruit seller

Gourmet Lunch with Ivy Soon

After the shooting session, I rushed to Ivy Soon's place together with Jason Lioh for a home cooked lunch meal. Ivy was very generous to invite us over and cooked such delicious lunch for us.

When I arrived at Ivy's place, I was already exhausted from the shooting and hours of walking under cruel Malaysian hot sun. I just chucked the E-M5 aside, which was subsequently picked up by my dear friend Jason. Being curious, Jason snapped away merrily with the E-M5 and the 12-50mm lens attached.

As he was shooting, the first thing that he complained was the slow aperture of 12-50mm lens. You must understand that Jason comes from a background of Canon and its wonderful L lenses. Having F3.5-6.3 to work with in a very dimly lit house kitchen was not exactly very satisfactory. I then suggested to push up the ISO to 3200, which Jason did. As you can see almost all the food images were shot at ISO3200, and still having very slow shutter speed. That should give you an idea of how dark the room lighting condition was.

I was not paying much attention when Jason was shooting. Obviously I was very hungry and tired and can't wait to sink my teeth into Ivy's yummy dishes. We stuffed ourselves silly, and I had two servings of rice. I did not even care about the photographs, and not giving it much thought.

The following food shots were taken by Jason Lioh with the E-M5 and 12-50mm lens.

49mm: 1/2sec, F/6.1, ISO1600
Roasted Spare Ribs. 
Crazy Jason shot this at half a second at 49mm focal length !!!! It is either his hands were like tripods or the new 5-Axis IS works better than expected. Or both. 

38mm, 1/80sec, F/7.1, ISO3200
Mixing the ingredients

32mm, 1/30sec, F/5.6, ISO3200
Adding coriander leafs.

26mm, 1/15sec, F/5.2, ISO1600
Steamed Squid in Thai Style

43mm Macro Mode: 1/10sec, F/8, ISO3200
Macro on the squid. 
Another crazy steady hand stunt by Jason. 

25mm, 1/13sec, F/5.1, ISO1600
A-B-C Soup

23mm, 1/13sec, F/5.0, ISO1600
Chinese Sausage Omelette.

It was until I got home, transferred the photographs and truly viewed it on my computer screen, I was reminded why I admire Jason Lioh as a photographer all this time. His food shots were just fantastic. He has very good and strong composition to make the food look extra mouth watering. I personally would not have been able to achieve such shots. Another surprise that came to me was when I opened the EXIF data, and found that Jason has incredibly dragged the shutter. He has shot quite a number of images with shutter speed lower than 1/20sec, in macro mode (at fixed 43mm) and normal shooting mode but zoomed in at 50mm. There was even one shot he took at 49mm, but only at shutter speed of 1/2 second, HAND HELD !! What a stunt, really. I previously have managed to capture confidently 1/2 second shots with the 12mm lens, but I dare not push the shutter speed so slow for longer zooms. Jason did it, and this just shows how much more potential the new 5-Axis stabilization in the E-M5 has.

On the whole, I was quite happy with what the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 lens can do when coupled with the OM-D E-M5. Certainly the better high ISO performance coupled with very good new 5 Axis IS system provided extra use for this lens, when it comes to darker aperture range of F3.5-6.3. I fully agree that we need a better and more capable standard zoom lens (constant aperture F2.8 or better, F2 please !!) for more serious photography works. Nonetheless, for what it is, the 12-50mm works just fine.

I have returned the loaned equipment to Olympus Malaysia. There will be one (or more) blog entries coming soon, and this time we shall shift the limelight over to my friend Sanjit, who has been working extra hard (and sleeping at ungodly hours) on the videos. I am also eager and excited to hear what Sanjit has to say !!


  1. Thanks for this post. It is nice to know what to expect from the kit lens when it comes, as well as making me glad I also bought some primes to go with the new camera.

    Really like the Courier shot, by the way. Seems like a lot of activity without much actually going on!

  2. Hello Matt,
    Thanks for the kind compliments.
    I guess it was too late in the morning, I should have started shooting an hour or two earlier when the market was at its peak.

  3. IMO there has been too much complaining about this lens. It is the widest and longest standard kit lens by Olympus! I am very impressed by the pics even though f6.3 means you had to push the ISO up. I am very interested to see what Sanjit has to say about its use for video.


  4. Hello Andre,
    you were right, too much unnecessary bashing was happening on this harmless kit lens. I do think it is very good for what it is, and does what it does very well.
    Sanjit's entry shall be up soon. Thanks for the support mate !

  5. Great review, Robin. Thank you very much for doing this. Fantastic photos. A a must-buy IMO. Olympus should give you a gold plated E-M5.

    I think you were saying "genre" in the video.

    Hope this helps.


    I have bookmarked your blog and will be checking it daily for updates.

  6. Great review, Robin. Thank you very much for doing this. Fantastic photos. A a must-buy IMO. Olympus should give you a gold plated E-M5.

    I think you were saying "genre" in the video.

    Hope this helps.


    I have bookmarked your blog and will be checking it daily for updates.

  7. Thanks for the kind compliments, Dan !! Pardon my English, I should attend classes to improve it.

  8. Hi,Robin.

    The squid looks so yummy. Great macro shot by Jason too. You forgot to mention in your comments below, that this lens also has a quiet motorised zoom for video taking.

    "In the 12-50mm defense, it is weather sealed, it has very good built quality, internal zoom and focusing mechanism and added few functional buttons, which many will treasure."


  9. Thanks Dan !!
    Jason is a great food photographer, do check out his blog:
    I did mention about the power zoom in the summary list. Thanks for highlighting it again.

  10. Thanks for another great blog post Robin! It makes me ponder what is going to happen when you put the 12-60mm f2.8-4 onto the E-M5 with the MMF-3 adapter. I guess it equals better image quality with the expense of a much heavier lens and slower AF. Did you have a chance to try that out?

  11. Hello Herman,
    Thanks for the kind comments.
    I mentioned I wont use any 4/3 lenses for my review works, the 50mm f2 was an exception, as I used manual focus, and Olympus does not have dedicated macro lens yet.

  12. love the fried spring rolls (macro) & squid shot...*slurpzz*
    #3...she just nerves about her hair when she's with her boyfriend...hehehe

    hhmmm...made me wonder about E-M5 body only or E-M5 12-50 kit

  13. Hi Robin, Great job again. Olympus Malaysia should give you a free EM-5 with 12f2 as a complimentary.
    Thank you again.

  14. Well, the DR isn't so good in your photos, the sky is blown out completely in lots of photos, for example in the bridge photo. Maybe if you give -1.0 exp comp., you can have the sky too in your pictures .. Or maybe if you use the special DR mode in jpeg when you can lower the highlights exp. separate of the darks, you can get rid of those blown skys? Sorry to say but you can do better, I think .. :-)))

  15. Hello Konikonaku,
    Thanks for the kind comments !!
    Yes those shots look very delicious indeed, thanks to Jason.
    E-M5 with lens or body only? I think either choice would be fine !!

    Thank you so much for saying that !! UNfortunately a lot of people might think that it is a conflict of interest if I receive anything from Olympus.

    Hello Frank,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    However, if you read carefully, I said "technical perfection is not the priority here".
    The sky was blown? How do you know the sky was not white?
    If you have been to Malaysia, it is usually very cloudy most of the time.
    Furthermore, the exposure were well balanced. Considering the harsh conditions, the camera fared very well.

  16. Thanks for the review.
    To me this is an all purpose lens, with too much features but, for photography only I found it too soft.
    I would go for the 9-18mm f4-5.6 zoom + 45mm f1.7 prime or cheap 50mm f1.4 legacy MF instead. More expensive but clearly more quality.



  17. hello claudio,
    of course if absolute image quality is your main concern, there are prime lenses to fit your needs.

  18. Hi Robin,

    do you have no 100% crops or download of fullsize images for this part of your review? That would be nice to have.

  19. Hello Beta,
    The purpose of this entry is not to show the capabilities of the E-M5, which I have elaborately written over the span of four entries.
    This entry is to discuss how the 12-50mm performs when coupled with E-M5. If you wish to know more about the 12-50mm lens, you may also read my full reviews on the lens alone, which I write in three separate parts. You may find the links in the sidebar.
    Street shooting is not about how sharp or how perfect the shots are. Street photography is a lot more than that. I hope you understand.

  20. Ok, thank you for your answer. I just wanted to know HOW bad the resolution and sharpness of this lens is in combination with the 16 MP sensor.

  21. Beta,
    it is not bad. I purposely decided not to show them, to avoid unnecessary drama. People are expecting perfection from just a mere kit lens, and that is a stretch too far.

  22. Thanks again Robin for another great post and pics..

  23. Been reading for a while but hadn't really said anything. I like your stuff. Even if you never said a word, the pictures speaks for themselves. Very nice. And this food you are taking....it's making my mouth water!

  24. Hello Nxp3,
    Thanks for the kind comments !! Those food pictures were taken by my friend Jason Lioh !!

  25. Hi Robin,

    what about the fogging issue?

  26. nice impressions again, also the food shots taken by your friend !

    You did wise not to take this lens for the review part of the OM-D_5 - its really a show stopper IMO.

    By the way, lenstip did a review of the 12-50 just recently

    well, times when a 12-60 were introduced as "kit" lens' are gone (still an exceptional performer after so many generations of cameras passing by)...

    Lets hope the upcoming Pana zoom duet will deliver and fill the gap

  27. Thank you again for your write up! Can you give any feedback on using the 11-22 on the E-M5? Is the AF very slow?

  28. For me the most amazing part was the food shot at such high ISO -- looked sharp and noise free. For people like me who don't print larger than 8" x 10", the high ISO performance looks very good.

    Btw, all your food shots are highly appreciated, even if it makes me hungry -- when I go to KL, I'll have to ask you for your food recommendations!!

  29. Hello Gunter,
    I have not heard back from Olympus.

    Hello Mige0,
    Agreed, lets wait for what Panasonic has to offer this year. Exciting times indeed.

    Hello Ryan,
    I have returned the camera to Olympus. Sorry.

    Hello G,
    Those food shots were taken by a friend, Jason.
    Do let mw know when you come to KL, will surely recommend you some great food places.

  30. Thanks! I wished for such a test -- basically because another reviewer claimed that the 12-50 is considerably better when paired with the E-M5 than with the E-P3. You don't really explore that, but the pictures indicate that it is usable as in poor weather, for simple close-up photos -- in other words: with this lens, there is no excuse for not going out to take pics, come rain or shine!

    The pictures indicate that it is more than dust and splash sealed -- it is *fat sealed* :-)


  31. Thanks, Robin, for taking the trouble to showing us what the standard equipment is up to. Shows what one might be able to reach with some practice and dedication.

    And sorry to see that instead of thanking you for providing this info, --and before all others at that-- you were rewarded with stupid and pointless bickering.

    Surely, no one has to agree with anyone but could at least express their point in a civilized manner.

    All the best and thanks again for making this content and sharing your experience.

  32. hello BLI,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    I have mentioned I will not do any comparisons, hence it is only fair I review the camera as it is. Initially I did not want to use the 12-50mm lens, because it was not on par in terms of sharpness in comparison to 12mm F2 or 45mm F1.8.

    Hello marie,
    Thanks for the compliments and show of support.
    Yes, you were right, we do not have to fully agree with each other. My reviews were heavily photography based, people may not have to agree with my writing but they can see the photographs which do not lie.

  33. Robin...can you recommend a zoom lens for this camera which is better than the kit 12-50mm? Do you know if a lens will be released this year which will out-perform the 12-50mm?

    Or would you say to buy the 12mm F2 and 45mm F1.8... and maybe throw the Sigma 30mm as well?

  34. Soulohio,
    for now, if you really need high quality image with very good sharpness, go for the prime lenses, can't go wrong with primes.
    I am sure sooner or later both panasonic and olympus will release good zoom lenses. The question is when, and lets hope it is sooner than later !

  35. Hi Robin
    Great review on a photographers and users point of view. Unlike those so call "professional" review site which is more for gear-heads and camera collectors.

    I had one suggestion if the E-M5 camera is still with you. Maybe you can talk to Olympus Malaysia to sponsor you to do a F1 race this weekend. You will likely be the first reviewer to shoot F1 with the E-M5.

    We all will get to know how good this all dancing and all singing E-M5 perform in sport shooting. I had shoot 500CC motorcycle race with OM3 and OM4 15 years ago and that was though but doable with monopod.

  36. Hello Cha,
    I have returned the camera to Olympus Malaysia.
    Nonetheless, thanks for the kind compliments !!

  37. how about long exposure shots? would like to see the noise. my E-P2 is noisy even at iso200 when in long sxposure.

  38. Helllo Rcferraris,
    I have returned the camera to Olympus Malaysia.

  39. Well done Robin! You've done a great job. I'm glad I came across your blog. Thanks for the E-M5 reviews specially from a user standpoint. I read them all and other posts about Olympus in general. I've been doing this silently for the past week or so. Silently because this is my first time commenting but I have shared a link to your blog in my flickr account and it was also shared to our local 4/3 and M 4/3 group in Vancouver. I'm switching from a Canon system, particularly the 5D Mk II body to the E-M5 and your work has helped a lot in making my decision easier. Quite a lot has asked me "why switch and why M 4/3" so I posted it in my Blog: Why Switch and Why M 4/3 so I simply have to direct people who asks :). Of course it is based on my style of shooting and my own user experience and research.

    Many thanks Robin!

  40. Hello robin, thank you for this review...

    I just wonder if the older 14-45mm Panasonic lens would do better?

  41. Hi Robin,
    Nice shots as we have come to expect and great comments as well.
    Is there any chance of using the 14-42mm Mk2 on the E-M5 and seeing the results.

  42. Thanks Eugene !!
    That was a huge change from a full frame system to micro 4/3, thanks for sharing with us your thoughts. I am sure you will have many exciting times ahead with your E-M5. I shall be keeping an eye on your blog, do share your thoughts and your experience with E-M5 in the future !

    Thanks for the kind words. I have returned the equipment to Olympus Malaysia.

    Hello JimD,
    Thanks for the compliments. Sorry I do not have the camera anymore, it was only borrowed over the weekend.

  43. pa' Cik...I haven't found any comment regarding the shutter sound

    is it loud or is it quite environment friendly, like drama play, poetry reading or something serious event like that ?

    any mute button for the shutter sound ?

    is it too digital or close to the crispy mechanical shutter sound ?
    I'm referring to D90 coz i had one

  44. hello Koninokanu,

    I have written about the shutter sound in my first impressions here:

    it is soft and rounded, due to the weather sealing and magnesium alloy body.

  45. Hi Robin,

    Looks like you got some great shots from the wet market.

    However, I think this is more a reflection on your ability as a street photographer, rather than any strengths the lens might have.

    I seem to remember that quite a long time ago, you went to the Pudu wet market with the 12mm 2.0 and got some even better shots. I was quite struck by your photos from the 12mm, and that was one reason why I ended up buying the lens.

    Anyhow, thanks so much for all the time and effort you have put into your reviews recently - they are of great interest to all us Olympus M43 fans.

  46. hello Newzild,
    Thanks for the kind compliments ! The next time you come to KL let me know, I will bring you to the pudu wet market.
    yes, I prefer the 12mm F2 to be used while shooting the market. Prefer th sharpness, better control of DOF and also the F2 that enables faster shutter speed when shooting under heavy shade.

  47. ...if I could get my OM-D E-5 in time, I'll shoot the Bahrain F1 race... maybe Olympus would lend me some lenses....

  48. Hi Robin, that for yet another great review. Re. The need for a constant aperture zoom: given that we already have one whether sealed zoom, wouldn’t the next step for Olympus be to give us a weather sealed prime good for street and hiking?

  49. hello Soulohio,
    that sounds great !! But I thought E-M5 will only be available in mid april?

    Hello Tom,
    Thanks for the kind compliments. Lets hope Olympus thinks ahead for street photographers !!

  50. Thanks for your great reviews on E-M5, Robin!

    What I love about your reviews is that you go out to actually photograph and tell your opinion. Most of the professional sites show some fancy graphs and numbers and at the end are some images that are really pointless and random.

    You, however, decide to test something out and go actually shoot and show the results and give your thoughts. Photography is about capturing the moment and your visions, not worrying if the corners are a bit soft.

    Photography is an art, not a science, so I rather read reviews from an artist rather than from a (wannabe) scientist.

    Thank you and keep on capturing your world and sharing with us how you feel abou it!

  51. Robin- can you confirm if the external flash tilts for bounce? Thanks for your hard work getting em-5 info out.

  52. Nice work on all the reviews. I am struggling on which kit lens to go with and I'm now thinking of the 14-42 as a place holder for now because:

    Weather sealing is not an issue for me
    It's faster and smaller for travel
    lower cost and can be replaced with a HQ zoom

    What I am not sure is if it is as sharp as the 12-50 and what the compromise will be on focus speed for pictures and how mush I would miss power zoom for video now and then.

    Regards, and keep up the nice work!

  53. Oh- I'm fine with 14 VS 12 on the wide side as I have a 7-14:)

  54. Hello Mika,
    Thanks so much for the compliments ! I always believe in practical shooting, being out there and really making photos happen. Nonetheless I do not deny the importance of technical reviews as well. They provide justification which is more objective.
    Art and science should go hand in hand together !!

    Please leave a name when you comment next time.
    The flash does not tilt for bounce.

    Hello 43shot,
    thanks for the kind words.
    I believe you might have to try out the lens yourself to really see if you will like the results. How the lens performs will be subjective and not everyone will agree with one conclusion.

  55. i'm very impressed by the ISO3200, 1/2sec Roasted Spare Ribs. The sensor and the 5-axis image stabilizer is clearly improve a lot. Do you have any ideas about the Panasonic G3 and E-M5 Sensor comparison?

  56. Hello Dreamie,
    Thanks for the kind compliments.
    I have mentioned I wont do any comparisons. Firstly I do not have access to other equipments, and secondly this is not a technical test site. Hope you understand.

  57. That is it. I pre order the camera (body) and will get the panasonic-leica 25mm. (no offense to the kit lens, but I enjoy and prefer shooting with primes, and this prime has good reviews and a classic 50mm equiv) If you can get your hands on this lens, please, review it!

    Your reviews were incredibly helpful!

    Many thanks

  58. Thanks Pavel for the kind compliments !!
    Unfortunately I have returned the camera to Olympus Malaysia. I am sure others might use the 25mm F1.4 on the E-M5, keep an eye out for other reviews.

  59. Hi Robin,
    How does the E-M5 compare with the E5 and 12-60 and 50-200 SWD lenses. Which do you prefer.

  60. hello George,
    I did not test the E-M5 with those lenses.

  61. Hi Robin,
    I meant, how does the E-M5 compare with an E5 (when the E5 is fitted with 12-60 or 50-200 SWD lense). Is the E-M5 better than an E5. Which camera would you prefer to use. I was after a comparison between the two cameras.

  62. Hello George,
    Talking about a system on a whole, E-5 with 12-60mm and 50-200mm is very versatile and flexible in many shooting conditions.
    It is not a fair comparison, because the E-M5 lacks such lenses.

  63. Robin,

    Thanks! Hopefully you will get to work with the camera again. In any case, your reviews were very relevant and good. They helped me make up my mind. I think I will enjoy the camera. And as you posted before, it is not the camera that matters, it is the photographer, but it does help to have gear that helps and makes you enjoy taking pics.

  64. Hi Robin

    Does the EM5 take the same battery as the EP2?

  65. Just wondering if the OMD M5 has a Micro Adjustment for different lenses so you can correct for any front or back focusing with a particular body & lens combination? (similar to what the typical APS-C or full frame DSLRs current have)

    Loved you reviews & comments Robin, keep up the great work!!

  66. Really nice photos Mr. Wong. This camera is excellent, no noise visible even at ISO-3200. I would want to have this camera if it wasn't for the heavy price tag.

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    Glad that you found the reviews useful !!

    Hello RCferraris,
    The E-P2 takes BLS-1 battery, the E-M5 takes new battery BLN-1.

    Hello Stuart,
    The AF Fine Tune adjustment is only relevant to DSLR that use phase detect focusing system. For mirrorless cameras that use contrast detect autofocus, there is no need for AF fine tune adjust because it does not have front of back focusing issues.

    Hello Junn Tan,
    Because of the great high ISO performance, and heavy packed features, I do think that the camera is CHEAP !!
    Tell me if there is any other camera as good as E-M5 and cheaper !! I would be interested.

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  70. Robin, have you tried with zuiko ED lenses, pro or top pro?

    And what about the m4/3 75-300 lens? Is it fast? sharp?

  71. What shall I buy? the nikon D300s or Olympus OM-D? Use for street photography/ party

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