Smacked in the Middle of Bokeh Goodness

I know, I know, we should not shoot wide open all the time. Bokeh is indeed overrated, and overused in many shooting situations by most photographers (modern, digital photographers to be exact) everywhere. It has become a trend and redundant somehow. Everyone yearns for that creamier, smoother background blur. Instead of blurring the background to oblivion by using large aperture lenses, I personally do think that there are many other alternatives to isolate your subject and bring out the creativity in your photography work. Nonetheless, having obtained my first F1.4 lens, please allow me to indulge in the sin of bokeh just for a bit. I promise I will return to my usual self.

I am still at the experimental stage, of getting to know the Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens better. How to get to know the lens? Well, just know the wonderful bokeh that it produces !!

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Sigma 30mm F1.4, unless otherwise mentioned.

Kenn Wai 2

The Big C

Chun Chow and creamed background.

Image taken by Chun Chow with his Android Phone.

My friends and I were shooting at Pudu last Saturday, and my own set of photographs can be viewed at the previous entry (click here). The photos in this entry were taken when we stopped by the coffee shop inside Pudu Plaza for some nice cold drinks after walking on the streets for two hours under hot Malaysian sun. Yeah, we CHIMPED and we loved doing that. So sue us.

Fred and Chun Chow have been friends with me for more than 10 years now, we have had long history since our college days in Kuching. Man, we have surely come a long way, and little did we predict that we would end up being so passionate about photography. If you guys are new to this blog, or have not followed my earlier entries, here are some very useful bits of information about my friends for you guys. Chun Chow was the first amongst my friends who got a DSLR, and he was the one responsible to get me into loving Olympus. Fred and I soon followed, and bought our own Olympus DSLR gear. Both Fred and Chun Chow have always been supportive and encouraging when it comes to photography, and they are the group of people that I would approach first to talk to about photography techniques, creative ides, gear bashing (pardon the straight-forwardness) and yeah, well, some harmless, fun gossiping too along the way (seriously who doesn't do that, right?). I admire their photography skills and vision, and I have gained and learned so much (not just about photography, but life in general too) from them.

They have both moved on to other systems, and I am happy for them. Photography should not be gear-oriented. Also, we are all free to explore different options, and not be restricted by our own choices of gear.

Oh did I mention how beautiful the F1.4 bokeh is on the Sigma 30mm F1.4? Ok ok, I heard someone yelling "Robin please stop with the bokeh already !!".


  1. Gosh... It's 10years already man... Means i'm old liaw.. (damn...) Hahaha... Really delicious bokeh and i will miss that lovely piece of glasses... I definately will...

  2.$File/CLN35_Bokeh_en.pdf - saw this recently

  3. Hey molicuva,
    yeah man, didnt know it was already so long. Go buy that 85mm F1.2 L go go go

    Thanks for sharing ananda !

  4. Olympus offices raided by police: