Meet Eric Kim

It was quite an unexpected encounter that I managed to meet up with one of today's highly regarded international street photographer, Eric Kim. Eric is from LA, and he just finished his workshop in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, stopping by Kuala Lumpur for a while before conducting his next workshop in Singapore. Thanks to Luke who was kind enough to call me in to meet up with this famous street photographer.

Me and Eric. A very sporting and cheerful photographer !!

Eric's Leica M9. (previously wrongly stated as M9-P here. Thanks Choon Wee for pointing out. I am a Leica noob !!)

Initially we planned to have a shooting session with Eric (and a group of few more people of course), but Eric had a last minute appointment which he could not skip, and the weather was unforgivingly wet outside, hence there was not shooting session. Nonetheless, we did have plenty of time to get to know this American-Korean photographer, who is so passionate about what he is doing, spreading his love for street photography, and taking that to the world stage. He is very down to earth, extremely chatty and surprisingly friendly. I guess those are the important qualities to be a street photographer, the first impression you give out to people is important when you are attacking your subjects on the street. You are more likely to have more people responding well to your camera if you appear less of a threat and more of a nice guy.

It was indeed great having the opportunity to see Eric in person. I am an admirer of his photography work, and his enthusiasm when it comes to shooting is immeasurable. Eric has been an inspiration to many, and I sure hope some day I shall have the opportunity to do some shutter therapy with him !!


  1. ah yo...the M9 make us motivated to work hard to own it...

  2. Robin,

    If I'm not wrong, it should be the M9. Cause M9-P doesn't show it's M9 wording in front of the camera.

  3. hey Xuenz
    Thanks for pointing out !! I am a leica noob, so obvious haha.

  4. Hey Eric,
    You found me !!! Glad to have you here !!

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