Awesomeness is the Kolo Mee

Side Note: I am currently away from my usual computer workstation, using an old but still alive laptop. Please bear with some inconsistencies (exposure and colour balance) of the photographs presented in this blog entry.

I have safely landed in Kuching, my beloved hometown earlier this afternoon. I was reunited with my dearest mum, and we spent plenty of quality time catching up. We had dinner and shopped a little for Chinese New Year. Life is indeed great at home, and Kuching will always have a special place in my heart.

Allen Ang (an awesome photographer too)

3-Layer Teh-C-Peng

Kolo Mee, some hometown goodness to end the first night here. Hmmmmmm

Come the night, Allen Ang and I went to Kenyalang to have some awesome Kolo Mee. The first spoonful I fed into my mouth... Oh... My... Goodness... heaven could not have been closer before.

This shall be the first of many bowls of Kolo Mee to come.

Home sweet home !!


  1. Bartosz Dawidowski1/19/2012 09:19:00 PM

    Hello, Robin. Do you know antything about the new, rumored Olympus OM-G camera?

  2. I have a feeling in my gut you already have the OM-G camera. OH MY GOODNESS :D

  3. Bartosz,
    I have no idea, and was not informed of anything. I am currently away from Kuala Lumpur (where Olympus Malaysia is at), I am at my hometown Kuching, which is about 2 hours flight away from KL city (across south china sea).
    I sure hope to get my hands on them if I can !!

  4. Anyway Bartosz,
    What are you thoughts on the new Fuji X-Pro 1, is it as what you have expected?

  5. Hi Robin, i like the way you describe the Kolomee, if ever youre at Johor Bahru do drop in at Our "Original Sarawak Kolomee" stall. tq and take care

  6. To find us just type "" and get into our facebook page...tq