1 Million Hits, Hurrah !!

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Dragon Year to all my readers who celebrate. May this Dragon Year bring you and your family overflowing prosperity, great health, and abundant joy. 

Simply ROBIN blog has officially received 1 million page views as recorded by Blogger Stats since May 2009 (though my blog has been in existence since 2005). At the same time, this blog has 12,236 comments (20-30% of me commenting as replies) from visitors.

Yes, you heard that right, it has finally surpassed one million page visits as of 23rd January 2012 at 9.51pm (Malaysian time). Coincidentally, this is the first day of Chinese New Year (Lunar Calendar).What a splendid way to start the year of Dragon !!

The dramatic increase in traffic volume to my blog occurred at the time I was reviewing the Olympus E-5 (October 2010), and it stayed at its peak during the subsequent review seasons, the following E-P3 and 45mm lens. I know that 1 million may not exactly be anything awe-worthy in comparison to many other well established photo-bloggers out there, but it is a significant milestone to this blog, and to myself.

I used to be known as the blogger who blogs because he wants to blog, and not for fame or traffic. I did not even care about the traffic tracker sites until I have come to my photography gear review episodes where I needed to trace the links to my blog and spy on what others were discussing about my review write-ups, especially those folks in photography forums. Some people can be really nasty, and I needed to clarify myself here from time to time. From there onward, I kept track of my blog progress from time to time and I realized the volume is increasing rather consistently over time. I initially predicted that I would have surpassed the first millionth mark by end of 2011 but now it was just slightly a month overdue.

Photo taken by an awesome photographer and friend: Allen Ang

I may have lacked discipline and diligence when it comes to a lot of areas in real life, but interestingly I have found the consistency in updating this blog, several times a week, for the past 6 years. It is amazing that somewhat this blogging has become a second nature to me, and a routine that I religiously follow. I was not entirely sure what kept me going all this time, but if you have known me in person, you would know that I have a lot of things to say. Usually I say too much, yet I did not have the time and opportunity to say everything I wanted to say, hence most of those unspoken thoughts ended up being vomited into this blog. I was surprised people kept coming back to listen to me ramble on and on !!

I don't see myself stopping anytime soon, and I shall continue to update this place consistently. I have so many photographs to share, so many things to say, and I am starting to connect to many of you beautiful people out there through this blog. This long past 6 years on this simplyROBIN blog have been a beautiful and enjoyable ride for me.

Thanks a million to all you beautiful readers out there !!!


  1. Congrats!! I am one of that million for many years, so .. keep on rollin'

  2. Congratulations, Robin. I found your blog through Kirk Tuck's blog, here is Austin, Texas. Though my blog is no where as large as yours, I think I understand your thoughts around blogging.

    I shoot with several different cameras but recently I'm really enjoying the Olympus PEN cameras. I posted the following last week that has been really popular. Kirk had also mentioned it in his blog that really got a bunch people to visit my site.


    Thank you for you great work. Love to see the image and culture from the other side of the world.


  3. Thanks Frank !! Thanks for the great support all these years.

    Hello Andy,
    Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Thanks also for sharing your wonderful setup !! I have read it through Kirk's blog too, I am a religious follower of his blog.

  4. Congratulation from my little neck in the woods, and thank you for your work and the images.

    I'm spending a lot of time with my PEN and preparing an E-PL3 review. Meanwhile, i take it almost anywhere!

    Shutter therapy always helps!

  5. Hello Alf,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Yes, PEN is so small you can take it anywhere you go to, and thats basically the most important part is it not? Being able to use the camera at any time and place.
    Looking forward to your E-PL3 review. Yes, lets do more shutter therapy !

  6. Wohoo! I'm hapy I could contribute to that achievement :D

  7. Thanks for your constant support, Bartosz !!

  8. Thanks for your amazing blog Robin. I discovered it last year. I am an e-5 user and while I made my mind up about which camera to purchase I read everything you said about it!

  9. hello Susan,
    Thanks for the kind words, and really? You read everything? Oh my, I should really start to shorten my writings, I do think they are a bit too long !!

  10. Congratulations Robin! As you know i love checking your posts so keep them coming! :D

  11. Hello Eugene,
    Thanks for the support man !!

  12. Congratulations mate! Alot of us find your blog interesting and informative. Keep up the good work!

    Eric from Edmonton Alberta

  13. Thanks Eric !!
    You have been really helpful and supportive all this time !!

  14. Keep it up Robin. I'm sure lots of Mat Salleh come to see your excellent pics and reviews of the latest gear - I come for your excellent pics of the Malaysia that syncs with my nostalgia.

    ATMX - twin E-PL1 cams - way to go! I shoot with an E-620 and an E-PL1 at the same time in Melbourne, I still have feelings for the Four Thirds DSLR just as Robin has for his E-5 and lenses.

  15. Hi Ananda,
    Thanks for the continuous support all this time !! I was surprised that I actually have more Mat Salleh visitors than Malaysians. But yeah, it was indeed interesting to have quite a mix of people coming in from many places.
    Soon, perhaps the new OM-D will put DSLR out of business !! Very eager to see whats coming out in feb.

  16. great work, Robin. Takes a lot of effort to blog few times a week for such a long period.

  17. Thank you Robin. I'm honored that you have visited my blog. Maybe someday, I can come close to achieving your success.

  18. Andy,
    I am nowhere near that successful as many other big guys around !! But surely if the passion and heart are at the right places, we will go the distance.

  19. Congrats bro!! 1 mil is a huge mark!

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  21. Congratulations Robin.
    It is a real plesure to read your blog and watch your nice shots!
    I`m going in the New year with new E-5 thanks to you!



  22. Hello Zeljko,
    Thanks so much for the kind words !! I am sure you will be enjoying the E-5 tremendously. Keep those wonderful photographs coming !!

  23. Congratz Robin :-) keep it up...I am one of your avid fan...my father and I are an Olympus user both vintage and digital cameras...More power

  24. Congratulations for reaching a milestone on the first day of the Year of Dragon, from a former Leica M4-M6-Minolta CLE user turned Olympus user! I have eagerly contributed to your page's hit counts daily, and enjoyed it. Thank you for being consistent and creative at the same time.

    Here is the hybrid that has worked well for me:


    Are there many Leicaphiles lurking and taking my route instead of the (stratospheric) M9 route?

  25. hello Lawrence,
    Thanks ! Great to find another Olympus Lover !

    Hello Nyugen,
    Thanks for the compliments !
    I am not too sure about any of my readers using Leica cameras, I only know a handful of them. Most of the ones i know shoot alongside other camera systems like DSLR or mirrorless.
    Thanks for sharing your gear setup !! Looks mighty interesting.

  26. Congratulations !

  27. Congratulations Robin - you deserve it!

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