Khee Hwa & Ee Ling

An old friend of mine from the hometown Kuching, Khee Hwa was getting engaged days before the auspicious Chinese New Year celebration last month. Since I was heading home for the festivity he asked my help to shoot his engagement day. Though it was extremely near Chinese New Year where every Chinese families would be busy cleaning their houses, baking cakes and cookies, doing last minute shopping and prepare themselves for the big celebration, I decided to pick this assignment up and shoot. I was paired up with fellow friend photographer Frederick Yap, and we attacked the engagement day together.

It was great seeing a great friend being happy, and I was privileged to be their photographer. Here is one to wish them happiness and abundant blessings in their walk together, always. Congratulations to Khee Hwa and Ee Ling on their engagement !!


  1. Congratulations, Robin on such great shots. The composition of your "couple photo" is timeless, but never gets old. Among other things, the little flair of light in your friends' hair keeps it fresh. Light and Love! Much happiness to them and congrats on being able to add to their special day.


  2. Thank you Tom. Special credit to Robin and Fred (second photo shooter on that day) for being with me on that special day.