Olympus E-M5 OM-D Review Teaser

I have been very silent in this blog lately, and that means I have been rather busy.

Yes, it is the Olympus OM-D E-M5 !! It is here, in my hands, I have just got it from Olympus Malaysia over the weekend, and I have shot tonnes and tonnes of images with it. I am in the midst of compiling the images and writing my blog reviews. They will be up VERY VERY SOON. I promise I am working as HARD as I can to push out the entries soonest possible.

Do check out the teaser clip Part 02 (while waiting for the main review entries)

Soundtrack by Azman Warren.

However, this time, we are doing the reviews slightly differently. There is an additional component, a rather extensive part being done to test out the video capabilities of the E-M5, which is not done by me. As usual, I am focusing mainly on photography side of things. This time, I was not alone.

For more information, please check out Part 01 of the teaser clip at www.fullcirclepix.com.


  1. One word.....EXCITING!!!

    Eric V
    Edmonton Alberta Canada

  2. Thanks Calex and Eric. I am doing my best to publish it as fast as I can. Do bear with me at this time being.

  3. Please do the iso tests for us... shoot with noise filter at low with sharpening at -1 and you will get very good results till iso 6400...

    Use a high contrast testshot for the isos so that they have deep shadows... if you could post raw files....

    Thank you.

  4. Hello Fransisco,
    I shot TONNES of ISO images and I will be showing them both Noise Filter OFF and LOW.
    I shot them in RAW, but I am not allowed to give out the RAW files. I hope you understand.
    I will be publishing the updates in a few days time. Stay connected !

  5. Aaagh! Hurry! I can't believe I am so distracted by a camera I can't even buy yet. This month may kill me.

  6. hey Matt,
    I am doing my best !! Please stay patient just a little bit longer.

  7. I would be most curious to see how the 12-50mm works with the E-M5. I know you were less than thrilled with the 12-50mm on your E-P3, so it will be interesting to see how well it works with the camera it was "designed" with.

    I have the E-M5 + 12-50mm on pre-order. I can't wait for it to arrive.

  8. hello Bill,
    The 12-50mm is used mainly for video shooting all the time (the friend of mine, Sanjit). Believe me, that lens is amazing for video.

    I personally have shot mostly with 12mm F2 and 45mm F1.8, mainly because those are the best lenses in terms of image quality and sharpness.

  9. this sounds really good Robin, although I can't get over how small the camera looks in your hands, I am really unsure of whether to go for an E-5 or E-M5 as an E-1 replacement/addition at this time, since I only have 4/3rds lenses.


  10. Hello Bryan,
    There is an optional hand grip to boost the size for better handling and comfort. So it should not be a problem.

  11. Hi Robin!

    I knew your site last year, very good congratulations!
    sorry my english ... I'm Brazilian.

    I have the Olympus E-P3 (and the lenses 14-42mm, 45mm and 40-150mm) ... I love my E-P3 .... but I'm crazy for the OM-D E-M5 .... if the camera for what promises ... I'll sell my e-p3 and the lens 14-42mm .... and buy the E-M5 with 12-50mm lens.

    I know that is working to show us his review ... but ask something ... the difference in picture quality between it and dce E-P3 ... is too big?

  12. Andre,
    Thanks for your continuous support and encouragement.

    To answer your question, "YES, too BIG !!!"

  13. hai pa' Cik...please take your time...no need to hurry...do your street photohunt that you love...don't forget to work hard at the office

    at the Focus, Oly said that E-M5 will available in Jakarta around Mei...if you post your review early Mei is fine...if earlier than that you'll make me go NUTS !!!


    don't forget to pair it with that sweet 45/1.8, pa' Cik

  14. Robin,
    that is great news. Personally, I would be much more interested in how it handles, rather than ISO tests - everybody does those. I am hearing a few complaints about the buttons being difficult to press, not very responsive, etc., which worries me more.
    Also, do you have access to the additional grips?

    Don't forget to enjoy the camera though!

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  16. Can't wait, too. Last month I broke one of my rules and preordered this camera, in spite of having recently bought the GH2. My rule is to wait 12-18 months and look for a real good price.

    Anyway, I am hoping for some good quality user reviews (like yours!) so I can delete my pre-order before delivery, should it seem the camera doesn't meet the hype. Actually, new cameras never meet the hype, but I am hoping the EM5 will come close.

  17. First thank you Robin for doing all this. It helps us a lot understand this camera!

    I'm also very curious about how the 12-50mm works out with the EM-3, I hope it works better than with the E-P3 for photography (with the 5 axis stab) and re-worked firmware.

    I'm also planning on buying the EM-3 with 12-50mm for mainly making HDR landscapes so lens overall photo quality and Dynamic Range are my main concerns.

    Any thoughts about those two features for the EM-5 Robin?

  18. Robin, will the sigma 30mm 1.4 work decently on it?

  19. KOnikonaku,
    The review will be up in few days time. I am almost done with the writing and the photos.

    Hello Vladimir,
    I am enjoying the camera through and through !! Yes, handling of the camera will be one of the main things I discuss in one of the review parts. Also, I am using the horizontal hand grip for my shooting.

    Peter F,
    I think you will not regret your decision to pre-order the camera. E-M5 is actually MORE than what the specs says. It will surely change the world, trust me.

  20. sweln,
    You might just to wait for my full write up which I will be publishing soon. I am addressing your questions in them.

    Hello Nelson,
    I test the camera purely on Olympus native micro 4/3 lenses only. There are possibly millions of lenses out there to test and I just do not have the time to try out everything. I was only given the camera for two days. I hope you understand.

  21. Robin,
    that sounds great. I will have only one question then. When using the landscape grip, does the additional dial just mirror the sub-dial or it can be set to another function and then you have 3 separate dials?
    Thanks for taking the time!

  22. slow down, take a breath, take your time...

    good to hear you do not have to carry all the burden alone - and also good to hear that you use those fine primes m4/3 has to offer, rather than the odd 12-50 for foto shooting

  23. Vladamir,
    That was just the front dial, same as the existing one, placed on the grip for easier access. Nothing additional and you cannot use three dials for different controls. Effectively there are only two dials.

    Hello Mige0,
    Since micro 4/3 lenses are at their finest in the primes, so I must test the E-M5 with the primes !!

  24. Hey Robin, if I keep pressing ctrl-F5 your review will be up faster?
    Just kidding, but I REALLY look forward for your review.

    Glad to hear that you'll be writing about the handling, this is something that I want to improve over my E-PL2. I'm considering get the battery grip for this.

    I also have high hopes for the announced 60mm Macro, but it will probably take many months before we hear about it again.

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  26. Please hurry your killing me Robin

  27. Hey Robin,

    Love the videoteaser and I'm looking forward in reading your review! Your articles/photographs/videos really give forth your passion for photography and that is why I love coming back here.
    Take care!


  28. Your review for E-M5 is something I have been waiting for long time, Robin!

    I am so pleased to know that it is going to be available very soon. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful pictures!!

  29. Hello Dotraki,
    I have high hopes for the 60mm too !!

    Hello Eugene and Kaz,
    Just a bit more !!! Working very closely with the videographer friend. Doing our best now.

  30. The teaser video on the hand held video looks pretty interesting. I am interested on how well the stabilization works with it, especially since some of the early Olympus test vids were not very helpful at determining quality. Like everyone else I am really looking forward to your review! Thanks in advance.

  31. can't wait for your review. heck i feel like taking the day off from work to go shooting when i get mine.

  32. hello Tony,
    The teaser, and all the upcoming videos (yes there is plenty more) will ALL be handheld footages. Everything was done handheld while video recording.

    hello Valerie,
    I concur !! Take a day off and go shoot shoot shoot !!

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  34. Hi,

    In terms of high ISO image quality, what is the highest ISO image can be used?

    I am thinking to upgrade my classic Canon 5D with mk III but the price is beyond my budget


  35. Hello Stevo,
    The high ISO performance will be one of the main highlights in my series of reviews. please wait a little longer.

  36. Hi Robin,

    Great blog! Please, can you tell more about DR at base ISO.



  37. Joomla,
    DR will be the main topic in my first part of review. Soon !!!!

  38. Hi Robin:

    Always waiting for your reviews. They are the best IMHO.
    If possible incude a couple of pictures with the 12-50 at 12mm from f8.0 to f16.


  39. Maybe it's just me, but I normally reserve this level of excitement for Apple keynotes! I definitely haven't refreshed a webpage as much since the last one.

  40. Hello Claudio,
    I will do my best.

    Hello Tony,
    I assure you it will be worth the wait !!!

  41. Hello Robin, I'm really looking forward for your review, I check your site 3, 4 times per day :-) High-Iso is one thing, and it's nice to have good image quality in this range, but I hope there is also an improvement of image quality and dynamic range at base iso compared to the PEN cams (even if I'm still very happy with the pics I make with my E-PL2). Good High-Iso is useless without good base iso. And I also wonder how the new stabilization system works.

  42. Hello Matthias,
    Agreed ! Actually dynamic range at base ISO is more important in most of my real life applications.

  43. Hey Robin, I am sure you are doing a great job, and I am waiting with bated breath.

    Im just wondering how you got to be the lucky so & so to get to do the first in-depth OM-D E-M5 review in the whole world?

  44. Hello Ser,
    I don't think I am the first. There are quite a few websites who have published in depth reviews, such as Pekka Potka.

  45. Hmm, yes, but they all sort of miss the target, or obsess about the same few things (Ahem.. enough already with the high iso samples)..

    Sounds to me like what you're doing is more like an in-depth review - at least I feel your'e covering a broad range of questions in reasonable depth from a user's POV - and thats what I for one really want(& many others I suspect).

    You've got to admit there are very few OM-Ds in private hands around the world ATM, I was just idly wondering how it came about that you got one.

    BTW - how far till review :-) . I also can't wait..

    Will probably buy one, although they will be about $US 1,600 here in Australia - sigh - we're used to it.

  46. Great review - one of the best I've seen for any camera in ages. Nice to see the camera used in a real life situation rather than just for shooting test charts!

  47. Thanks Hoggs !! Indeed, we should take more real photographs instead of just charts.

  48. Robin, Brilliant as usual. But If you are in the video wkth the EM5 what was the video shot with?

  49. hello JimD,
    Another E-M5 of course, which was done by my good friend and great photographer/videgrapher Sanjit. I have linked to his blog too.