Shoot, Shoot and Shoot

The long weekend has arrived, with public holidays stretching until next Tuesday. Waking up early morning, I was excited and brought along my gear to my usual street hunting ground to do some shutter therapy. It has been quite some time since I last shot on the streets alone. It was rather refreshing being all by myself, focusing on the shots that I wanted to make happen without worrying if I was walking too fast or having the need to wait for others. I did not have to entertain anyone, hence I have my full concentration to shoot. No conversations, more brain power dedicated to making photography happen.

All images were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital lenses: 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, 25mm F2.8 pancake and 50mm F2 macro.


A mother's desperation.

Random building in Jalan Masjid India



Difficulties in life

Straight ahead


Being small




Kid's language

Home on the street

Speed Variance

Truthful Sign


Nature's call

More photographs shall come soon. The weekend is still young, and I have lots of things planned out. Nonetheless, do give me some feedback on the photographs !! Cheers.


  1. Hi Robin,

    Another wonderful series. I can see your into the "Black and White phase." Visually its more powerful than taking pics in colour. Great job mate!

    Have you seen the new OM-D aka EM5 from Olympus? The pic is at Looks like it a great camera to behold. It's the E5's little brother. Hopefully as good if not better. Can't wait for you to review it.

    Eric V
    from Edmonton Alberta

  2. What a fine example of street photography.

  3. Hello Eric,
    Thanks for the kind words !!
    Indeed the E-M5 looks very sexy. Cant wait to see it happen, and hopefully I get to reveal it. So far everything in the rumor site is making it look great.

    Thanks Vladimir.
    Still learning and improving here

  4. hey Robin, really love the first 2 pix
    thx again for sharing

  5. Thanks Eric !!
    It was my pleasure.

  6. love "speed variance"
    just letting you know, waiting to receive a used OM zuiko f/1.8 50mm from b&h :)

  7. Hello Richard,
    Thanks !!
    Wow, OM 50mm F1.8, you will surely love what the lens can do for you !!

  8. Particularly liked the first one and the two with the cats. There must be a lot of cats in KL lol.

  9. hello Jan,
    Thanks !! There are many cats in KL, you were right. And I love cats.

  10. A fantastic series of photographs. How did you get the cats to pose ;-) . You must have been working very fast! Speed variance is amazing also. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks Marco,
    Sometimes, it is about luck, and sometimes, it is about how fast you respond when you see something. I was lucky to capture the cat shot. The next second the cat moved away.

  12. @jan and robin, lots of rats too, when are we gonna see some rat shots?

  13. Richard,
    True, but the rats are usually too fast and I don't use long lens usually on the streets ahaha

  14. Hi Robin,

    Great series, like the choice for Black and White..
    You know... winter has started in Amsterdam..

    Take a look !

    Very kind regards


  15. Hello Rick,
    Thanks for the kind compliments.
    Great set of photos !! I wish Malaysia has Winter.

  16. Hi robin, have the news? Something with O and M is being announced by Olympus on the 8th ?)

  17. hey kasia,

    Hey richard,
    yes!! Waiting eagerly for the announcement.

  18. That first shot with the building and the reflection is truly tremendous. I've been following your blog since your premiered the ep3; thanks for inspiring me to do more with my photography.

  19. thanks anonymous! I love the reflection shot too.

  20. Olympus OM-D was announced! When will you get to test it??? :)

  21. Bartosz,
    I was told not that soon I am afraid. Hope some miracle happens !!

  22. Are you excited for this camera? Will this camera replace the DSRL line? Please share your first impressions - maybe in a new blog entry? :)