Jay Chou in Pavilion, KL

It was on random working day that Yeow, a fellow PEN Lover called me up and invited me to the Gala Premier of Jay Chou’s latest movie “The Viral Factor”, at GSC Pavilion, KL, which was happening earlier today (Sunday 15th January). I said yes, but little did I know, the Gala Premier tickets entitled us to a private stage appearance of Jay Chou (main actor of the movie) and Dante Lam (director of the movie) inside the GSC itself, out of the crazy overflooding crowd of Jay Chou fanatics all over Pavilion and its vicinity. Being away from the massive flood of people and still be able to see a real star in person, how was I not to be thrilled?

Before the movie premier (and meeting Jay Chou of course, which was the main event of the evening), Yeow, Mun Keat, Gerald and I had dinner at Nando’s. Nothing beats roasted chicken. I was extra hungry hence I ordered half chicken with two sidelines, which I chose Skewed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables. A satisfying dinner to start the night, things were getting better already!

All images were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Sigma 30mm F1.4

Free movie premier tickets !!! Thanks Yeow, you are da man !!

Gerald with his trusty PEN E-P2

Mun Keat and his E-P1. That is the new Pana-Leica 25mm F1.4.

Yeow and his... errmm errmm... (paiseh forgot what camera that is... *runs)

Camera actions while waiting for food.

Bottomless Ice Lemon Tea

Half Chicken. Chicken is pathetically small though

Skewed Potatoes

Grilled Vegetables

Since I was not aware of the special appearance of Jay Chou in person, I only brought along the Olympus E-5 and Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens !! If only I knew earlier, I would have brought along the long tele-photo zoom lens, Zuiko 50-200mm F2.8-3.5, or at least the 50mm F2 macro. Thank goodness there was the special stage setup within the GSC hallways, and we did not have to battle through thousands of carnivorous Jay fans. My standing position was not ideal, I was not really close enough, but hey, I was not a paid photographer for the event, so I should really just relax a little, and enjoy myself. I did, and I just snapped away happily without thinking too much. The 30mm field of view was not as close as I wanted, but a little cropping will not harm anyone. And after resizing, the images still look quite decent on this blog display.

I was not that big of a fan of Jay’s (now all you crazy girl fans can kill me) but seeing him walking down the red carpet and coming on stage got my heart pounding. After all, he has created such a huge scene in the Chinese music industry, with all high selling albums and chart topping hits over the decade. Many of you may have watched the movie “Green Hornet” where Jay Chou starred alongside Seth Rogen. I admire his ambitious nature to explore both the world of singing and acting. It was indeed a privilege to be able to see him life in person. What a joy !!

Useless Jerk in front of me blocking my view most of the time.

Jay Chou saying hi to his undying fans.

Jay and Director of the movie, Dante Lam

Ok there really is not that much variety of shots I can make, me being stuck in one lousy standing position with so many things blocking in front and stuck with one lens, while those two stars just standing there not doing much.

Many girls would kill to be the one to hold that mike. Girls, what do you see in Jay Chou that I don't?

Tight crop of Jay and Dante. Sigma 30mm is not the sharpest lens, but its still good on its own.

Finally, a clear shot with no obstructions. Jay Chou, looking as emotionless as ever.

I was wondering why on earth would Jay Chou come all the way to Malaysia just to promote this movie, I mean, seriously? After watching the movie, I understand perfectly why. Almost the entire movie (I would say 90%) was shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My friends and I had great fun identifying the shooting locations, and many of those places we knew because we have been actively shooting on those streets !! They even had one important car chase scene that took one of the cars strolling through the street bistros and cafes of Pavilion, where this evening's whole event took place.  That is a scene not to be missed !! There were a lot of unexpected surprises for us, for example the Old KTM Building was used as a central prison, and they had the prison guards chasing the prisoner running around the building, which was really amusing and interesting!! I do think that the movie has solid acting (tones of emotions flowing) and explosive action scenes. It is a fast paced movie. However, I do think that the plot line is a little thin, and predictable.

Special thanks to Yeow for getting me into this real life encounter with Jay Chou and the free premier movie itself.

My Sunday night could not have been any better.


  1. Sven,
    Try google or youtube search. He is very prominent in Asia.

  2. and dont forget he starred in Green Hornet too :)

  3. did you read what i wrote in the blog?? Grr

  4. Hi Robin, when will you start writing movie review? I'm looking forward to read it! :)

  5. Hi Ryan,
    I am afraid I do not watch movie often enough to write reviews !

  6. Aiya, why no extra ticket for me? I am always his fan. I collected his CD from his first album (All original) until the latest one. I attended his last two concert in VVIP seat when held in Malaysia.

  7. Hello Kelvin,
    Oh dear I did not know you were such a big fan !! I agree you should have been there, instead of me.
    I don't think Yeow's friend can get extra tickets though. But hey, I am sure there is always a next opportunity. Who knows, you can be Jay's tour photographer !! That would be cool.

  8. Absolute fun. I loved seeing all the mirrorless cameras. What was the mystery camera? I didn't see a logo on it anywhere. Thanks!

  9. Hey Kirk !!
    Nice to have you here.
    It is a Fujifilm Klasse W, owned by my friend Yeow.
    He raves about that camera a lot !!

  10. Saltvinegar,
    Dont be !! It was luck haha

  11. omg i was so jealous!
    i was not there ..
    i hope i was there ..
    :( serious bad
    i was jay chou fans too

  12. Don't worry Sabrina,
    I am sure you will meet Jay in person too !

  13. I really love Olympus´s grainy B/W filter ...