Eric Kim in KL !!

It was an extremely busy and long day, but at the end of the day was the highlight of it all, because Eric Kim, the superbly famous international photographer has just arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I had the chance to meet him and had a drink with him.


It was too bad I could not come to meet him and my friends earlier, mainly because I was caught up with an important discussion about a future photography project that I was involved in. Should I have come even just an hour earlier, I could have had the chance to have a photo-walk, street shooting with Eric Kim himself, and I believe there is much to be learned, and be inspired by just walking alongside him.

Nonetheless, being just there, listening to Eric sharing his shooting experience in so many different places in the world, and just to have that little glimpse into what he is doing and how he sees photography and the world, those little moments were priceless.

Eric is here in KL to conduct his street photography workshop which is happening over this very weekend. We need to instill more street photography culture into Malaysia !! There are so many wonderful streets in KL, we should really explore and shoot it.


  1. Nice very nice experience!
    BTW, I'm just so curious, what's his camera in the hands?

  2. It is a Leica M6 Classic with Leica Flash.

  3. hello unknown,

    now, you shall go and buy one!!

  4. Cool! I just saw digitalrev a few days ago and really liked how he interacted with the crowd.

  5. hi rcferraris,
    he came to kl right after his workshop in hong kong!!

  6. Hi Robin. Just watch you with Eric on Youtube. Good to hear that Malaysian accent (I'm a Seremban guy living in the UK). What camera did you use to take Eric's photo above.

  7. Hello Siva,
    Thanks. It was an Olympus DSLR E-5.

  8. pa' Cik....can you ask Eric what kind camera strap that he use ??
    i think it will look great on my new upcoming silver m43 camera...*wink*

  9. just capture by his group at starbucks pavilion..

  10. *ahem* he's quite handsome oh~ *runs away*